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Mon, 15 Aug 2022
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Cloud Lightning

Man dies, second person severely injured in Wyoming lightning strike

A Teton Helitack helicopter flew search and rescue team members to the site of the lightning strike on Tuesday.
© Teton County Search and Rescue
A Teton Helitack helicopter flew search and rescue team members to the site of the lightning strike on Tuesday.
A 22-year-old male died after lightning struck a group of backpackers camped at Enos Lake in the Teton Wilderness on Tuesday, Aug. 2, according to Teton County Search & Rescue.

A second adult sustained major injuries when a lightning bolt hit the backpackers at their camp.

The lightning strike fatality was the first in Wyoming in 2022 and the ninth in the U.S., TCSAR said, citing the National Lightning Safety Council.

The man who died and the person who sustained major injuries were part of a group of 14 adults on an organized wilderness trip, according to TCSAR's press release Wednesday.

TCSAR was notified of the lightning strike incident at 6:25 p.m. Tuesday and mobilized a response. An interagency helicopter from Teton Helitack was requested and flew three volunteers to the site on Tuesday evening.


Iceland volcano eruption update - New eruption begins at Geldingadalir, lava flows from a fissure

The eruption in Geldingadalir started at 13:18 today.
© mbl.is/Arnþór
The eruption in Geldingadalir started at 13:18 today.
Earlier today, a new volcanic eruption began in Iceland. Just northeast of where Geldingadalir famously erupted in 2021, the same volcanic system ejected lava out of a 100 meter long fissure. As a result, the alert level of this Iceland volcano was temporarily raised to red, and the eruption plume became visible across the peninsula. So, what will happen next? Where will the lava flow? This video will answer these two questions and the ongoing volcanic eruption.


France to "reduce or halt nuclear output" as heatwave restricts ability to cool plants

nuclear plant france
Forecast models indicate that high temperatures will persist across France in early August. Europe's second-largest economy has endured record-breaking heat this summer that has curbed nuclear power production. We detailed last month, "France Cuts Nuclear Power Generation Amid Record-Breaking Heatwave," and now, more reductions are planned amid an energy crisis.

Bloomberg reported French utility Electricite de France SA (EDF) said nuclear power stations on the Rhone and Garonne rivers will reduce power generation because a persistent heatwave is increasing water temperatures too hot to circulate through condensers and discharge back into waterways.
Under French rules, EDF must reduce or halt nuclear output when river temperatures reach certain thresholds to ensure the water used to cool the plants won't harm the environment when put back into waterways.

Restrictions have been in place at various times during the summer already. The latest warnings include curbs at the St. Alban plant from Saturday, according to a filing. The facility will operate at a minimum of 700 megawatts, compared with a total capacity of about 2,600 megawatts. Reductions are also likely at the Tricastin plant, where two units will maintain at least 400 megawatts. -Bloomberg

Comment: See also: France sees nuclear energy output plummet at the worst possible moment

Cloud Precipitation

Over 2,000 displaced, 3 dead after heavy rainfall, floods and landslides in Sri Lanka - almost 18 inches of rain in 48 hours


Due to the heavy rain in many parts of the island, warnings of landslides, landslides and large rockfalls have been issued in 8 districts.
Heavy rain since the start of August has caused flooding and landslides in Sri Lanka. As of 03 August at least 3 people had lost their lives and 2,374 were displaced.

Sri Lanka's Department of Meteorology reported 243.2 mm of rain fell in Norton in Nuwara Eliya District in 24 hours to 02 August 2022. The flooding day 212 mm of rain was recorded at the weather station near the Canyon Reservoir Dam, also in Nuwara Eliya District.

The country's Disaster Management Center (DMC) reported on 03 August that 3 people lost their lives in a landslide in Ambagamuwa in Nuwara Eliya District, where 3 people are still missing. One person is also missing in floods in Pasbagekorale in Kandy District, which have affected 3,398 residents. Severe weather has also affected other districts, in particular Rathnapura, Kegalle, Galle and Hambantota.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills shepherd, 50 cattle in Andhra Pradesh, India - another bolt kills 24 animals

A shepherd and 50 buffaloes were killed in a lightning strike at Injari panchayat in Andhra Pradesh's Alluri Seetarama Raju district on Wednesday.

The deceased shepherd was identified as Vantala Sunny Babu (32), a resident of Jamadangi village.

He is survived by his wife, two children, and parents.

According to sources, Sunny Babu took his cattle to a nearby hill when the lightning struck them.

In another incident, lightning struck 24 animals — 14 buffaloes and 10 goats.


Swimmer 'attacked by shark' while snorkelling off Cornwall, UK coast in extremely rare attack

Only handful of attacks are believed to have happened in UK in last two centuries

A swimmer has been bitten by a shark in an extremely rare attack off the British coast.

The victim, reportedly a woman, was snorkelling in waters around Cornwall when the attack happened.

Authorities said the victim is believed to have suffered a leg injury from a suspected shark bite.

The incident took place last Thursday off the coast near Penzance.

Shark attacks are incredibly rare in the UK. A victim was last injured by one in British waters in 2017, when a smooth-hound bit the finger of a surfer around south Devon.

Cloud Grey

Tonga eruption blasted unprecedented amount of water into the stratosphere

Tonga eruption
© AFP/National Institute of Information and Communication
Footage taken by Japan's Himawari-8 satellite, January 15, 2022.
The huge amount of water vapor hurled into the atmosphere, as detected by NASA's Microwave Limb Sounder, could end up temporarily warming Earth's surface.

When the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupted on Jan. 15, it sent a tsunami racing around the world and set off a sonic boom that circled the globe twice. The underwater eruption in the South Pacific Ocean also blasted an enormous plume of water vapor into Earth's stratosphere - enough to fill more than 58,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. The sheer amount of water vapor could be enough to temporarily affect Earth's global average temperature.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods leave homes, roads damaged and 2 dead in Gambia - heaviest rainfall in over 20 years, almost 11 inches in 20 hours

Flooding in The Gambia, late July 2022.
© The Gambia Red Cross Society
Flooding in The Gambia, late July 2022.
At least 2 people have died and over 230 households have been severely affected or displaced after the heaviest rainfall in over 20 years caused flooding in parts of the Gambia from late July 2022.

According to the Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS), affected areas include the capital Banjul and Kanifing Local Government Area, as well as the West Coast and North Bank Regions. Two people died and 1 was severely injured in storms and floods in North Bank on 30 July 2022.

GRCS reported communities left isolated after roads were cut and many people are stranded, helpless and vulnerable. At least 235 households have been affected after flooding damaged homes. Some of the residents have moved to safer areas, taking refuge in public buildings. Flood survivors are in urgent need of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services.


Super sprite over the Kiso observatory, Japan

From the explanation of the Meteorological Society of Japan

A lightning discharge phenomenon that occurs in the stratosphere or mesosphere above a thundercloud when there is a lightning discharge between the thundercloud and the ground. In 1989, a research group at the University of Minnesota succeeded in capturing the image by chance while testing observation equipment to be mounted on a rocket.

Professor D.D. Sentman of the University of Alaska named it after the mischievous elves Sprite Puck in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Research on sprites has developed rapidly in recent years.

(Translated by Google)

Cloud Precipitation

Parts of Alberta saw 'grapefruit-sized' hail & some car windshields were shattered

A car damaged by hail.

A car damaged by hail.
Following a string of intense weather events taking place in Alberta over the last month, central and southern parts of the province were the latest to get hit with massive hail the size of grapefruit, which caused a lot of damage to cars in the process.

Weather warnings on Monday, August 1 had called for "golfball-sized" hail and even potential tornadoes through the afternoon and evening in Kneehill County and Red Deer County. While no tornadoes were reported, areas around Red Deer did see some huge hail.

Northern Hail Project shared an image of hail it had found just northwest of Markerville, which measured around 106 millimetres across.