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Sat, 29 Jan 2022
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Snowflake Cold

First freeze chills tens of millions across US midwest and northeast

Tens of millions across the country are waking up Thursday to the first freeze of the season, and in some areas those frigid temperatures are being accompanied with snow. NBC's Shaquille Brewster reports from Chicago, and TODAY's Al Roker has the frigid forecast.

Comment: Great Lakes 'have a fever' as first lake-effect snow sets a record

Cloud Precipitation

Cala Ratjada in Spain hit by freak hailstorm

"Never seen before storm hits the area...."

Cala Ratjada was hit by a freak hail storm this morning which covered the ground like snow and caused some alarm.

The Palma Met Office had to issue a communique underlining the fact that it was hail and not snow. Local residents said that they had never seen anything like it.

The freak weather is believed to have caused some damage,


Heavy snowfall in several regions of Spain and Portugal

In Portugal, heavy snow fell on Wednesday morning near the eastern border with Spain. The most impassable roads are in the Castelo Branco and Guarda regions.

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday in both regions, the temperature is expected to drop below zero. Besides the expected snowfall, meteorologists are warning that black ice may appear on the roads.

On Wednesday, it also snowed heavily in several autonomous regions of Spain, incl. In Castile, Leon, Asturias and Cantabria, as well as in Navarre and Catalonia.


Great Lakes 'have a fever' as first lake-effect snow sets a record

The first significant lake-effect snow of the season dropped nearly a foot of snow near the shores of the Great Lakes Tuesday into Wednesday. The snowfall was enough to transform parts of Michigan's Lower Peninsula into a winter wonderland and break into the record books at one weather station in Michigan.

Snow totals topped 11 inches in northern parts of northern Michigan. Gaylord, Michigan, picked up 11.7 inches of snow on Tuesday, which set a record for the heaviest snowfall in a calendar day in November. That amount also ranked as the sixth highest single-day snowfall in any month. Records have been kept at the National Weather Service (NWS) office there since 1998.

In Gaylord, which is about 225 miles north of Detroit and just to the east of the upper reaches of Lake Michigan, NWS meteorologists posted a slow-motion video on Twitter showing large snowflakes coming down outside of the office there on Tuesday.


Heavy blizzard hits the Alps - Livigno region in Italy covered with up to 2-meter snow

It started snowing on Tuesday evening in the Italian ski resort of Livigno.

Now there is 35 cm of fresh snow in the city, on the peaks of "Little Tibet" - about 140 cm.

This week the snow will be even more, according to the forecast.

Cloud Precipitation

'Prodigious' Alaskan storm dumps record rain, 10 + FEET of snow

After smashing records and destroying roads

After smashing records and destroying roads, rain continues to fall in Girdwood.
A powerful, historic storm has walloped southern Alaska for days, unloading extreme amounts of precipitation and overwhelming its infrastructure in some areas.

The deluge, intensified by climate change, has flooded communities south of Anchorage and transformed trickling waterways into raging rivers. Excessive amounts of snow, measured in feet, have buried the high terrain, and the long-lasting storm won't fully relent until Wednesday.

The historic rainfall generated by the storm, includes one of the top four heaviest two-day amounts ever observed in the state, nearly 20 inches.

The rain keep coming at Portage Glacier Visitor Center, east of Girdwood. This is an immense of rain at sea level in less than three days from a non-tropical system. #akwx @Climatologist49 @EmilySchwing @TimLydonAK pic.twitter.com/svx53bmf6b

β€” Rick Thoman (@AlaskaWx) November 1, 2021


11 FEET of snow pounds Alaskan ski resort + Asia braces for a harsh winter

Alyeska Resort in Girdwood has started its snow season in jaw-dropping fashion.

Officially, Alaska's largest ski resort begins recording its annual snowfall on October 1, but this year historic falls hit earlier than usual with 13 inches "unofficially" settling on September 23:

September's snowstorm was a mere taster of things to come. Since that official start date of Oct 1, a whopping 136 inches (11.3 feet) of global warming goodness has accumulated at the top of the mountain (to Nov 1). Breaking down the numbers - data courtesy of alyeskaresort.comβ€” 22 inches of that fell within the last 24 hours, with the 'snow depth' at the summit currently standing at an astonishing 67 inches.


Javelina attacks near Tucson, Arizona - 4 in as many weeks

Javelinas typically don't attack humans unless the human is feeding them or if they mistake a dog out for a walk for a coyote.

Javelinas typically don't attack humans unless the human is feeding them or if they mistake a dog out for a walk for a coyote.
An unusual number of javelina attacks β€” four in as many weeks β€” in the Tucson suburb of Oro Valley has led officials to believe that someone in the area is illegally feeding the animals.

The first attack was Oct. 7 and the most recent was Monday, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. All of the attacks happened when a javelina suddenly charged people who were walking their dogs. Javelinas cannot tell the difference between a dog and a coyote, their natural prey, said Mark Hart, spokesman for the department.

"What's unusual about this is four attacks in rapid succession in the same community," Hart said.

One dog died from the attack and two more were injured, Hart said. The javelinas also bit two of the pet owners who attempted to intervene. While they don't typically bite humans, javelinas have large canine teeth that can deliver deep puncture wounds.


Woman bleeds to death after attack by pack of dogs while out for a run in Argentina

dog attack
A 23-year-old woman "with a great future ahead of her" bled to death after being attacked by a pack of dogs while out for her evening run.

Florencia Ledesma managed to phone her police brother Enzo after being savaged by at least half a dozen animals on waste ground near her home.

He raced to the scene on his motorbike and managed to scare off the dogs by shooting at them with his gun when they jumped on him.

College student Florencia was virtually unconscious with bite wounds to her arms, legs and chest by the time an ambulance arrived and was pronounced dead soon after reaching hospital.


Some states short hundreds of snowplow drivers as winter nears

AccuWeather has confirmed six states are short 100 or more drivers to clear interstates and highways. Find out if that means where you live.

Source: AccuWeather