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Wed, 26 Jan 2022
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Maunakea, Mauna Loa summits on Hawaii closed after snowfall

photo from the USGS HVO webcam atop Mauna Loa, via the NPS

Photo from the USGS HVO webcam atop Mauna Loa, via the NPS
Snow coated the summits of Maunakea and Mauna Loa on Tuesday morning, as scattered thunderstorms passed over the Big Island.

The National Park Service said that due to the high winds and winter weather conditions, the summit of Mauna Loa is temporarily closed to overnight use. "Based on the weather forecast, the park will consider reopening the summit on Wednesday," park officials said.

The access road to the summit of Maunakea remains closed to the public at the Visitor Information Station at the 9,200 foot level due to wintery weather and icy road conditions, rangers say.

Cloud Precipitation

People rescued from wadis as Oman hit by heavy rain

A man wades through a flooded street in Oman
A man wades through a flooded street in Oman's capital Muscat.
Some areas of Oman experienced flooding on Tuesday as heavy rain and hail fell, and authorities warned people to stay away from wadis and other areas prone to flooding.

Cars were swept away in at least two wadis as water filled the valleys and roads were covered with water. The Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority said it had rescued one person from a wadi in Rustaq in the north of the country.

"A team in the governorate of South Al Batinah managed to rescue a person after he became stuck in Wadi Al Ghashab stream in the wilayat of Rustaq, and he is in good health," the agency said in a statement.

Cloud Precipitation

Cyclone brings floods to cities in Uruguay

Cars submerged in the streets of Rocha city

Cars submerged in the streets of Rocha city this Monday morning by extreme rain brought by the cyclone
Very high volumes of rain have been recorded in points in southern and eastern Uruguay since yesterday with the deepening of a low atmospheric pressure center over the country. There was a record of isolated extreme rainfall with very high volumes in a short period. The most affected departments were Soriano, Rocha and Colonia.

Bulletin of the Uruguayan Meteorology Institute informs that the largest accumulation of rain in 24 hours until 7 am this Monday was in the city of Rocha, in the department of Rocha, which borders the extreme south of Rio Grande do Sul.

The weather station recorded 125.3 mm, most of this volume in a very short interval, which caused the city to start this morning flooded.


Dozens evacuated after more floods in north Spain

Floods in Cantabria, Spain, November 2021.
© 112 Cantabria
Floods in Cantabria, Spain, November 2021.
Heavy rain and flooding has continued to affect northern parts of Spain, in particular Cantabria and Basque regions.

Flooding first affected Cantabria and neighboring Asturias from 24 November 2021 .

Rain has continued, increasing river levels in Cantabria. As of 29 November, the overflowing Saja and Besaya rivers caused flooding in Torrelavega and Barreda.

Wide areas of the town of Ampuero were also flooded after the Pas river broke its banks. The province's emergency management (112 Cantabria) said 82 people were evacuated from buildings affected by the floods, three in Ampuero and the rest in towns along the Pas basin. Cars were swept away by flooding in the streets of Vioño de Piélagos. Two people were rescued from vehicles trapped in flood water in Parbayón in Piélagos municipality.

Comment: Just 5 days prior: Floods in north of Spain prompt evacuations and helicopter rescues - 6 inches of rain in 24 hours

Snowflake Cold

Brutal cold wave hits Europe with lowest temperatures in 40 years - Energy prices soar to new record

Cold weather Europe
© TropicalTidbits
Cold weather anomaly Europe Nov-Dec 2021.
Let's talk about global warming... Or better said GLOBAL COOLING! A brutal cold wave is currently sweeping across Europe, bringing tons of SNOW, powerful WINDS triggering widespread POWER OUTAGES and devastating several countries in Europe and Scandinavia with lows that haven't been seen since 1980 in Sweden.

Sweden has had the lowest temperature in November since 1980 with a polar wave sweeping Western Europe. Same in Ivalo, Finnish Lapland, where thermometer were at -22ºC as well as in Norway.


'Weak explosion' & unusual seismic signals recorded at Mount Pinatubo - last erupted in 1991, considered 2nd largest eruption of the 20th century

FILE - The crater lake formed after Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, shown in this file photo, has become a major attraction for outdoor enthusiasts, with trails opened in Tarlac and Zambales provinces.
A "weak explosion" was recorded at Mt. Pinatubo on Tuesday, said the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

In its latest bulletin, Phivolcs said the explosion was recorded between 12:09 p.m. and 12:13 p.m.

"The event produced a plume that was detected by the Himawari-8 Satellite and reported to Phivolcs by the Tokyo Volcanic Ash Advisory Center," said Phivolcs.


Shallow 6.0-magnitude earthquake hits off Papua New Guinea

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 jolted 112 km off Kavieng, Papua New Guinea, at 10:36:18 GMT on Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The epicenter, with a depth of 10.0 km, was initially determined to be at 3.5185 degrees south latitude and 151.1613 degrees east longitude.


Over 1 foot of snow shocks parts of Hudson Valley, New York - 16.5 inches of snowfall in Averill Park

Despite not much snow in the forecast, a number of local residents actually dealt with over one foot of "surprise" snow.

lHowever, parts of the upper Hudson Valley actually received over a foot of "surprise" snow Friday into Saturday!

"Everything comes together in a situation like this, to cause a localized heavy snow event over a rather small geographical area. The higher elevations saw in excess of ONE FOOT of snow from this difficult to predict event." Hudson Valley Weather stated. "Guidance suggested that a coating to 2 inches was likely in eastern Columbia county... but the actual result was dramatically different. The combination of available moisture, cold NW wind in just the correct direction, resulted in elevation enhanced snowfall. Part of what makes the Hudson Valley a unique area to experience unique weather events."


4 killed, 38 injured in heavy storms that battered Turkey

At least four people, including a foreign national, died and dozens of others were injured on Monday after heavy storms hit Turkey's biggest city Istanbul and its surrounding regions, the governor's office said.

Two women died in Istanbul's and Sultangazi districts, while a construction worker died when a collapsing wall crushed him in the northern province of Zonguldak.

Seas overflowed and roofs blew away in some provinces of Izmir, Kocaeli and Bursa. Turkey's weather agency issued an orange-level storm warning for 17 provinces, the second-highest of the four danger levels, and a yellow alert, the third-highest danger level, for 35 provinces.

In a statement on Twitter, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca confirmed four people lost their lives and 38 people were injured as of 5:30 p.m.

Comment: In addition there was a huge landslide on a roadway in the province of Urdu on November 29.

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Flock of 150 starlings drops from the sky in Galician city, Spain

Flock of 150 starlings drops from the sky in Galician city.

Flock of 150 starlings drops from the sky in Galician city.
A flock of about 150 starlings died around 9am this Friday, November 26. The flock of birds was reportedly in mid-flight, then suddenly all crashed onto Calle Alcalde Quintanilla Martinez street, in the Caranza neighborhood, of the A Coruña municipality of Ferrol.

This incredible incident saw the birds drop on top of vehicles in the street, and even onto the pedestrians who were passing by in the vicinity of the Ribera Juan Cardano Hospital. Residents quickly alerted the Ferrol Local Police force, who deployed a patrol to the Galician location.