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Wed, 14 Apr 2021
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Earth Changes


Mysterious Fish Deaths in Georgia

The state is investigating a mysterious substance that apparently killed hundreds of fish in a private pond over Memorial Day weekend.


Report shows little land recovery from Katrina

In the year after hurricanes Katrina and Rita turned 217 square miles of Louisiana's coast into open water, researchers found little in the way of land recovery, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reports.

Officials say the significant land loss is a continuing crisis that calls for serious restoration efforts.

Nineteen additional square miles of land were seen in satellite images in 2006, according to the recently released USGS report.

Cloud Lightning

Tornado tears up homes, trees in Indianapolis, Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS - A tornado tore through the east side of Indianapolis, ripping roofs off several apartment buildings, snapping trees and leaving a trail of downed power lines and debris.


Balkans swelter in record-breaking heat

Belgrade - Eastern Europe sweltered in a pre-summer heat wave Wednesday that pushed temperatures to a 121-year high in Belgrade and halted a Hungarian train after the tracks bent. In Bulgaria, temperatures reached 35 degrees Celsius in the western part of the country, the highest in a century for the end of May, the Meteorological Institute in Sofia said.

Alarm Clock

Connecting the dots of a crash: A cyclone, a quake, insanity plague, and a bloody handshake


The events of the year are unfolding rapidly, and May indicates a huge building up of pressure in the inner and outer worlds of humanity. Once again natural disasters moved to the forefront of the news reports, with Burma suffering a huge cyclone followed shortly afterward by the devastating earthquake in China.

Not only were there hundreds of thousands of lives lost in these tragedies, but all signs point to hurried moves being made by the Powers That Be to ensure a war with Iran that could spiral out of control into a global conflict that would make World War II look like a tea-party at the beach. Then we also have a crop of other interesting patterns appearing as the US economy further subsides, including a huge spike in oil prices, plus more incidents of Taser abuse and other signs of growing public hysteria. Behind the hysteria we see the shadow of the psychopath, with which the name of Josef Fritzl became synonymous for the whole world. While predators like Fritzl give a good example for the rest of us of the damage that a single psychopath can do on their own, less obvious is the extreme potential for destruction represented by the well-adapted types - many of whom currently occupy the halls of power and have well-formed, insidious networks with which to protect themselves from exposure.


Drug gang jungle fires threaten Guatemala ruins

GUATEMALA CITY - Illegal settlers likely working for drug smugglers are starting fires to clear land in the Guatemalan jungle and threatening investigations into an ancient Mayan city with soaring pyramids and temples.

U.S. and Guatemalan archaeologists who trekked to the La Corona site in northern Guatemala to map dozens of huge Mayan ruins had to trade their scientific instruments for machetes and buckets of water last week to fight an encroaching blaze.


Stinging Truths About Jellyfish Blooms In The Bering Sea

A new study helps explain a cyclic increase and decrease of jellyfish populations, which transformed parts of the Bering Sea--one of the U.S.'s most productive fisheries--into veritable jellytoriums during the 1990s.

sea nettle
©Kevin Raskoff
A sea nettle, the Bering Sea's most common jellyfish. Its tentacles may reach six meters (nearly 20 feet).


Killer elephant "Osama" shot dead in Jharkhand

An elephant named "Osama bin Laden" that has killed more than 11 people and injured dozens over the past few months was shot dead in Jharkhand, officials said on Saturday.

The wild male elephant, had been terrorising villagers in two states, destroying their crops and homes.

Life Preserver

Galapagos volcano eruption threatens giant turtles

A volcano in the Galapagos islands spewed molten lava, threatening 100-year-old giant tortoises living around the crater, island officials said on Friday.

The 5,541-feet- (1,690-meter-) high Cerro Azul mountain started spewing lava on Thursday after 10 years of inactivity on the largest island of the Galapagos archipelago, which is formed from volcanoes thrusting out from the Pacific Ocean.

"If the tortoises are in (actual) danger we will have to airlift them out as we did in 1998," said Eliecer Cruz, the islands' governor and a conservationist.

"This is a natural event and we should let nature go its course, but because they have been almost exterminated by humans we have to do something."

©Guillermo Granja/Reuters
A giant tortoise is seen on the Galapagos islands April 29, 2007. A volcano in the Galapagos islands spewed molten lava, threatening 100-year-old giant tortoises living around the crater, island officials said on Friday.


Under Court Order White House issues climate report 4 years late

WASHINGTON - Under a court order and four years late, the White House Thursday produced what it called a science-based "one-stop shop" of specific threats to the United States from man-made global warming.

While the report has no new science in it, it pulls together different U.S. studies and localizes international reports into one comprehensive document required by law. The 271-page report is notable because it is something the Bush administration has fought in the past.

Comment: But, for god's sake, do not smoke!

What a bunch of hypocrites.