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Wed, 22 Mar 2023
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2 people killed in bear attack in Ulsan, South Korea

Asiatic black bear
© Alamy Stock Photo
Asiatic black bear
Two people were found dead in the southeastern city of Ulsan after an apparent attack by three bears that escaped their enclosure, fire officials and police said Friday.

The bodies of the couple -- in their 60s -- who run a farm in Ulsan, 307 kilometers southeast of Seoul, were found late Thursday night, they said.

After receiving a report from the couple's daughter that her parents had been out of touch for hours, fire officials were dispatched to the farm.

The officials found the two Asiatic black bears outside of their cage and one inside, they said. The bears were then shot at the scene.

Police suspect the two people were mauled to death, citing injuries found on the bodies.

Cloud Precipitation

Summer flooding, thunderstorms and strong winds reported countrywide in South Africa

Flooding and destruction were reported countrywide after the recent high-level weather warnings in several parts of South Africa.

Flooding and destruction were reported countrywide after the recent high-level weather warnings in several parts of South Africa.
Thunderstorms, strong winds and heavy rains have been making its way through parts of the Western Cape and other parts of South Africa over the past two days.

While there have not been any significant incidents reported, a video shared on the Suburban Control Centre's Facebook page showed a vehicle slowly trying to make its way through a flooded road in Gordon's Bay.

Cloud Precipitation

Portugal - More flooding hits Lisbon after 65mm (2.5 inches) of rain in 3 hours

The city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is on red alert after more heavy rain and flooding overnight, 12 to 13 December 2022.

The city saw extreme flooding just days ago when Lisbon recorded over 80 mm of rain in 24 hours on 07 December 2022. One person died in a flooded basement home in Algés in the municipality of Oeiras.

More heavy rain struck from 12 December affecting Lisbon District. Several severe weather-related incidents were also reported in the district of Setúbal. The weather station at Tapada da Ajuda in Lisbon recorded 65.6 mm of rain in 3 hours early on 13 December. The city of Almada in Setúbal recorded 59.7 mm of rain in 5 hours.

Comment: Details of the earlier event: Woman dead after overnight rains flood Lisbon, Portugal


Man mauled to death by dogs in Durban, South Africa - 6th such fatality in the country in 4 weeks

dog attack
There was blame shifting and outrage in Chesterville, Durban, after a 43-year-old man was mauled by dogs, including a pit-bull terrier, in the early hours of Sunday.

The man was on his way home from a tavern where he had been drinking with friends when the dogs allegedly attacked him.

A member of the community who did not want to be named for safety reasons, said when the deceased, Bhekani Biyela, was walking home, dogs from a nearby house that was unfenced started barking and chased him.

"When he got to a house with a pit bull in the yard, which is fenced, the dogs jumped the fence.

"At the time of the attack Biyela called to his friend to come and help him. When the friend got there the dogs scattered," he said.

Comment: Details of the other 5 attacks:


Another dead whale washes up at the New Jersey shore - 2nd within a week

Another whale has washed up on a New Jersey beach.

The carcass of a humpback whale was found on the sand in Strathmere on what is known as Whale Beach.

Officials from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center said the whale carcass was badly decomposed, so they were unable to determine how the humpback died.

Even at 30 feet long, the whale is considered a juvenile and believed to be less than 10 years old.

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Enormous 100ft-wide 'Gate to Hell' sinkhole opens up near Russian ski resort

An enormous 100ft-wide 'Gate to Hell' sinkhole has opened at the Sheregesh mine in Sibera's Kemerovo region

An enormous 100ft-wide 'Gate to Hell' sinkhole has opened at the Sheregesh mine in Sibera's Kemerovo region
An enormous 100ft-wide 'Gate to Hell' sinkhole has opened up near a ski resort in Russia at a mine reportedly owned by a sanctioned firm linked to Roman Abramovich.

The huge collapse came at the Sheregesh mine in Sibera's Kemerovo region, near to a popular ski resort.

Residents of a total of four homes had been earlier moved from the site amid fears of a collapse. There are understood to be no casualties.

The incident happened at an iron-ore mine ultimately owned by a British incorporated company linked to ex-Chelsea FC billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Cloud Precipitation

Hailstorm kills 7 in Bolivian village graduation celebration

Seven people attending a school graduation ceremony were killed when a roof fell during an intense hailstorm in Santiago de Pacharia, a small rural community in the high plains of Bolivia, local officials said Monday.

Two more bodies were pulled from the wreckage and accumulated hailstones, hours after five bodies were found initially, according to Adelio Velásquez, an official with the mayor's office in the district of Achacachi, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) northeast of La Paz.

The Andean region has suffered a severe drought, but this weekend much of Bolivia experienced heavy rain, which often falls as hail in higher altitudes.

Source: AP


Chile's Lascar volcano erupts for first time in 30 years

The Lascar volcano in Chile spews a stream of
The Lascar volcano in Chile spews a stream of ash and hot gases during an eruption on December 10, 2022.
A volcano in the Andes in Chile's north rumbled to life on Saturday, triggering minor earth tremors and sending a plume of smoke and ash thousands of metres into the sky.

Chile's National Geology and Mining Service reported that the Lascar volcano stirred at 12.36pm.

The volcano sent "an eruptive column" of volcanic ash and hot gases 6,000 metres above its crater, the service said.

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Skier dies in an avalanche in the Alps, the third in a week

Rescue helicopter visible at the foot of the couloir yesterday evening

Rescue helicopter visible at the foot of the couloir yesterday evening
A 55-year-old skier died on Saturday December 10 in an avalanche in Vars (Haute-Alpes), the third fatal accident in a week in the Alps due to a very unstable snowpack, we learned this Sunday from the help calling for "greater caution".

The vigilance of Météo France extended to two days on extreme climatic events

The 50-year-old was caught in a casting in the afternoon, while he was off-piste, under the peak of Chabrières, a place accessible by the ski lifts of the station, indicated the CRS Hautes-Alpes. He was found dead by paramedics, as reported by " Dauphine Libere ".

Snowflake Cold

UK weather: Snow disrupts travel as temperature hits -15C in Scotland

A car drives along a snow-covered road in the early morning at Willesden Green, north-west London.
© James Manning/PA
A car drives along a snow-covered road in the early morning at Willesden Green, north-west London.
Large parts of UK hit by ice, fog and snow with airports forced to close and rail and roads affected

Drivers and passengers in large parts of Britain faced difficult journeys on Monday morning after the UK's coldest night of the year so far, with temperatures in Scotland dipping below -15C.

Snowfall in south-east England closed motorways and major roads, and left some of the busiest commuter railway networks struggling to function.

Airports were operating but with delays due to ice and fog.

National Highways said it had reopened all motorways in the south-east after many, including the M25, were blocked in places by snow and accidents.

Comment: The Guardian focuses on the chaos of the wintry conditions rather than put it in context. It was a record breaking cold event as detailed by the site electroverse::
The UK has been enduring some truly anomalous early-season chills, with snow blanketing much all four home nations.

The Scottish glens plunged below -15C (5F) over the past few mornings, which, in record books dating back to the 1800s, makes it the UK's lowest temperatures for Dec 11 and 12 on record, besting the 14.7C from 1967 and the 15C from 1981, respectively.

Needless to say, the MSM is refusing to touch the historical nature of the freeze, instead opting to focusing on aspects such the disruptive snow-which is also unseasonable, and the concerning energy implications-more on that later.

London, for example, rarely sees accumulating snow in December, let alone during the first half of the month, but this was the scene on Sunday evening across the capital:

Brits have been conditioned to expect ever-milder winters thanks to 'catastrophic anthropogenic global warming', they are woefully unprepared for what's really barreling down the pike.

TV pop-scientists told them the planet was warming uncontrollably, after all, and that nothing, not even a decrease in the Sun's output, could possibly counter this.

The only course of action, the establishment decreed, was to drastically reduce ones living standards, via what amounts to a defunding of the fossil industry, in order to reduce CO2 output. This is genius in its malevolence, but in its malevolence only, because what it boils down to for the 99.9% is economic and prosperity suicide. Very few seem to acknowledge that. After all, when facing such as grave threat as 'the end of the world' all measures are on the table, no matter how anti-human or outright evil, right? Energy restrictions, "of course"; climate lockdowns, "whatever works"; a social credit score system, "if you think it's best". The masses have traded free-thought and autonomy for an easy life where everything is decided for them, and there is only-ever one way that's going to go, and we're seeing the beginnings of it now. If you fell for this scam, shame on you — truly. Your weak, lazy and fear-driven choices have doomed us all. This chimes with COVID, too. Your cowardice won't be forgiven.

Snow was a thing of the past, right Britons?