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Large waterspout looms over Lisbon bridge on March 28

A large waterspout was spotted over a Lisbon bridge on Thursday 28 March.

The waterspout formed over the Vasco da Gama Bridge across the Tagus Estuary next to the Portuguese capital.


Nearly 1000 villagers rendered homeless after floods hit Rufiji, Tanzania

Some houses in Kanga, Kiegele, Kilindi and Nyandote areas at Chumbi ward in Rufiji district, Coast Region surrounded by water as captured yesterday
© Projestus BinamunguSome houses in Kanga, Kiegele, Kilindi and Nyandote areas at Chumbi ward in Rufiji district, Coast Region surrounded by water as captured yesterday
Nearly 1000 people have been rendered homeless after floods engulfed 58 houses in Kanga, Kiegele, Kilindi, and Nyandote sub-villages in the Chumbi ward of Rufiji District, Coast Region.

District Commissioner Major Edward Gowele said this yesterday when speaking to victims shortly after inspecting flood impacts in affected areas.

He said more than 28,000 hectares of agricultural and commercial crops such as corn, rice; sesame, and banana were affected by the floods, which were mainly caused by the opening of water from the Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project (JNHPP).

DC Gowele was accompanied by Mohamed Mchengerwa, who is the MP for Rufiji and Minister of State, President's Office-Regional Administrations and Local Governments (PO-RALG).


Flash flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia continues to inundate 40 neighborhoods

Motorists and car drivers pass a flood-hit road section of Lenteng Agung Raya in South Jakarta on April 3, 2024.
© Indrianto Eko SuwarsoMotorists and car drivers pass a flood-hit road section of Lenteng Agung Raya in South Jakarta on April 3, 2024.
Flash flooding continued to ravage Jakarta until 4 a.m. local time on Thursday, affecting residents in 40 neighborhood units (RTs), according to the metropolitan city's Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD).

The flooding, caused by downpour in Jakarta on Wednesday afternoon and the overflowing of several rivers in the city, also inundated five road sections, the agency's acting head Isnawa Adji stated here on Thursday.

The floodwaters, reached heights of between 35 and 175 centimeters, while several affected neighborhood units are located in the sub-districts of Kedoya Selatan, Kembangan Selatan, Pela Mampang, Pejaten Timur, and Ragunan.

He said the residents of three neighborhood areas in Kampung Melayu Sub-district continued to experience the inundation of floodwaters reaching 175 centimeters in height.

Heavy rainfall and the overflowing of Ciliwung River also triggered the inundation of flash floods, reaching 140-170 centimeters in height, in five neighborhood units in Cawang Sub-district, he added.

Red Flag

Massive 'retrospective adjustments' made to temperature databases used to promote Net Zero

global warming thermometer sun
© Shutterstock
Massive retrospective alterations have been made to surface air temperatures by GISS, one of the main global databases run by the U.S. space agency NASA. Professor Ole Humlum has discovered that in the period January 1915 to January 2000, GISS changed past warming from 0.45°C to 0.67°C. This was a massive increase of 49%, which meant that almost half of the apparent warming in most of the 20th century was due to administrative changes made years after the initial measurements. On such evidence is the need for a global Net Zero collectivisation being promoted.

In his recently published 2023 climate report, Humlum notes that clearly such adjustments are important when evaluating the overall quality of the various temperature records. But such 'evaluation' is entirely missing from most mainstream media and science. It would seem they are afraid to question organisations such as the U.K. Met Office which collect corrupted data from unsuitable monitoring sites and regularly adjust the records on a retrospective basis. The lack of investigative inquiry points to the central role that temperatures play in terrifying populations to accept the appalling lifestyle changes needed to achieve Net Zero in less than 30 years.


Over a foot of spring snow in the Great Lakes, Appalachia

Heavy snow has been falling since Tuesday night in the Great Lakes - up over a foot for parts of the U.P.!

Snow continues into Thursday with the heaviest snow will be in the UP of Michigan where lake enhancement could help pile up close to a foot near Marquette where blizzard warnings were in effect at one point.

A few winter weather alerts linger through Thursday morning for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


Schools closed, nearly 300,000 without power as spring storm rolls through Quebec, Canada

A large tree branch blocking Bourbonnière Avenue, between Mont-Royal Avenue East and Rachel Street in Montreal's Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie borough.
© Simon-Marc Charron/Radio-CanadaA large tree branch blocking Bourbonnière Avenue, between Mont-Royal Avenue East and Rachel Street in Montreal's Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie borough.
A spring storm bringing heavy, wet snow swept through Quebec overnight, knocking out the lights for nearly 300,000 Hydro-Québec customers and shuttering schools in multiple areas.

All schools under the English Montreal School Board, the Lester B. Pearson School Board and the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board are closed due to a mixture of snow and power outages.

Around a dozen schools with Montreal's French school service centre, the Centre de services scolaire de Montréal (CSSDM) are also closed, as well as some under the Riverside School Board in Longueuil, due to power outages.

As of Thursday morning, Hydro-Québec was logging 971 outages, affecting 281,116 customers across the province.

The most affected regions include Montreal, with more than 73,000 customers affected, followed by the Laurentians and the Montérégie, with more than 86,000 and and 41,000 customers in the dark, respectively.

Tens of thousands of people in the Outaouais, Laval and Lanaudière are also without power.

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Skier killed in avalanche on Cathedral Mountain near Lake Louise, Alberta

View of the avalanche from a rescue helicopter indicating the location of where the victim was found.
© Parks CanadaView of the avalanche from a rescue helicopter indicating the location of where the victim was found.
A solo skier was found dead on B.C.'s Cathedral Mountain west of Lake Louise after an avalanche over the weekend, according to Avalanche Canada. The skier appeared to have veered off the peak's shoulder on March 29, landing on Cathedral Glades, a slope at approximately 6,500 feet. The avalanche was a D2.5 size slide and partially buried the skier.

The victim was located from the air on April 1 due to a visible ski. Rescuers found a transceiver in the skier's backpack, switched off, Calgary CTV News reports. The incident date was determined from a professional observation on March 30, estimating the avalanche to be 12 hours old.

Avalanche risk is currently ranked as "considerable" in alpine regions and "moderate" at treeline in the areas surrounding Cathedral Mountain. Additional snowfall is forecasted to impact the region this week which may increase avalanche risk in these areas.

View of avalanche start zone and upper track.
© Parks CanadaView of avalanche start zone and upper track.


Avalanche hits helicopter near Verbier, Switzerland, leaving 3 people dead

The site of the accident.
© Kantonspolizei Wallis/ValaisThe site of the accident.
A fatal helicopter accident was reported on Tuesday, April 2, at Petit Combin, near Verbier, Switzerland. Three people lost their lives in the accident while three further people were injured.

According to the police report, a type B3 helicopter crashed at the Petit Combin, a popular backcountry and heliskiing location near the famous Verbier Ski Resort, around 9:25 a.m. The helicopter was taking four guests and a guide for a heliskiing trip and was manned by one pilot. While the police report stated that 'unspecified reasons' caused the helicopter to slide off the peak of the Petit Combin at 3,668 meters (12,034 feet), eyewitnesses reported to British newspapers that an avalanche sent the helicopter down the north wall of the Petit Combin. The slope from Petit Combin runs at an angle of between 40-45°.

Cloud Precipitation

Mudslides and floods in Quito, capital of Ecuador - at least one killed

© Daniel MolinerosThe vehicles were swept away by the landslide in La Gasca.
On Tuesday, floods and floods were reported in the area of La Gasca, Quito, capital of Ecuador. The situation appears to be similar to that of January 2022, when the waters claimed the lives of more than 20 people.

The waters began by taking Fulgencio Araujo and Antonio José de Sucre streets, where neighbors notified authorities of the presence of large amounts of water and mud coming down the street.

Mayor Pabel Muñoz and managers of technical teams from Quito are on the scene attending the emergency. Among the teams present are, Fire Department, Public Enterprise Metropolitan Mobility and Public Works, among others.

The Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) carried out closures on different roads such as Mariscal Sucre and America, which, according to AMT, still have large vehicular and pedestrian flows.


US tourist, 80, killed in attack by 'aggressive' bull elephant while on safari in Zambia

An 80-year-old American woman was killed during a wildlife safari in Zambia after an "aggressive" bull elephant "unexpectedly" charged at the vehicle, the tour operators said.

The incident happened at around 9.30am local time on 30 March at the Kafue National Park in Zambia and the shocking video of the moment was captured and posted on social media.

The video showed the adult male elephant chasing the car which came to a halt as the animal closed in. The elephant then knocked the vehicle over as the guide screamed, "Hey, hey, hey!"

The woman has been identified as Gail Mattson by her family, according to ABC News. Safari operators, Wilderness Destinations, said the elephant "unexpectedly charged" at the vehicle that was on an excursion with six guests and a guide.

"An aggressive bull elephant charged the vehicle carrying six guests and a guide who were on a game drive from Lufupa Camp," the company said in a statement to ABC News.

Comment: Another attack reported in March this year: Angry elephant lifts safari truck into the air, 'traumatizes' tourists in South Africa