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Wed, 28 Sep 2022
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Earth Changes


Gigantic ozone hole - 7 times larger than Antarctica's - widens over the Tropics

Holey Ozone Theory
The increasing loss of ozone (O3) from 30°N - 30°S has steadily accelerated since the early 1980s despite the 1987 Montreal Protocol's ban on so-called "ozone depleting substances" like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Once again this suggests human activity does not drive ozone losses.

Twenty years after the Montreal Protocol agreement limiting or banning CFC use scientists reported an order-of-magnitude-sized error in molecular chemistry measurements that threatened to severely undermine the commonly accepted anthropogenic explanation for how ozone depletion occurs.

With the new measured evidence, a leading ozone researcher proclaimed the scientific "understanding of chloride chemistry has really been blown apart," as "we can basically no longer say we understand how ozone holes come into being."


Pit bull terrier kills 10-year-old girl in Argentina

A 10-year-old girl died this weekend in the border town of Paso de los Libres after being attacked in the street by a pitbull mix. The minor was immediately referred to the local hospital, but she died despite the doctors' attempt to revive her. As a consequence of the episode, relatives of the girl sacrificed the animal, with whose owner they are relatives, while the police and justice try to find the owner and determine the motivations and the context in which the events occurred.

The attack, as LA NACION was able to reconstruct, occurred between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. last Friday in the vicinity of the Las Tablitas neighborhood of Paso de los Libres, a town located in southeast Corrientes, on the Uruguay River, opposite Uruguayana, Brazil, distant about 370 kilometers from the provincial capital.

Black Cat

Woman survives mountain lion attack in Mill Creek Canyon, Utah

A cougar
© Dreamstime
A cougar
A woman survived a mountain lion attack Sunday morning while trail running with a friend in Mill Creek Canyon.

The two women were on the Pipeline Trail around 8:30 a.m. when they rounded a corner and encountered a cougar.

The woman closest to the mountain lion tried to back away, but the animal leaped at her. In that moment, she slipped and fell backward. The cougar clawed her, leaving two puncture wounds in her right leg, according to Faith Jolley, a spokesperson for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

The other runner hit the cougar with a rock, and the two women were able to get away and hike down the trail together.


Shark attack kills woman in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa - 2nd fatal encounter there in months

Great white shark
A fatal shark attack has left a 39-year-old woman dead in South Africa.

Beaches have been shut around Plettenberg Bay on South Africa's southern Cape coastline following the shocking killing on Sunday morning.

The woman, believed to be visiting from Cape Town, was taking an early-morning dip in shallow waters to celebrate a Bank Holiday weekend when she was attacked.

In a sudden move, the deadly predator came in fast from deep water and grabbed her in its jaws in front of terrified fellow swimmers.

The woman, who was on the edge of the group, let out a scream as the shark bit into her flesh and dragged her underwater.

Screaming swimmers and surfers rushed to safety as the water quickly emptied.

Cloud Lightning

2nd student rower dies after apparent lightning strike on Florida lake

2nd student rower dies after apparent lightning strike on Florida lake

2nd student rower dies after apparent lightning strike on Florida lake
A student rower who was injured after an apparent lightning strike on a Florida lake last week has died, becoming the second fatality stemming from the weather-related incident.

"It is with broken hearts that we share the passing of a second rower involved in last Thursday's weather-related tragedy," North Orlando Rowing wrote on Facebook Saturday. "The NOR community is devastated and continues to focus on supporting our affected families and our entire NOR team during this difficult time. We continue to cooperate with local authorities and USRowing as they investigate the incident."

The group said it wouldn't provide further comment until the investigation is complete.

Members of the nonprofit rowing group were practicing at Lake Fairview in Orlando when the incident happened on Sept. 15, the Orlando Fire Department had told ABC News.

Cloud Precipitation

Spain - 1 killed in Murcia flash floods after 29mm of rain in 10 minutes

Flood damage in Murcia, Spain, 25 to 26 September 2022.
© Bomberos Murcia
Flood damage in Murcia, Spain, 25 to 26 September 2022.
Torrential rain has caused devastation in parts of Murcia region in south-eastern Spain. Firefighters report one person died after floods destroyed a home, while emergency services responded to dozens of call-outs including flood rescues.

Heavy rain fell in the Murcia Region of Spain from late 25 September 2022. Spain's State Meteorological Agency AEMET reported more than 29 mm of rain was recorded in just 10 minutes at the Cabo de Palos weather station in the municipality of Cartagena, and more than 86 mm in an hour. More rain is forecast for 26 September.

Cloud Precipitation

Venezuela - Flash floods in Táchira leave 7 dead, 3 missing

Search and rescue in Lobatera municipality,
Search and rescue in Lobatera municipality, Táchira, Venezuela, September 2022.
At least 7 people lost their lives and 3 are still missing after raging floods took a group of tourists by surprise in Táchira State, Venezuela.

Táchira Civil Defence said teams carried out intense search and rescue operations for 27 members of a tourist group who were reported missing following sudden flash flooding along the La Molina creek in the Potrero de Las Casas sector of the Lobatera municipality, Táchira State on 23 September 2022.

By 24 September several members of the group had been rescued or found safe. Ten people remained missing however and search and rescue operations continued.


CO2 has almost no effect on global temperature, says leading climate scientist

industrial emissions smoke stacks
Forget 'settled' science or 'consensus' - that is a political construct designed to quash debate in the interests of promoting a command-and-control Net Zero agenda. One of the great drivers of continual changes in the climate is heat exchange within both the atmosphere and the Earth's surface. Current understanding of the entire picture is limited, and it seems the opportunity has been taken to fill this gap by blaming carbon dioxide almost entirely for the recent gentle warming. A new paper on the so-called 'greenhouse' effect highlights the vital role played by oceans and water vapour flows. CO2 is said to have "minimal effect" on the Earth's temperature and climate.

The paper has been published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) and is written by meteorologist William Kininmonth, a former consultant to the World Meteorological Organisation's Commission for Climatology and former head of the Australian Government's National Climate Centre. Kininmonth argues that the oceans are the "vital inertial and thermal flywheels" of the climate system. If one wants to control climate, it will be necessary to control the oceans, he argues. "Efforts to decarbonise in the hope of affecting global temperatures will be in vain," he adds.

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Van falls into sinkhole in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Road users are advised to be cautious driving along Jalan Kepong heading to Sg Buloh after a van fell into a sinkhole around 6am today.

The van driver told The Star that he only realised what had happened when the back of the vehicle was sinking into the hole.

Eventually, the van was stuck, and water was flowing out of the sinkhole.

The van was removed safely at 9.15am with the help of another van and an excavator.

Meanwhile, Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng said police closed the road and diverted traffic.

"Police, Fire and Rescue Department, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and Air Selangor were quick to respond, and their officers were on site to look into the situation."

Cloud Precipitation

Floods turn deadly in New South Wales, Australia - 14 inches of rain in 48 hours

Flooding in Gunnedah, New South Wales, Australia, September 2022.
Flooding in Gunnedah, New South Wales, Australia, September 2022.
Parts of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia have seen heavy rain since 22 September 2022, triggering floods in several parts of the state. State Emergency Services (NSW SES) carried over 40 high water rescues. NSW Police reported one person died in flood waters in the Central West Region.

On 24 September NSW Police said the body of a young boy was located in a vehicle that was swept away in flood waters at the Genaren Creek in Tullamore near Parkes, in the state's Central West overnight.

Four occupants of the vehicle escaped and were able to cling to trees until they were rescued and taken to hospital. Tragically the five-year-old boy became trapped in the car before it submerged. A second vehicle was later swept away by floods in the same location but the occupants escaped unharmed.