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Thu, 02 Jul 2020
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: What repeating cycle are we in ?

Across the planet where ever you look there are strange anomalies from summer snow storms, intense lightning, record floods with unusual sea and Greenland ice accumulations. It seems the climate of our planet is beginning to turn upside down. What cycle are we repeating?



Ice Age Farmer Report: Experts: "SHUT DOWN FARMS" - New H1N1 "pandemic potential" - Your chickens are deadly and illegal

shut down
An all-out attack on (and replacement of) our food systems is part of the Great Reset: after mandatory testing of farm workers "discovered" many positives, advocates are now calling for the "complete shut down of agricultural production in Ontario." After warning for months that this would be the mechanism used to create food shortages, Christian breaks down this amazing development.



'Juneuary' hits Northern Rockies as nearly 6 inches of snow falls at Utah Ski Area


June snow in the Rockies
The calendar may say it's the end of June, but summer snow is making for some wintry scenes in parts of the northern Rockies.

Several inches of snow piled up in some of the higher elevations of Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado and the Cascades early this week, leading some in social media to use the term "Juneuary" because of the weather more becoming of January in June.

But even though it may seem strange, snow can fall in June and even early July in the higher elevations of the West.

This most recent round of snowy and cold conditions is due to an omega block pattern that developed early this week.

The jet stream plunged southward over the West, allowing colder than average temperatures and wet weather to return to parts of the region.

Cloud Precipitation

Rain, hailstorm damage crops, orchards in Swat, Pakistan - 2nd time in 4 months

hailstorm damaged standing maize crop

Hailstorm damaged maize crop in Matta, Swat.
Heavy rain coupled with hailstorm and strong winds damaged crops, orchards and uprooted trees in several districts on Sunday.

A severe hailstorm damaged standing maize crop, vegetables and fruit orchards in different parts of Swat district.

The farmers and orchard owners said it was for the second time in four months that the heavy hailstorm and rains had destroyed their standing crops and orchards, inflicting huge losses on them.

"Torrential rains and hailstorm in April and May had destroyed fruit orchards, including peach, plum, apricot, persimmon and apple, and standing wheat crop, inflicting heavy losses on the farmers," Fazal Maula, an agriculture expert, said, adding the Sunday's hailstorm was more severe than the first one, which has battered orchards and standing crops. The worst-hit areas were Matta, Khwazakhela and Bahrain.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 7 in Gujarat and 11 in Bihar, India

At least seven people lost their lives in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, while 11 people died in Bihar on Tuesday (June 30) due to lighting and thunderstorms.

In the Saurashtra region, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Gir Somnath, Junagadh, and Bhavnagar districts were the most affected places, whereas, in Bihar, heavy rains lashed most parts of Saran, Patna, Nawada, Lakhisarai and Jamui.

"A 35-year-old woman and her 12-year-old son were struck by lightning at their farm in Rakka village at Lalpur in Jamnagar district, while two women were killed at Viramdad village in Devbhoomi Dwarka district," PTI quoted an official.

Cloud Lightning

Officials ordered 3,100 homes evacuated in Utah after lightning sparks fire near Utah Lake

knolls fire

In this still frame of video shot by KSL NewsRadio's John Wojcik, flames from the Knolls fire are visible in the distance as homeowners prepare to evacuate.
Officials ordered 3,100 homes evacuated in Saratoga Springs after a fire broke out just west of Utah Lake — caused by a lightning strike in the area. This amounts to roughly 13,000 residents, the city tweeted Sunday evening.

As of 7:15 p.m., there was no timeline on when residents can return to their homes — with the city encouraging evacuees to stay with friends or family until further notice.

Residents are currently being relocated at Westlake High School as the current evacuation spot, with nearly a dozen or so cars in the parking lot.

Arrow Down

Parked car falls into massive sinkhole in East Village, New York

A parked car fell into a sinkhole on 2nd Street.
© Christopher Sadowski
A parked car fell into a sinkhole on 2nd Street.
A parked SUV was swallowed by a massive sinkhole in the East Village early Sunday when the road caved in beneath it, police said.

The silver Toyota SUV was on East Second Street near Avenue A around 2:30 a.m. Sunday when its front half fell into the newly-formed pit, cops said.

Photos showed the empty, four-door vehicle straddling the edge of the crater — with FDNY on the scene.

Con Edison was notified about the incident, police said.


Summer snowfall 6 inches deep blankets portions of Wood River Valley, Idaho

Galena Summit saw more than 6 inches of snow on Monday, an uncommon occurrence at the end of June in Idaho.
© Eric Brill/KMVT
Galena Summit saw more than 6 inches of snow on Monday, an uncommon occurrence at the end of June in Idaho.
Portions of the Wood River Valley woke up to more than 6 inches of snow on Monday morning, as the end of June looked more like a mid-winter morning.

The mountain towns within the Central and Sawtooth Mountains were a little bit too warm too see any of the white stuff fly, but once you were able to get above approximately 6,700 feet, snow started to cover the ground.

At Galena Summit, which is approximately midway between Ketchum and Stanley, saw more than 6 inches of snow. This is at approximately 8,700 feet above sea level, and of course, the higher you are above sea level within this part of the Central and Sawtooth Mountains, the more snow you will see. Luckily, with temperatures last week as well as Saturday in the 70s for highs, the snow wasn't able to accumulate very much on Highway 75. With that noted, the threat of snow is expected to linger around until Tuesday. Another 2-4 inches of snow will be possible, with the majority of the accumulation happening on grassy surfaces, as well as the majestic trees of the Sawtooth National Forest.


Man dead following pit bull attack in Kamloops, British Columbia

The BC Coroners Service is investigating a man's death following reports of a dog attack in Kamloops.

Kamloops RCMP say they were called around 11:45 a.m. Monday to a home in the 900-block of Singh Street.

People in the house told RCMP that a pit bull owned by a resident attacked a man who was visiting.

The man subsequently died of his injuries.

Police say the dog is currently secured on the deck of the home.

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly flash floods in western Wisconsin - up to 9 inches of rainfall in 24 hours

floods in St. Croix County Wisconsin, USA, June 2020.
© St. Croix County Sheriffs Office
Floods in St. Croix County Wisconsin, USA, June 2020.
Officials in St. Croix County in western Wisconsin declared a state of emergency on 29 June after major flash flooding.

In a statement, county officials said: "On June 28 and 29, parts of St. Croix County received over seven inches of rain causing flooding and washed out roads across the county. The areas experiencing significant flooding are the Municipalities of Kinnickinnic, Pleasant Valley, Rush River, Eau Galle, Warren, Hammond, Baldwin, Springfield, Erin Prairie, Emerald, Glenwood, Cylon, and Forest."

At one point over 50 roads were closed in the area due to flooding. St. Croix County Sheriff's Office reported that a man died after after his vehicle entered a flooded area in the town of Baldwin. The vehicle entered a ditch and became submerged in water.