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Thu, 05 Aug 2021
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Weather warnings issued as thunderstorms and flooding hit Saudi Arabia

Weather warnings have been issued for several regions across Saudi Arabia lasting until Monday, the Kingdom's civil defense said on Thursday.

The authority warned of thunderstorms with moderate to heavy rain and brisk winds in Jazan, Asir and Najran. It also warned in some areas the heavy rain may lead to torrential flows and flooding.

The civil defense also warned of thunderstorms with moderate rain in the capital Riyadh, the Eastern Province, Al-Baha, and Makkah, while the holy sites (Mina, Muzdalifah, Arafat) will be affected by light to moderate rain on Sunday and Monday.

Cloud Precipitation

Flood hits 10 provinces in Iran, leaving 6 dead, 2 missing

Torrential rain has triggered flooding in 10

Torrential rain has triggered flooding in 10 provinces across the country, leaving six dead and two missing so far, Mehdi Valipour, head of Relief and Rescue Organization affiliated to the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), has stated.
Some 30 cities in 10 provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Alborz, Kerman, Fars, Sistan and Baluchestan, Semnan, Mazandaran, Hormozgan and Kurdistan were affected by floods and inundations in the last four days.

"Relief and rescue forces worked tirelessly to help 737 flood victims, in addition to providing emergency accommodation to 194 flood victims, and relocated 43 to safe areas," he stated.

Cloud Precipitation

Strong rainstorms cause local floods across Austria

Kothbach floods Hallein's old town

River Kothbach floods Hallein's old town
Strong rainstorms caused local floods in settlements across Austria, Austrian natural disaster prevention service said Saturday.

No victims or destroyed structures have been reported yet.

A flood warning is in effect for many regions of Austria. Rainstorms have been going on for the entire day.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods after 204mm (8 inches) of rain in 48 hours leave 4 dead, dozens rescued in Oman

Royal Oman Police (ROP) air reconnaissance over flooded areas of Oman, 18 July 2021.

Royal Oman Police (ROP) air reconnaissance over flooded areas of Oman, 18 July 2021.
At least 4 people have died, 3 are missing and dozens have been rescued by emergency services after flash floods in Oman following days of heavy rainfall.

Authorities issued warnings for heavy rain and potential flash floods on 14 July 2021. Oman's Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) urged people to take caution and not to risk crossing overflowing valleys (wadis).

In 48 hours to 17 July, the city port of Sur in Ash Sharqiyah South Governorate recorded 204.4 mm of rain. At least 30 families were evacuated from flooded homes in Sur on 17 July where power supply has been interrupted.

Heavy rain and floods also affected other areas of the country. Evacuations were also carried out in Falaj Al Qabail in North Al Batinah Governorate after homes were flooded.

Comment: Other videos available: Extreme weather conditions in Sur, Oman - floods destroy homes and cars


Shallow M6.2 earthquake strikes south of Panama - EMSC

earthquake graph
© Phil McCarten / Reuters
An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 struck south of Panama on Saturday, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said.

The quake was at a depth of 10 kms, according to EMSC.

Reporting by Kanishka Singh in Bengaluru

Cloud Lightning

Scientists stunned by rare Arctic lightning storms north of Alaska

arctic lightning rare
© NOAA Handout via REUTERS
Satellite imagery shows lightning strikes occuring above the Arctic regions of Alaska, United States, July 12, 2021.
Meteorologists were stunned this week when three successive thunderstorms swept across the icy Arctic from Siberia to north of Alaska, unleashing lightning bolts in an unusual phenomenon that scientists say will become less rare with global warming.

"Forecasters hadn't seen anything like that before," said Ed Plumb, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Fairbanks, speaking about the storms that started on Saturday.

Typically, the air over the Arctic Ocean, especially when the water is covered with ice, lacks the convective heat needed to generate lightning storms.

Comment: Instead of running to the canard of "global warming", perhaps scientists should be asking why the atmosphere is becoming more conductive to lower strength lightning bolts? And not only on Earth, but on other planets, too.

Bizarro Earth

100 sinkholes in a month: The Croatian village where the land became 'Swiss cheese'

sinkhole in NE croatia village -1
© Antonio Bronic/Reuters/Alamy
Villagers in north-east Croatia feared their homes might be swallowed when almost 100 enormous sinkholes appeared in a month. Now scientists are trying to understand if the land that is left is safe.

It happened suddenly and without warning. Where there should have been the emerging first shoots of potato seedlings behind the orchard in Nikola Borojević's spacious garden, there was now huge hole. Measuring 30m (98ft) wide and 15m (49ft) deep, it quickly filled with water. And it wasn't the only one.

Comment: See also:

Cloud Precipitation

Hundreds injured and more than 1,000 missing in one German district alone, amid severe floods - police (UPDATE: 180+ dead across Europe)

germany flood
© Reuters / Wolfgang Rattay
The small rural district of Ahrweiler, in western Germany, seemingly faced the full wrath of the week's severe floods, with the foul weather leaving dozens of people dead, hundreds injured, and scores of homes reduced to rubble.

At least 62 people died in the storm and subsequent flooding, the local police department said on Friday, adding that the grim toll might rise still higher. Located south of Cologne, the district, which has a population of some 130,000, saw the River Ahr burst its banks, bringing devastation to nearby towns and villages.


Netherlands also hit. From RT:
Southern Netherlands ravaged by floods as thousands evacuated from 'disaster zone' in hard-hit Limburg province

Days of heavy rains have triggered major floods across parts of the Netherlands, with the southern Limburg province declared a disaster area as police, firefighters and even soldiers help thousands of residents to find shelter.

A number of towns and villages along the Meuse and Rur rivers in Limburg were advised to evacuate on Thursday, after water levels reached record highs following the downpour, Reuters reported. The national government deemed the province a disaster zone late on Thursday night, invoking a law which allows victims to be compensated for losses sustained during the floods.

The town of Valkenburg has been among the hardest-hit, with Mayor Daan Prevoo noting that a "river" is flowing through the city "that does not belong there."

Footage captured in Valkenburg showed just that, with massive quantities of murky water seen surging through its streets.

Maastricht, Limburg's provincial capital, is also expected to be inundated with floodwaters, with local authorities warning the town could be partially underwater by Friday night. Some 10,000 residents were evacuated in anticipation.

The death toll in Europe shot past 180 on Sunday, while more parts of the continent were hit by disastrous floods caused by heavy rainfall.

At least 155 people were killed in Germany's western Rhineland-Palatinate region and neighboring North Rhine-Westphalia. The military was deployed to help rescue workers save people from rooftops and recover vehicles trapped in the floodwater.

Another 27 died in Belgium, where around 11,000 families were left without power in the Liege area. In Wallonia, some 20 villages were left without drinking water and rail infrastructure was damaged.


By Sunday, the disaster hit Bavaria and Saxony, where city streets were flooded and around 130 people were evacuated. "The emergency calls are constantly coming in," a police spokesperson in Rosenheim told German media.

Railway giant Deutsche Bahn said that rail service between Bad Schandau and Decin, a town in the Czech Republic, has been disrupted. Rail traffic between Dresden and Prague was also affected.

In Switzerland, Lake Zurich broke its banks, and there are fears that lakes Lucerne, Biel and Thun will follow suit.

The water reached Hallein, a town near Salzburg in Austria on Saturday, after the river Kothbach burst its banks.

Cloud Lightning

Heavy rainfall in parts of Mumbai, local trains hit, flooded roads, big jams - up to 5.5 inches of rain in 5 hours

Heavy rains lashed parts of Mumbai and its suburbs for several hours late yesterday night and early this morning, leading to flooded roads and some delays to local trains. Waterlogging was reported from several places, including Gandhi Market area, Hindmata junction and Dahisar subway.

Waterlogging was also reported from the Sion, Bandra, Andheri and Santacruz areas of Mumbai.

Visuals from news agency ANI showed waterlogged tracks at Sion Railway Station, where hundreds of passengers are sheltered in platforms - an unwelcome sight during the pandemic.

Mumbai city recorded 55.3 mm rain between 4 am and 9 am, officials said, adding that the eastern suburbs recorded 135 mm and the western 140.5 mm, respectively.


Death toll exceeds 150 as Germany and Belgium hit by devastating floods

flooding Belgium liege

Stranded residents in Liege, Belgium's third-largest city
The death toll from catastrophic floods in western Germany and Belgium has risen to more than 150, local authorities have said, as emergency services continued their search for hundreds still missing.

The German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, said he was "stunned" by the devastation caused by the flooding and pledged support to the families of those killed and to cities and towns facing significant damage.

"In the hour of need, our country stands together," Steinmeier said on Friday afternoon. "It's important that we show solidarity for those from whom the flood has taken everything."

Comment: Indeed it is not abstract, which is why their barmy narrative for what is happening, and why it is happening, has almost no bearing on reality.

The role humanity plays in this planetary/cosmic 'weather system' lies in the power of its 'collective psychic state', which, you may have noticed, was placed in dire straits a year ago when global totalitarianism was instituted... by national governments on behalf of some as-yet-undisclosed One World Government. In general, when humanity suffers, extreme weather events increase.

So compounding that suffering with more planet-saving strictures placed on humanity... will only accelerate extreme weather events.