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Wed, 04 Aug 2021
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Earth Changes


Hurricane Elsa brings intense winds to Barbados

Storm Elsa was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane on Friday morning, July 2, as it hit Barbados with sustained winds of 74 mph.

A hurricane warning was in effect for Barbados, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Landslide buries five vehicles in Dhading, Nepal - two killed, six injured

A landslide in the Jawang Khola section of the Prithvi Highway of Rorang Rural Municipality-10 of Dhading buried five vehicles, killing two people on Saturday morning. Six others were injured in the incident.

Birbal Praja, approximately 18, traveling in an ill-fated truck ( Na 8 Kha 4540) was killed when the truck was buried by the landslide, according to DSP Jageshwar Bhandari of District Police Office of Dhading. "Likewise, Soni Devi - an Indian national -- who was travelling in a Container (Na 7 Kha 320), was also killed in the landslide," DSP Bhandari added.

Similarly, Hari Bahadur Praja, 40, of Rapti Municipality-6 and Sudeep Praja of Chitwan were injured when the truck ( Na 8 Kha 4540) in which they were traveling was also buried by the landslide. They are currently undergoing treatment at Chitwan.

Also, Rakesh Kumar, 55, Suvham Kumar, 7, Sandesh Kumar, 27 and Raja Kumar 25 were injured when a container truck (Na 7 Kha 320) was buried in the incident. They are Indian nationals. They are currently undergoing treatment at Gandaki Hospital in Pokhara, according to the police.

Comment: Seems to be a continuation of similar events witnessed recently across this mountainous nation, see: Six dead, three missing as floods and landslides wreak havoc in various districts of Nepal


Rare Steller's sea eagle native to eastern Russia spotted in New Brunswick, Canada

This steller's sea eagle was spotted on the Restigouche River in northern New Brunswick.
© Andrew Olive
This steller's sea eagle was spotted on the Restigouche River in northern New Brunswick.
The New Brunswick sighting of an eagle native to eastern Russia is generating excitement across North America's bird-watching community.

Forest Condo, a fisheries ranger with the Listuguj Mi'kmaq First Nation, was on the Restigouche River as part of his job on Monday evening, when he came across a steller's sea eagle perched in a tree on Gillis Island.

Speaking to birder Alain Clavette, Condo said he at first thought the bird might have been one of the dozens of bald eagles that regularly prey on sea bass in the area, but a closer look revealed its noticeably large, bright yellow beak and unique white patches on its wings.

"I was dumbfounded — like, wow, what is this?" Condo said.

"So I Googled it and that's what came up — the steller's eagle — and I was like, really, really surprised. What's that doing in our area? A bird that should have been in Russia."


Two killed by wild elephants in northern Chhattisgarh, India

Two persons were killed in separate incidents of elephant attacks in the forests of northern Chhattisgarh, a forest official said on Tuesday. The victim Mohini Bai (55) was trampled to death by an elephant in Kunkuri forest range of Jashpur district on Tuesday morning, while Dharamsingh Rathiya (30), died in a similar attack under Dharamjaigarh forest division of Raigarh district on Monday night, the official said.

Mohini, a native of Dholchua village, had gone to gather mushrooms from a nearby forest when she was attacked by a pachyderm, he said.

In Raigarh, Rathiya, a native of Gersa village, had gone to answer nature's call on the outskirts of the village when a tusker trampled him to death, he said.

Local forest personnel rushed to the scene after being alerted about the deaths and sent the bodies for post-mortem, it was stated.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm leaves icy covering 4 inches thick in Madan, Bulgaria

The streets of Madan turned white with hail , the Municipal Administration announced.

The icy precipitation lasted about 15 minutes, during which a hail cover of nearly 10 cm was formed.

Heavy rain mixed with hail falls in the afternoon in Smolyan as well.


Incredible tornado hits Guyuan, Hebei, China

A heavy tornado hits Guyuan County, Zhamgjiakou, Hebei Province, China, near the border with Inner Mongolia. July 2 2021.

Comment: Another hit China a few days earlier: Devastating tornado in Inner Mongolia, China - several killed


6.1 magnitude earthquake hits Fiji region

The US Geological Survey said that an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 hit the Fiji region.

The earthquake hit at around 20:14:38 GMT on Friday.

The epicenter, with a depth of 605.63 km, was initially determined to be at 21.8295 degrees south latitude and 179.3622 degrees west longitude, the Xinhua news agency reported.

No casualties have been reported.


Devastating tornado in Inner Mongolia, China - several killed

These dramatic images were filmed last weekend in Baochang, where several people were sadly killed.


First drought, now frost threatens Brazilian corn

Field of corn
© Getty Images
Ongoing drought in southern Brazil has already severely cut the production outlook for corn in the world's second largest exporter. Gro's Brazil corn forecast yield model has projected well below trend yields since the start of the season, and the USDA recently lowered its 2020/21 corn production forecast for the country by 3.5 million tonnes to 98.5 million tonnes. Now, risk of an early frost in the country's second largest producing state means yields could fall even further.

Already tight global corn supplies mean further declines in Brazil's crop could necessitate demand rationing. There's little room for the United States, the world's largest corn producer, to offset supply deficits from Brazil. US corn supplies are tight and prices have rallied 44% since January. Further production declines in Brazil would mean an even tighter global balance sheet unless the US crop achieves above-trend corn yields.

Gro's weather forecast models indicate that the risk of frost will persist throughout the week, with temperatures below freezing expected in Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, and Santa Caterina until July 2.

Gro's Brazil Corn Yield Forecast Model, which updates daily at the district level, will be able to capture any of the damage in near real-time.

Comment: See also:

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Perth and Western Australia shiver though 2nd coldest start to winter on record - town of Exmouth hit with nearly year's worth of rain in 36 hours

The Perth metro recorded five consecutive cold nights with minimum temperatures below 5C during June.
© Rachael Lehr
The Perth metro recorded five consecutive cold nights with minimum temperatures below 5C during June.
Perth has shivered through one its coldest starts to winter on record, while a series of cold fronts late in the month failed to bring the city to even average rainfall.

Figures from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) show the mean temperature for June, a combination of maximums and minimums, was 12.9 degrees — the second coldest June on record and the coldest for 26 years.

BOM climatologist Yanhui Blockley said it was largely driven by a cold front in late June which brought a strong and cold air mass up from the Antarctic.

"[It] brought a period of not just cold nights but daytime temperatures in the mid-teens," she said.