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Mon, 17 Jan 2022
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Cloud Precipitation

State of emergency continues due to floods, landslides in British Columbia; more deaths expected

flooding canada british columbia 2021

Torrential rain in parts of British Columbia set off landslides on Sunday and Monday, choking off highways, trapping dozens of vehicles and prompting evacuations and flood warnings.
The Canadian Pacific coast province of British Columbia declared a state of emergency Wednesday following floods and mudslides caused by extremely heavy rainfall, and officials said they expected to find more dead.

Every major route between the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where Canada's third largest city of Vancouver is, and the interior of the province has been cut by washouts, flooding or landslides following record-breaking rain across southern British Columbia between Saturday and Monday. The body of a woman was recovered from one of the mudslides late Monday.

"Torrential rains have led to terrible flooding that has disrupted the lives and taken lives of people across B.C. I want people to know that the federal government has been engaging with the local authorities," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in Washington. "We're sending resources like the Canadian Armed Forces to support people but also we'll be there for the cleanup and the rebuilding after impacts of these extreme weather events."


Three snowy owls turn up in Asturias, Spain far south of normal winter range

Arctic owl that has arrived in Asturias, on November 14 in Gozón.
© .Juan Villar Sordo/SEO Birdlife
Arctic owl that has arrived in Asturias, on November 14 in Gozón.
Asturias has two new very recognizable neighbors for experts in birds of prey or Harry Potter fans. It is a pair of snowy or Arctic owls, two white specimens with some black spots and large amber eyes, like the one that accompanied the young magician, who since last weekend have been in the Gozón area, a coastal area near Cape Peñas.

These animals live in ecosystems very different from that of the Principality of Asturias, so that ornithologists and specialists wonder how they have been able to reach these latitudes. Meanwhile, dozens of curious people from all over Spain, who are asked to respect these birds, have come to these places with cameras and spyglasses in search of observing this unprecedented guest.

The first sighting of one of them occurred last Saturday and immediately the photos and information began to flow through social networks and telephones, to the point that since then a large number of interested parties have been around places such as the beaches of Verdicio or Llumeres , where both birds of prey have been seen. The biologist Arancha Marcotegi, from the birdwatching company Birdwatch Asturias, explains that the presence of three of these arctic specimens was confirmed, but one of them died "exhausted" in Cantabria.


Strong magnitude 6.2 earthquake - Solomon Sea, Papua New Guinea

Strong magnitude 6.2 earthquake at 35 km depth

Date & time: Nov 18, 2021 14:08:05 UTC
Local time at epicenter: Friday, Nov 19, 2021 12:08 am (GMT +10)
Magnitude: 6.2
Depth: 34.9 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 5.3134°S / 153.7363°E↗ (Solomon Sea, Papua New Guinea)

Cloud Precipitation

Floods and landslides in 4 departments of Colombia

Landslide in Calarcá, Quindio Department,
© Cruz Roja Quindio
Landslide in Calarcá, Quindio Department, Colombia 13 November 2021.
As the rainy season continues in Colombia, several incidents of flooding and landslides have been reported over the last days in the departments of Quindio, Antioquia, Risaralda and Cauca.

Disaster officials reported landslides and flooding after heavy rain in Pereira, Risaralda Department on 11 November 2021. Four houses were destroyed in a landslide in Danubio district and 3 people lost their lives as a result.

Flooding and landslides affected areas of Antioquia Department, from around the same time. Disaster officials reported several landslides in the municipalities of Buriticá, Cañasgordas and Amagá from 11 November. Around 1,473 families in 19 neighbourhoods of Buriticá were left without drinking water supply. Flooding struck in Medellín, capital of Antioquia, on 14 November, damaging homes and affecting around 100 people.


Aerial footage shows aftermath of catastrophic floods that hit British Columbia - 2 month's worth of rain in 2 days

Aerial footage shows the extent of catastrophic floods in mountain areas of Canada's British Columbia province.

A powerful storm dumped a month's worth of rain in two days across parts of the Pacific north-west in Canada and the US.

Concerns are rising over remote mountain areas that have been hit with freezing temperatures.

Source: Reuters

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British Columbia floods: Rail traffic halted as mudslides wash out bridges, routes

Highway 1 – Tank Hill in the Fraser Canyon.
© B.C. Ministry of Transportation
Highway 1 – Tank Hill in the Fraser Canyon.
Flooding and mudslides in B.C. have effectively halted all rail traffic in the southwestern part of the province.

There have been numerous washouts through the Fraser Canyon, including a rail bridge washout and derailment near Boston Bar.

Both CN and CP Rail say their operations have been impacted and there is no word on when service can resume.

All rail traffic has been halted in and out of the Port of Vancouver, while crews wait for a damage assessment to be complete.

Snowflake Cold

November winter storm dumped up to 53 cms (20 inches) of snow in Alberta

35 centimetres of snow in Banff, Alberta
© Braydon Morisseau
35 centimetres of snow in Banff, Alberta
The first significant snow event of the season for Alberta has passed, and some of the snow totals from the winter storm are pretty wild.

Environment Canada has issued its weather summary for the storm, which saw between eight to 53 centimetres of snow accumulate in the province.

The Rockies

Environment Canada says in Banff and Jasper, snow began on Friday and ended Monday night. Its automatic observing stations recorded 17 to 21 centimetres of snow, while third-party sources like Twitter reported a hefty 35 centimetres in Banff and a staggering 53 centimetres at Lake Louise. Pretty impressive for a November winter storm in Alberta.

Comment: Related: Parts of Saskatchewan still without power, highways around Regina still closed as province pummeled by blizzard


Deadly flash floods in La Paz Department, Bolivia - 7 killed

Navy search and rescue operations in in Mapiri,
© Navy search and rescue operations in in Mapiri, La Paz Department, Bolivia, November 2021. Photo: Armada Bolivia
Navy search and rescue operations in in Mapiri, La Paz Department, Bolivia, November 2021.
Seven people died after heavy rain caused rivers to overflow in La Paz Department of Bolivia.

The incident occurred on 12 November 2021 after heavy rainfall caused the Mercke and Mapiri rivers to break their banks in Larecaja province. Bolivia's National Naval Hydrography Service reported that levels of the Mapiri river jumped by over 3 metres on 12 November.

Several people were reported missing near town of Mapiri. Military teams were deployed to the area for search and rescue operations. As of 16 November, officials said 7 people had died in the incident and around 25 households were affected. Many of the the victims are believed to be miners who were working in the area.

Snowflake Cold

Parts of Saskatchewan still without power, highways around Regina still closed as province pummeled by blizzard

On Tuesday afternoon, the City of Regina announced it is going into 'storm mode' as Environment Canada warns of blizzard-like conditions across southern Saskatchewan
© Judi Watt
On Tuesday afternoon, the City of Regina announced it is going into 'storm mode' as Environment Canada warns of blizzard-like conditions across southern Saskatchewan
Regina and other areas remain under a blizzard warning on Wednesday morning, said Environment Canada

Thousands of customers are still without electricity this morning and highways in and out of Regina remain closed as the province continues to get hammered by a winter blizzard.

The storm has calmed down in the northern half of the province, but a large swath of the eastern and southeastern regions including Regina, Moose Jaw and Indian Head are still under a blizzard warning.

That blizzard means that parts of the provincial highway system are either closed or have serious travel not recommended warnings.

Highways are closed in all directions out of Regina this morning. That includes the Trans Canada from Wolesley, right through to Belle Plaine. Highway 6 is closed north of the city to Southey. And the number 11 is closed from Bethune to Davidson.


Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire already blanketed with 10 inches of snow

© Mount Washington Observatory
The Mount Washington Observatory researchers are already breaking out the snow shovels.

The New Hampshire mountain got around 10 inches of snow Tuesday morning.

In some places, the snowdrifts piled as high as shoulder height.