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Tue, 26 Sep 2023
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Earth Changes

Bizarro Earth

Strong earthquake causes panic in Indonesia's Aceh province

JAKARTA, Indonesia A powerful earthquake has struck the province in Indonesia that was hardest hit by the 2004 tsunami.

Evil Rays

UCSF scientist tracks down suspect in honeybee deaths

A UCSF researcher who found the SARS virus in 2003 and later won a MacArthur Foundation "genius grant" for his work thinks he has discovered a culprit in the alarming deaths of honeybees across the United States.


Researchers link fungus to bee losses in U.S.

A fungus that caused widespread loss of bee colonies in Europe, Asia and even on O'ahu may be playing a crucial role in the mysterious phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder that is now wiping out bees across the U.S., University of California, San Francisco researchers said Wednesday.


Taiwan stung by millions of missing bees

Taiwan's bee farmers are feeling the sting of lost business and possible crop danger after millions of the honey-making, plant-pollinating insects vanished during volatile weather, media and experts said on Thursday.

Over the past two months, farmers in three parts of Taiwan have reported most of their bees gone, the Chinese-language United Daily News reported. Taiwan's TVBS television station said about 10 million bees had vanished in Taiwan.

A beekeeper on Taiwan's northeastern coast reported 6 million insects missing "for no reason", and one in the south said 80 of his 200 bee boxes had been emptied, the paper said.

Beekeepers usually let their bees out of boxes to pollinate plants and the insects normally make their way back to their owners. However, many of the bees have not returned over the past couple of months.


Destructive Mite Threatens Hawaii Bees

A tiny mite that has devastated mainland honeybee populations showed up in Honolulu hives for the first time this month and has now been confirmed in bee colonies across Oahu.

The infestation by varroa mites has led the state to ask beekeepers to restrict transport of bees around the islands. There are concerns it could threaten the Big Island's thriving queen bee export industry, which has so far tested free of the mites.

"This is going to be for us a nightmare," said Michael Kliks, head of the Hawaii Beekeepers' Association and owner of Manoa Honey Co. "When I saw that mite I knew exactly what it was. I knew exactly what it meant and I fell to my knees and almost began to weep because it's inexpressible what that sea change is for us in Hawaii."

The parasites are blamed for destroying more than half of some mainland beekeepers' hives and wiping out most wild honeybees there.


Georgia Residents Flee as 53,000-Acre Wildfire Spreads

WAYCROSS, Ga. - Dozens of residents evacuated their homes for several hours early Wednesday after a wildfire jumped a road and spread toward two small communities.

Smoke from the Georgia fire can be seen by satellite as it travels out over the Atlantic and is blown back toward Florida.

Evil Rays

Mobile phone mast sends swans in circle

When a group of swans began circling a church spire, villagers' bemusement soon turned to concern.

A nature charity thinks a mobile phone mast could be interrupting the Bewick's swans' navigational senses

Cloud Lightning

10 die as storms hit Texas-Mexico border

EAGLE PASS, Texas - Search teams worked their way through wreckage-strewn neighborhoods in this border town Wednesday after a tornado killed at least 10 people and destroyed two schools and more than 20 homes.

Bizarro Earth

Wildfire Forces Evacuations in Georgia

WAYCROSS, Ga. - Dozens of residents evacuated their homes for several hours early Wednesday after a wildfire jumped a road and spread toward two small communities.

Evil Rays

Earthquake shakes The Geysers

A 4.5 earthquake rocked The Geysers geothermal field Tuesday afternoon.