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Mon, 22 Jul 2019
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At least 7 people killed after landslide during heavy rain hits house in Mexico

The Secretary of the Municipal Government, René Sánchez Galindo, informed that the house was in a risk zone.
© José Castañares
The Secretary of the Municipal Government, René Sánchez Galindo, informed that the house was in a risk zone.
At least seven people, including four children, were killed in a landslide during heavy rains in central Mexico, authorities said on Thursday (July 11).

The overnight landslide hit a house in the village of Santo Tomas Chautla, about 150 kilometres south-east of Mexico City, burying the family that was inside, authorities of the state of Puebla said on Facebook and Twitter.

Three adults and four children were killed. Two children were rescued and taken to hospital.


Mysterious, loud rumbling noise heard across North Lincolnshire, UK

Mysterious rumbling noise in Lincolnshire, UK
© Getty Images
Lincolnshire, UK
A mystery over a loud noise which woke people up across North Lincolnshire and the surrounding area remains unsolved - although an earthquake has been ruled out.

The noise was heard around 10.30pm on Thursday last week in places including Epworth, Crowle and Gainsborough.

Some people who heard the noise initially wondered if it had been an explosion or an earthquake.

Some attributed it to a sonic boom - the noise an aircraft makes when it breaks the sound barrier - but the RAF confirmed none of its aircraft would have made the sound in the area at the time it was heard.

It happened on the same day that southern California was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, the biggest in 20 years, leading some people to believe there could be a connection.


Man killed, wife seriously injured after dog attack in Melbourne, Australia

canine attack
© Angela Antunes / CC by 2.0
A man has been killed, his wife seriously injured after a dog attack in Melbourne's northeast.

Emergency crews were called to a home at Ancona Drive in Mill Park just after 6.30pm on Wednesday night, after reports of a dog attack.

Officers arrived to find the dog, believed to be an American Staffordshire terrier, still attacking the man in the backyard and so they fired a number of shots at the animal.

It's understood the victim had been using a wheelchair and crutches while he recovered from an injury, but was not in a wheelchair at the time of the attack.


22-day-old infant killed by family's husky in Gainesville, Georgia

canine attack
© Angela Antunes / CC by 2.0
Officials have revealed the identity of the infant killed by a dog Tuesday, along with the breed of that dog, which was a family pet.

The baby, a 22-day-old girl, was identified Wednesday by the Sheriff's Office as Ruth Flores.

The dog was a husky, David Jones, assistant director of Hall County Animal Services, said Wednesday.

The infant died from injuries she received from the dog Tuesday, according to Hall County Fire Services.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flood emergency declared as massive torrents of water, waterspout rock New Orleans

The flooding hit the area as a tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico is forming into a hurricane nicknamed "Barry".

Massive floods have inundated the streets of downtown New Orleans as heavy thunderstorms hit the region on Wednesday.

Local authorities declared a flash flood emergency and urged residents to stay off the roads and look for higher ground.

As torrential rains flooded New Orleans, citizens of the city took to their phone cameras to film the devastating effects of the floods.

Cloud Precipitation

'Nothing left but the crying': Powerful hailstorm destroys pea crops on 20 farms in Mannville, Alberta

pea damage
The work of a farmer east of Edmonton was crushed in minutes during a hail storm.

What's worse, Brian Tischler told CTV News Edmonton "they were some of the best crops we have ever seen in a very long time."

It was all done in five to 10 minutes. The hail blitz also damaged Tischler's siding and dented his deck.


Six tourists killed, dozens injured as freak storm batters Halkidiki, Greece

Greece storm damage
The weather caused damage across the peninsula.
Six tourists have been killed and at least 30 other people injured in a violent storm that swept across a region of northern Greece.

Gale-force winds, heavy rain and hailstorms lashed Halkidiki, near the city of Thessaloniki, late on Wednesday, officials say.

A Czech couple died when their caravan was blown away, and two Romanians and two Russians were also killed.

A state of emergency was declared and more than 100 rescue workers deployed.

Charalambos Steriadis, head of civil protection in northern Greece, described it as an "unprecedented phenomenon".

The storm followed a spell of very hot weather in Greece with temperatures soaring to 37C (98F) over the past two days.

Images and video posted on social media show trees toppled, cars overturned and buildings damaged.

"It is the first time in my 25-year career that I have lived through something like this," said Athansios Kaltsas, director of the Nea Moudania Medical Centre which treated many of the injured.

"It was so abrupt, so sudden," he said.

Comment: On Italy's Adriatic coast storms wreaked havoc with hailstones as big as oranges.

Cloud Precipitation

Storms wreak havoc on Adriatic coast, Italy - with hailstones as big as oranges

Orange-sized hail hurts 18 in Pescara, 200 pines down nr Ravenna

The Adriatic coast was hit by storms on Wednesday with many people in Pescara injured by hailstones as big as oranges and 200 historic pine trees felled near Ravenna, as well as flooding there and in many other parts of the Romagna, Marche and Abruzzo seaboards including Pescara hospital.

At least 18 people including a pregnant woman were hurt by hailstones as big as oranges in Pescara in Abruzzo.

The victims were taken to the town's ER unit.

The pregnant woman suffered injuries to her face and head, ANSA sources said.

Cloud Precipitation

Violent hailstorm destroys crops in Foggia area, Italy

A violent hailstorm hit the Foggia province on Thursday 4th July 2019 destroying various crops in the Ascoli Satriano, Candela, Sant'Agata, Deliceto and Cerignola municipalities.

Confagricoltura Foggia reports that the damage is considerable especially when it comes to fruit, but that it will take a few days to make an assessment.

Local producer Angelo Ippolito explains that "apricots, peaches and vineyards were the most affected. A violent hailstorm with strong winds destroyed much of the crops. Some hail stones were actually the size of an apricot."

Insurance surveyors arrived the day after and estimated damages to 95% of the crops. Producers were ready to start harvesting on July 5th.


Damaged agricultural acreage could reach one million hectares due to dry weather in Spain

dry earth
According to data on the agricultural acreage affected by the dry weather, provided by Agroseguros, it is estimated that the total figure will rise to more than 980,000 hectares. To date, 643,000 hectares have been damaged, with Castile-Leon and Castile-La Mancha as the most affected autonomous regions, with 376,000 and 109,000 hectares damaged, respectively.

According to the agro-insurance company, and based on the data available on June 24, the acreage affected and the total expected in the various autonomous regions is as follows: Andalusia 32,658 ha (37,920), Aragón 35,738 ha (60,379), Castile-Leon 376,117 ha (585,019), Castile-La Mancha 108,684 ha (182,455), Catalonia 10,760 ha (12,500), Navarre 17,614 ha (28,325) and the rest 61,651 ha (75,995).