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Stink bugs rain down on Estonian island

Ruhnu, a small Estonian island in the Gulf of Riga, in the Baltic Sea, has been deluged by a rain of stink bugs, the Eesti Paevaleht newspaper said Tuesday.

The freakish shower occurred early Monday, and by morning downtown streets were teeming with red and brown bugs with green bellies diffusing an unpleasant smell.


"In the lamplight, you could see bugs falling from the sky, shaking the leaves," the newspaper quoted a local woman as saying.


UN warns of humanitarian disaster following Africa's torrential rains

Torrential rains that have battered Africa threaten to give rise to a grave humanitarian situation, the Untied Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs warned in a report.

So far, at least 270 people have died in devastating floods from the continent's east to west coast, and around one million have been affected. As well as wrecking farmland and buildings and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless, the floods have made populations vulnerable to the spread of cholera, dysentery, and meningitis.

The flooding began in mid-June and meteorologists expect another heavy bout of torrential rain in September 18-24. The rains have been the most severe to strike the region in 30 years.

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Typhoon loses strength after hitting China

Typhoon Wipha made landfall in eastern China on Wednesday, knocking out power and water supplies to tens of thousands of residents, but promptly lost strength as it traveled inland.

Forecaster Tropical Storm Risk downgraded Wipha to a category one typhoon that would weaken further into a tropical storm as it headed north towards Nanjing.

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Experts: Sea Lice Deadly to Wild Salmon

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Eighteen prominent scientists and researchers say there is no question that sea lice from fish farms are lethal to wild salmon, no evidence to the contrary and a need for greater protection.

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North Eastern Florida Plagued By Deluge Of Wind And Rain

Heavy wind and rain deluged much of Jacksonville and north eastern Florida overnight on Monday. Up to 7 inches of rain came down over a portion of Duval County in less than 12 hours Monday.

The sudden downpour caused street flooding in downtown Jacksonville, Riverside, San Marco, and on Jacksonville's beaches and at Ponte Vedra.


Ozone hole reappears over Antarctic

The hole in the protective ozone layer over the Antarctic is forming again but should remain just below the record size it reached last year, a scientist at the UN's weather agency said Wednesday.

The gap in the ozone in the upper atmosphere, at altitudes of up to 25 kilometres (15 miles), has reached a size of about 23 million square kilometres (8.9 million square miles), said World Meteorological Organisation ozone expert Geir Braathen.


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Flood kills one in Slovenia

At least one person died Tuesday in Slovenia as storms and heavy rain caused floods, the national television TVS reported.

The victim, a 60-year-old woman, was killed when water carried her away in her vehicle. The accident occurred in Zeleznik, 40 kilometres northwest of Ljubljana.

A state of emergency was declared in the village, in which the 3,000 inhabitants were still without electricity in the evening hours.

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Environment Canada now says Manitoba tornado was strongest ever in country

Environment Canada has confirmed a tornado that blew apart homes in Elie, Manitoba this summer was an F-5 - the strongest in Canadian history.

Spokesman Dave Carlson says after reviewing videotape of the twister, Environment Canada has determined the tornado packed winds upwards of 400 klometres an hour - strong enough to toss around cars and houses and standblast the bark off trees.


Surprise strategy: Bees smother enemies

Cyprian honey bees under attack by predator hornets have evolved a grisly and lethal way of fighting back which scientists have called "asphyxia-balling," according to a study published Monday.

An intruding hornet looking for a snack in a beehive may suddenly find itself enveloped inside a buzzing ball of black-and-yellow worker drones. The bees squeeze in tightly around the abdomen -- where hornets breath -- until the would be aggressor dies of suffocation.

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Typhoon heads for China, targets Shanghai

China was evacuating tens of thousands of people from its financial hub Shanghai on Tuesday in the face of a powerful typhoon churning towards the east coast.

About 200,000 people living in exposed areas in the city of over 14 million would be moved to temporary shelters before evening when Typhoon Wipha is expected to make landfall after swiping the island of Taiwan.

Schools, offices and markets were closed on the northern part of Taiwan near the capital, Taipei, where it has been raining steadily since late Monday.