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Wed, 31 May 2023
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Earth Changes

Snowflake Cold

Frost season growing longer across Australia (and has been for years!)

kangaroo australia longer frost seasons
© Penny Ash/Pixabay
Climate experts wrong on Australian frosts, and media say nothing

The IPCC experts were sure would be less frosts in Australia, but buried in a government funded ABC weather report was the virtually unknown admission that the frost season is actually growing across southern Australia, not shrinking. And in some places by an astonishing 40 extra days a year. What's more, the researchers have known about this long term trend for years but didn't think to mention it, and the ABC didn't have a problem with that either. (It's not like farmers need to know these things?)

When asked for an explanation for the increase in frosts, the ANU climate expert said "I think this is one of those climate surprises," as if the IPCC unexpectedly won a game of Bingo, instead of getting a core weather trend 100% wrong.

We note the ABC feigned journalism to cover up for the Bureau of Meteorology and IPCC failures. Where were the headlines: "Climate Change causes more frosts, not less", or "IPCC models dangerously misleading on frosts?" Did any Australian farmers and investors buy up properties and plant the wrong crops based on the global warming misinformation repeated or tacitly endorsed by the ABC, BoM and CSIRO?

Cloud Precipitation

Severe flooding after heavy rains in Najran, Saudi Arabia on May 27

The National Meteorological Center predicted in its weather report for Saturday that moderate to severe thunderstorms will lead to heavy rain followed by strong winds and hailstorms in parts of Najran, Jazan, Asir, Al-Baha and the heights of Makkah Al-Mukarram. as well as in the areas of Tabuk, Al-Jawf and part of the northern borders.

Rains have caused floods, water has flooded the streets, powerful streams rush from the mountains, washing away everything in their path.

The downpours are still going on, they can further aggravate the situation.


Nova Scotia wildfire: Raging blaze forces 16,000+ residents from their homes

Marion and Peter Gillespie said they couldn't see the road because of the smoke and flames.

Marion and Peter Gillespie said they couldn't see the road because of the smoke and flames.
A wildfire burning out-of-control near Halifax has forced more than 16,000 people from their homes, and the situation is worsening due to dry weather and gusting winds.

No injuries or missing people have been reported as a result of the blaze, but its impact has been devastating and the province remains on edge.

Global's Callum Smith reports on the race to contain the fire in the Tantallon, N.S., and Hammonds Plains, N.S., areas, and the financial support the government is offering evacuees.

For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/9729777/ha...


Sun halos, arcs and upside-down rainbows seen across England

A halo, with sun dogs and tangent arcs, was spotted over the Headland in Hartlepool by Ash Foster

A halo, with sun dogs and tangent arcs, was spotted over the Headland in Hartlepool by Ash Foster
Much of northern England enjoyed a rare optical display on Sunday evening.

Thin, high cloud gave a spectacular show of halos, arcs and upside-down rainbows across the North East and Cumbria, not often seen together in the UK.

The phenomena are caused by sunlight reflecting and refracting through ice crystals high in the atmosphere.

BBC Look North weather presenter Jennifer Bartram said it was "very unusual".

"The particular angle at which the sunlight hits these high-up ice crystals form these patterns," she said.

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding in Madrid after heavy rains

Heavy rain causes flooding in various parts of Madrid.

Eyewitness video showed slow-moving traffic on flooded highways.

Comment: Related: Terrifying floods ravage Spain's Mediterranean coast

Arrow Down

Sinkhole swallows car in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

A sinkhole swallowed a car in Brooklyn Park Friday afternoon after a nearby water main break caused the ground to collapse.

The Brooklyn Park Police Department said they were notified around 3 p.m. of a water main break at the intersection of 79th Avenue and Shingle Creek Drive. Callers reported that the road was flooding and the asphalt was breaking up. Soon after, a sinkhole had formed and swallowed a vehicle.


Second deadly shark attack this year recorded in New Caledonia

Great white shark
A 42-year-old man killed by a shark while spearfishing in New Caledonia has brought renewed attention to a spate of shark attacks gripping the French Pacific territory.

The incident marks the fourth shark attack, and the second fatal one, in the French territory this year, just months after Australian tourist Chris Davis died after being bitten by a shark while swimming at a popular Noumea beach.

Authorities are puzzled by the growing number of attacks but have responded by introducing strict measures, including a ban on swimming at the beach in Noumea, and an extensive shark culling campaign.

Comment: Details of the attack in February: Shark attack kills tourist at crowded beach in New Caledonia

Cloud Lightning

British man dies in Greece 'after being struck by lightning paddleboarding'

The man fell in the water after the strike (stock)

The man fell in the water after the strike (stock)
An investigation has been launched into the death of a British man who was reportedly struck by lightning while paddleboarding in Greece.

The unnamed man was in the sea off the beach in Agia Agathi, Rhodes, as his girlfriend filmed him from the beach, according to local media.

The port authority of Rhodes confirmed to the PA news agency the man was 26 and a British national but would give no further information.

A spokesperson said: "This is an active case so we cannot give more details at the moment."

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 6, injures 9 in Thar, Pakistan

At least six people died, while nine others sustained injuries when lightning struck near Mithi after heavy rain coupled with a powerful thunderstorm pummelled the Thar region late on Monday.

The victims were heading towards a Hindu holy man, Parbharam, for offering annual rituals. They were residents of Mithi city and Satar village, near Mithi, according to reports reaching from Mithi.

Officials reached the spot and informed the media that at least nine others were injured in the incident, adding that all possible medical aid was being provided to them. The bodies, were handed over the families after completing the legal formalities.

Comment: Elsewhere recently lightning strikes killed four people in 3 districts of Bangladesh on May 27.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods in Caraș-Severin, Romania

Several streets were flooded, Monday afternoon, in Reșita, Caraș-Severin county, after a storm.

The cars were taken by the waters. Firefighters intervened. The authorities warn that there is a danger of flooding on several rivers in Timiș and Caraș-Severin counties.

A Code Orange warning has been issued.

According to ISU Caraș-Severin, fire crews operate in several locations in the municipality and the related neighborhoods to evacuate water from several households.