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Tue, 07 Feb 2023
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Earth Changes


Rare snowy owl spotted in Cypress, California

© Mark Rightmire/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register
It's like something out of a Harry Potter movie... a rare snowy owl was spotted on top of a house in Orange County.

The majestic white and brown owl was seen December 27 on top of a chimney at a house located on Saipan street in Cypress.

Several people gathered outside the house to see the rare bird and take pictures. Snowy owls are rare, especially in Southern California, but can show up in winter to hunt.

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Large sinkhole closes stretch of Route 191 in Lower Nazareth, Pennsylvania

A large sinkhole is causing traffic troubles in part of Northampton County.

The sinkhole opened up on Route 191 in Lower Nazareth Township, the township said in a social media post on Wednesday.

Route 191 is closed between Newburg Road in Lower Nazareth Township and Brodhead Road in Bethlehem Township. That stretch sees more than 13,000 vehicles daily, PennDOT says.


Shallow magnitude 6 earthquake strikes south of Vanuatu

A magnitude 6 earthquake has struck south of Vanuatu, but no tsunami warnings have been issued.

It was downgraded from an initial measurement of magnitude 6.5.

The US Geological Survey gave the quake a green alert rating, meaning there is a low likelihood of casualties and damage.

It said the quake struck at 3.34am (local time), 288km southeast of Isangel, on the island of Tanna. It was 10km deep.

An advisory from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Honolulu said no action is required "based on earthquake information and historic tsunami records".

Cloud Precipitation

No rise in temperature or rainfall for 100 years, in spite of climate alarmists pointing to Bangladesh as canary in coalmine

bangladesh flood
The country of Bangladesh is mostly a floodplain. Over 80% of the territory is classified as such, while 75% of the land is less than 10 metres above sea level. Heavy monsoons and widespread flooding are common. In an average year, 18% of the landmass is inundated, a figure that rose to 75% in 1988. What better place for western guilt-trippers to highlight and claim that all the natural tribulations are down to humans changing the climate? And what better 'poster child' for grant-hungry activists and local politicians to highlight when demanding large amounts of 'compensation' from developed nations to assuage the sins of industrialisation?

Earlier this year, Bangladesh was hit by the regular monsoon rains and flooding. Sky News reported that "experts say that climate change is increasing the frequency, ferocity and unpredictability of floods in Bangladesh". Needless to say, the BBC made the same point, adding that "experts say that climate change is increasing the likelihood of events like this happening around the world".

Presumably, when they talk about climate change, Sky and the BBC are worried about flooding being caused by rising temperatures and increased rainfall. It might therefore be considered curious that these climate changes do not seem to have affected Bangladesh.
bangladesh temp
According to figures compiled for the World Bank, the average temperature in Bangladesh is the same today as it was 100 years ago. There are the usual cyclical changes, but global warming is not much in evidence around the Bay of Bengal.


Snow in Saudi Arabia, tourists flock to Tabuk

Snow falls in Tabuk in Saudi Arabia

Snow falls in Tabuk in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's snow season has begun with a freezing winter downfall covering the Al-Lawz region of Tabuk, reported the Saudi Press Agency.

Jebal Al-Lawz is in the northern region of Saudi Arabia, around 1,000km and 12-hour drive away from Jeddah on the west coast of the Kingdom.

The areas witnessed snowfall on Monday night, attracting tourists from across the region as well as residents to see the white-capped mountains.

Snowflake Cold

US winter storm death toll tops 60 as crews in Buffalo work to clear 4 feet of snow

The casualties keep climbing from a savage winter storm gripping much of the nation. The latest counts show at least 60 dead, with more than half of those around Buffalo. Roads there are still paralyzed and air travel in many places is still a shambles. Nicole Ellis reports.

Black Cat

13, including 3 forest staff injured in leopard attack in Assam, India

Thirteen people, including three forest personnel, were injured in a leopard attack in Assam's Jorhat district on Monday, officials informed.

According to the forest officials, the incident took place around Rain Forest Research Institute (ICFRE) located at Chenijan. The leopard came out of a forest located within the institute and started attacking people without provocation, they said.

"Total 13 people, three forest department staff and 10 civilians have been injured in the attack. The leopard's behaviour is erratic as they usually don't attack humans," said Mohan Lal Meena, superintendent of police (SP), Jorhat.

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Massive sinkhole opens up inside Yorktown, New York park

A sinkhole has shut down a popular park in Westchester County.

CBS2 went up to Yorktown on Tuesday to find out more about the impact on the community.

Chopper 2 captured images of the large sinkhole at Woodlands Legacy Field, a park containing a multi-sports complex for Yorktown families, located on the east side of the Taconic State Parkway.

"I used to run up there. My wife works out there, and we let our dogs run around up there and we go hiking in the paths behind there, too, so we actually use it quite a bit," resident Mark Eckersdorff said. "They do a lot of sports there, but in the winter it's kind of deserted."

Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm lashes Assam, India

A severe hailstorm lashed several districts of upper Assam in the early hours of Tuesday morning, December 27, forcing the mercury to dip to a relatively lower temperature.

As per the visuals received which were widely shared on social media, Moran town was covered in a thin layer of hail.

With this, the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) has issued a hailstorm damage report which suggested that several houses in Moran and Tingkhang were damaged due to a severe hailstorm.

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Rare hailstorm hits Kuwait

Youths pose for a picture with hail particles along the side of a road after a storm in the Umm al-Haiman district, about 55 kilometres south of Kuwait City, on December 27, 2022.
Youths pose for a picture with hail particles along the side of a road after a storm in the Umm al-Haiman district, about 55 kilometres south of Kuwait City, on December 27, 2022.
Kuwait, one of the hottest countries on Earth, has been hit by a rare hailstorm that delighted children and their parents, with images of the winter white shared widely on social media Wednesday.

"We have not seen so much hail during the winter season in 15 years," Muhammad Karam, a former director of Kuwait's meteorological department, told AFP.

Pictures and videos of southern roads partially blanketed in hail and ice spread online to celebrate the rare weather event.