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Tue, 26 Sep 2023
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Earth Changes


Super tornado hit Rho and Pregnana Milanese, Italy

A strong tornado struck in the afternoon in the Milan region, between the municipalities of Rho, Canegrate, Nerviano and Pregnana Milanese. The damage was extensive, with many trees uprooted and uprooted, roofs exposed and flooding reported.

The bad weather which started in the morning, worsened at around 16.00, many tall trees fell, causing damage, most of which occurred to parked cars. Damage also occurred at Canegrate and Rho and Vittuone stations.

In Rho, parts of Corso Europa are closed. There were entire roads with fallen trees occupying the highway. It would take weeks to clean it all up.


A meter of spring snow in 24 hours at Ohau-Ski-Fields, New Zealand

Mighty Ohau Snowfields, nestled within New Zealand's striking Mackenzie High Country just got a huge fresh shot of wintery life.

The family owned and operated mountain hideaway, received 1 Meter of powder snow, in 1 day - and we were there. Yeehaw, what a difference 24hrs can make!

We're amping for plenty of epic skiing still to be chased so, for now, enjoy this photo gallery of the eye-popping good times going down at Ohau.



North American birds 'blown across Atlantic' to Pembrokeshire, Wales

Magnolia Warbler
© Lee Fuller
Magnolia Warbler at St Govan's Head, Pembrokeshire.

Dozens of birdwatchers gathered around the coastal path at St Govan's today after two extremely rare visitors to our shores were spotted.

The Magnolia Warbler made only its third recorded visit to our shores, while a Canada Warbler was spotted for the first time.

The birds are both native to North America and are likely to have been blown to the UK by the strong winds that were the remains of Hurricane Lee.

Cloud Lightning

2 killed, 3 injured as lightning strikes football match spectators in Jharkhand, India

Two spectators were killed and three others were injured after a local football match was struck by lightning at a playground in Jharkhand's Dumka district, police said as reported by PTI.

The condition of two of the injured was stated to be serious. As per report, the incident occurred when several spectators took shelter under a tent beside the playground in Hansdiha area after heavy rain accompanied by a thunderstorm started on Saturday evening.

The lightning hit the tent killing two persons - Shivlal Soren (32) and Santlal Hembram (20) - and injuring three others, Hansdiha police station Officer in Charge Jitendra Kumar Sahu said.

All the injured were taken to Saraiyahat Community Health Centre. District Civil Surgeon Bachcha Prasad Singh said one of them was discharged after administering first-aid, while the two others were referred to a hospital.


Gases from Philippine volcano sicken dozens of children, prompting school closures in nearby towns

Smog containing gases from a restive Philippine volcano sickened dozens of students and prompted 25 towns and cities to shut their schools on Friday as a health precaution, officials said.

There was no imminent threat of a major eruption of Taal Volcano, which authorities said remains at a low level of unrest in Batangas province south of Manila. But they said its emission of sulfur dioxide-laden steam in recent days caused skin, throat and eye irritation for at least 45 students in nearby towns.

Classes were suspended in 25 towns and cities in Batangas to keep students safely at home. Some schools resumed online classes and home learning that were in wide use at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, officials said.


Taste of winter as 6 inches of snow falls on Apex Mountain, British Columbia

A dusting of about 15cm of snow left on Apex Mountain on the morning of Sept. 20.
© Apex Mountain Resort
About 15cm of snow left on Apex Mountain on the morning of Sept. 20.
The ski season is still a couple months away

The first taste of winter arrived on Sept. 20 as Apex Mountain got an early dusting of snow.

About 15 centimetres fell on the mountain, but this early on it's not likely to hang around to the start of the ski season.

"It's not anything we get insanely excited about, I mean we're excited but we're not jumping up and down because we know it doesn't last," said Apex Resort general Manager James Shalman. "A couple of years ago we did have three feet of snow fall on Sept. 27, and we lost three-quarters of that before the season."


Woman dies after being mauled by pitbulls inside her home in Kennewick, Washington

A Tri-Cities woman died this week after she was reportedly mauled by two pitbulls who entered her home on West Victoria Avenue in an unincorporated Kennewick neighborhood.

Billene "Billi" Cameron, 65, died Thursday, Sept. 21, of complications related to surgery at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland after she was mauled the day before.

She and her husband, Dwayne Woodard, are well known business owners. They and their son, Jackson, established Woody's BullPen Bar & Grille at the former Billy's Bull Pen Tavern in Kennewick in 2018.

The Benton County Coroner's Office confirmed the attack was Wednesday. An autopsy is planned Wednesday in Thurston County.


The climate scaremongers: Shoddy dams to blame for Libyan floods, not global warming

the failed dams of Wadi Derna

One of the failed dams of Wadi Derna
I sometimes think there is a competition among the MSM to see who can publish the most absurd climate change stories.

Last week Sky News's Tom Clarke, who calls himself 'Science and Technology Editor', claimed that climate change had 'set the stage' for the Libyan floods, and that the disaster highlighted the 'injustice of climate change' which affects poorer countries most.

The floods and resulting deaths had nothing at all to do with climate change, and were instead caused by the collapse of two dams built by a Yugoslav company in the 1970s and which had had no maintenance for the last 20 years. It was a tragedy waiting to happen.

Clarke failed to provide any evidence that the heavy rainfall which triggered the dam failures was in any way unprecedented or made worse by climate change. But facts don't seem to matter any more to Sky News.


Snowbasin resort in Utah sees early snowfall

Although fall is still two days away, snow is already piling up at Snowbasin Resort!

With white fluff coating the bright fall colors, we are experiencing a two-for-one on seasons today.

This is officially the first snow of the season, and it's coming a whole month earlier than last year's first recorded snowfall happening on October 22, 2022. Is this a sign predicting another historic winter? We sure hope so.

Cloud Lightning

Man dies in lightning strike whilst asleep in Cambodia

The dangers of lightning in Cambodia were once again illustrated graphically after a man died whilst sleeping in a field

The dangers of lightning in Cambodia were once again illustrated graphically after a man died whilst sleeping in a field
The incident happened at 2:40 pm on September 20, 2023 at Tuol Khchak point in Tuol Sdey village, Tuol Sdey commune, Chantrea district, Svay Rieng province.

According to the district police, the victim was named Won Wang Long, 23 years old, a farmer

Villagers stated that the man was asleep in a field when he was enveloped by a heavy storm and struck by a bolt of lightning, causing instant death

The body of the victim were handed over to his parents by the police to be taken to a traditional ceremony with great emotion.

Chantrea district authorities have called on all residents to be extremely careful when it rains and there is wind, thunder and lightning to make sure they go to a safe place to prevent possible accidents.