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Mon, 24 Jan 2022
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Earth Changes

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No mystery say officials: weather or climate change lowering Lake Superior

Global climate change could be causing staggeringly low water levels on Lake Superior, but normal variations in weather could also be behind the drop, say officials charged with monitoring lake levels.

Either way, weather is the reason for this year's unprecedented decline and it's going to take long periods of above-average precipitation to get things back to normal, insists David Fay, Canadian member of the International Lake Superior Board of Control.

©Michael Purvis
Low water levels are visible at Point Des Chenes, northwest of the Sault, where Lake Superior has receded far from the beach this year.

Shallow docks have been left high and dry this year and swimmers have been forced to walk further to get wet, as Lake Superior dropped to 53 centimetres below normal for the beginning of June and 40 centimetres below last year's level. That's just 10 centimetres higher than the record low, recorded in 1926.

Cloud Lightning

Once in 20 year event: Heavy snow falls in southern NSW, Australia

Up to 15 cm of snow has fallen in parts of southern NSW in what the Bureau of Meteorology says is a once in 20 year event.


Snakes alive! Unusual climate conditions bring out rattlers galore - California

It's been a banner season for snake snatching, and the season has only just begun, Slyapich said. "After 20 years catching these guys, I've never seen a season like this."

Record rains over the last couple of years produced record plant growth, allowing the rodent population to flourish. More rodents means more food for snakes.


Grizzly Bear Attack in Grand Teton National Park

A visitor to Grand Teton National Park was attacked by a grizzly bear Wednesday morning and was taken to a hospital in Jackson Wyoming for treatment.

54-year-old Dennis Vandenbos of Lander, Wyoming was walking near the Jackson Lake Lodge when he surprised a female grizzly and her three cubs feeding on a freshly killed elk carcass.

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UAE sees snow for first time ever!

Snow has fallen over the United Arab Emirates for the first time ever, leaving a white blanket over the mountains of Ras al-Khaimah as the desert country experienced a cold spell and above-average rainfall.

Dubai airport's meteorology department told AFP Thursday that snow fell over the Al-Jees mountain range in Ras al-Khaimah, which is the most northerly member of the UAE federation.

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First Snowfall Ever in Somalia

The first snowfall on this part of the world has claimed one life and caused extensive damage to properties. Puntland, northeastern part of Somalia has never recorded snowfall before last night when snow storms with high winds destroyed homes in Rako town.

The storm left a blanket of snow on the ground, something residents had never seen in their lives before. Aside from this unexplained snowfall on this tropical land, Somalia has experienced very strange weather in the past few months.

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Go to Sleep, Nothing to worry about here! Global Warming and its Evil Twin 'Climate Change'

Global warming alarmists are a clever bunch. They have very carefully changed the issue from "global warming" to "climate change." Now any change in weather, be it mild winters or cool summers can be attributed to "climate change." Whatever the weather, the news is very bad.

One claim threatens massive storms thrashing our communities. Such a threat was an easy sell in 2005 as Katrina was blamed for nearly destroying New Orleans in a hurricane season that seemed without end. Surely it could not be denied that climate change Armageddon was upon us.

Bizarro Earth

Dirty snow may warm Arctic as much as greenhouse gases

The global warming debate has focused on carbon dioxide emissions, but scientists at UC Irvine have determined that a lesser-known mechanism - dirty snow - can explain one-third or more of the Arctic warming primarily attributed to greenhouse gases.

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Severe Weather on U.S. East Coast strands travelers

Storms strand 100s at Philly airport

Airlines canceled or delayed flights as thunderstorms rolled across the region, stranding many passengers at Philadelphia International Airport through the night, airport spokeswoman Phyllis Van Istendal said this morning.

Bad weather in Philadelphia and other cities planes were attempting to fly to or from caused hundreds of cancellations late Tuesday, and airport officials handed out disposable pillows, blankets and snacks to about 750 people who spent the night, Van Istendal said.

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Weather service says southern Ohio drought is worsening

The National Weather Service says a moderate drought across southern Ohio is deepening, with rainfall since March 1 running 4 to 6 inches below normal south of Interstate 70.

Far southern Ohio and northern Kentucky are running seven to eight inches below normal for rainfall during that 3½-month period, according to a Weather Service report.