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Fri, 27 Jan 2023
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Earth Changes


70-year-old women dies after two dogs attacked her in Pender County, North Carolina

dog attack
A 70-year-old woman died after two dogs attacked her in a North Carolina yard, officials said.

The woman was near a home when her neighbor's dogs mauled her on Dec. 8, according to WWAY and the Pender County Sheriff's Office.

Nearly a week after the attack, deputies announced that the woman had died.

She was identified in a news release as Melanie Catley of Hampstead, roughly 20 miles northeast of Wilmington.


Multiple waterspouts spotted off Florida panhandle coast

Just off of Panama City Beach waterspouts developed near Boardwalk Condos.
© Noel Brannan
Just off of Panama City Beach waterspouts developed near Boardwalk Condos.
Strong storms have led to a few waterspouts today.

A warm front passing over the Panhandle today created very favorable conditions for strong, rotating storms to develop. Reports of waterspouts came in near the County Pier in Panama City Beach around 3:35pm. A waterspout was spotted off of Blue Mountain Beach around 12:45pm. There was also a report of one over the Choctawhatchee Bay around 11:30am.

There haven't been any damage reports associated with these storms just yet.

Send in your storm photos and videos and check out all the ones we have already received here...


Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes offshore near Alaska's Amchitka Island

The earthquake struck near the Rat Islands

The earthquake struck near the Rat Islands archipelago at around 8:40am on Wednesday Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST). The epicenter was about 324 km (201 miles) west of Adak, Alaska. The tremor occurred at a depth of about 83 km (51 miles)
A massive earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 struck offshore near Alaska's Amchitka Island and officials have warned aftershocks are likely.

The earthquake struck near the Rat Islands archipelago around 1:40pm (EST) Eastern Standard Time.

The epicenter was about 324 km (201 miles) west of Adak, Alaska and the tremor was recorded at a depth of about 83 km (51 miles).

Moderate to strong shaking was felt near the epicenter while lighter shaking was felt elsewhere in the Rat Islands, according to Crisis 24.

Officials said aftershocks are likely to follow and it could take several hours until authorities can check for damage, especially in the more remote areas.

Better Earth

Spike in methane recorded during 2020 despite global lockdowns, scientists puzzled by largest jump since records began 4 decades ago

Comment: Everything they think they know about climate science is false...

lockdown london 2020
© David Cliff/NurPhoto/Getty Images
FILE PHOTO: An empty street in London during lockdown in March 2020. World Health Organization research suggests that during just the first two years of the pandemic, 14.83 million more deaths occurred worldwide than would otherwise have been expected .
A mysterious rise in methane levels in the atmosphere in 2020 may be partly explained by a drop in emissions of nitrogen oxide in the early stages of the covid-19 pandemic.

Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is responsible for one-fifth of the atmospheric warming linked with human activity. It can be emitted by the production and transport of coal, natural gas and oil, or from biological sources, such as livestock.

Levels of methane in the atmosphere have been rising since 2007, but in 2020 they made their biggest annual jump since records began in 1983.

Comment: No, this study proves that methane emissions are substantially NOT man-made. Could it be that there are other sources of methane that the researchers aren't accounting for? And that, for some as yet unknown reason, began surging in 2007 and spiked in 2020?

Most methane is actually released from the oceans - specifically, from stores of 'frozen' methane clathrate under the sea floor. Given that 2020 was a seminal year for human IN-activity, in terms of industry output and overall economic activity, then if there IS a 'human connection' to rising atmospheric methane levels, then it's more likely that 'pausing civilization' somehow translated into increased ruptures of methane clathrate inside the planet.


Alaska state trooper attacked and killed by a muskox outside his home

One of the muskoxen attacked him and Worland was declared dead at the scene, according to a statement from the troopers (file image)

One of the muskoxen attacked him and Worland was declared dead at the scene, according to a statement from the troopers (file image)
An Alaska state trooper was killed by a muskox outside of his home after he tried to shoo a herd of them away from his dog kennel.

Curtis Worland, 36, a court services officer for 13 years, died on Tuesday afternoon after the wild animal attack near Nome in Alaska.

One of the animals attacked him and Worland was declared dead at the scene, according to a statement from the troopers.

He and his wife kept a sled dog team at their property just outside of the city on the Nome-Teller highway.

Cloud Precipitation

Spain hit by heavy rain, floods and hurricane-force winds

Rain and heavy winds forecast across Spain.
© Josep LAGO / AFP
Rain and heavy winds forecast across Spain.
The arrival of Storm Efraín has already seen parts of Spain experience heavy rainfall, flooding and strong winds, with 35 provinces currently on alert and more of the same weather forecast for Tuesday and the rest of week.

Most of Spain may not have the festive snowfall that much of northern Europe currently has, but it will experience heavy rains and possible flooding over the next week instead.

There will be "abundant rainfall" throughout the country, especially in the south and west of the peninsula, Spain's State Meteorological agency AEMET reported on Monday, warning that there could be up to 80 litres of rain in just 12 hours in some areas and more than 100 litres in 48 hours.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be two of the worst days according to the agency, especially in the southern interior of the Spanish mainland. As the videos below reflect, some of these areas already experienced heavy rainfall and floods on Sunday and Monday.

A total of 35 provinces are now on alert for heavy rain, strong wind and big waves.


Massive storm crawls across U.S., bringing thunderstorms, heavy snow, tornadoes

US Storm Brings Blizzards to Plains, Tornadoes in Texas

US Storm Brings Blizzards to Plains, Tornadoes in Texas
A massive storm system stretching from Canada to the Gulf Coast spawned several tornadoes across the Midwest Tuesday, before unleashing torrents of rain in the southeast. CBS News correspondent Elise Preston is in Shreveport, Louisiana, as the storm approaches.

Comment: A few days earlier in the west: Winter storm pummels western US with heavy snowfall - 5 FEET of snow in 48 hours at Soda Springs, California

Snowflake Cold

A week out from summer solstice in Australia snow and sub-zero temperatures hit the Snowy Mountains

Plenty of snow has fallen at Charlotte Pass.
© Charlotte Pass Snow Resort
Plenty of snow has fallen at Charlotte Pass.
Opinions always vary among locals in the NSW Snowy Mountains as to whether snow in summer is an unusual event.

But flurries of frost spotted on the alpine peaks less than two weeks out from Christmas this year are being considered by some as a bit of a novelty.

Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce chair Olivier Kapetanakos lives at 1,200 metres elevation and had snow on his property this morning.

He said it was "not normal".

"We had a good drift of snow this morning, but it's very surreal," he said.

"Our chickens don't like it too much."


Man survives grizzly bear attack, receives care at Vancouver General Hospital

All Colin wanted to do was summit Mount Doogie Dowler - a local mountain off Campbell River named after his late grandfather. To prepare, he went out to map the route and get a feel for the land. After awhile, he decided it was time to head home. He packed his things, hopped on his bicycle, and started riding on the trail.

Seven kilometres into the wilderness of BC, alone, Colin encountered a grizzly bear.

"The bear was maybe four feet away. It was really close," says Colin. "It walked almost all the way past, like his rump was about to pass by my rear tire of my bike. At that point he did a one-eighty turn so I turned in kind and extended the pole out towards the bear. With my bike in between us and he did a little shudder. Then the bear advanced towards me."

Colin fought back. He threw his bike at the grizzly. He tried pushing and poking it with his hiking pole. He threw his backpack over to entice it with the food I had inside. Nothing worked.


2 people killed in bear attack in Ulsan, South Korea

Asiatic black bear
© Alamy Stock Photo
Asiatic black bear
Two people were found dead in the southeastern city of Ulsan after an apparent attack by three bears that escaped their enclosure, fire officials and police said Friday.

The bodies of the couple -- in their 60s -- who run a farm in Ulsan, 307 kilometers southeast of Seoul, were found late Thursday night, they said.

After receiving a report from the couple's daughter that her parents had been out of touch for hours, fire officials were dispatched to the farm.

The officials found the two Asiatic black bears outside of their cage and one inside, they said. The bears were then shot at the scene.

Police suspect the two people were mauled to death, citing injuries found on the bodies.