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Rare twin waterspouts spotted off Dumaran coast in the Philippines

© Kimpoy Villanoche
A video clip captured by a local shows twin waterspouts, commonly known as "ipo-ipo," off the coast of Dumaran town early Sunday afternoon, June 2.

Kimpoy Villanoche said they saw the waterspouts occurring simultaneously in close proximity to each other around 2 p.m. while they were at the Palawan State University Dumaran Campus in Barangay Sta. Teresita.

Enduring for about 15 to 20 minutes before fading away, Villanoche described how the surrounding darkened as thunder echoed and lightning flickered, signaling the locals to the phenomenon.

Fireball 3

Lightning strike at Czech castle park injures 18

A lightning bolt that hit a tree in a castle park in the northern Czech Republic on Sunday injured eighteen people who were sheltering underneath it, rescuers said.

The strike occurred in the Liberec-Vratislavice castle park about 90 kilometres (55 miles) northeast of the capital Prague on Sunday afternoon.

"There were 18 injured people on the site, including seven serious injuries," local emergency spokesman Michal Georgiev told AFP, adding that the injured had been taken to hospitals.

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Liberec regional hospital spokesman Vaclav Ricar told AFP that five adult patients had to undergo resuscitation and that one child was transported to a Prague hospital by helicopter.

"They were all conscious and their condition was stable," he said, adding the patients did not suffer any burns.

Cloud Precipitation

More than a month's worth of rain (6.7 inches) pummels Sydney, Australia in less than 24 hours

While the rain had mostly cleared in Sydney on Sunday morning, Mr Narramore said there could be a few more 'light and isolated' coastal showers
While the rain had mostly cleared in Sydney on Sunday morning, Mr Narramore said there could be a few more 'light and isolated' coastal showers
After receiving more than a month's worth of rain in less than one day, Sydneysiders can finally put their umbrellas away and enjoy some sunshine.

However, flood warnings remain in place around the Hunter area, with minor flooding on the Williams River and moderate flooding on the Wollombi Brook River, BOM senior meteorologist Dean Narramore said on Sunday.

Mr Narramore said hazardous surf and beach conditions would also continue until Monday for southern and central coastal areas of NSW.

This comes after rain lashed the state on Saturday, with persistent moderate to heavy rainfall seen over the Sydney and Hunter areas.

Mr Narramore said the heaviest rainfall on Saturday was around Sydney, with 171mm of rainfall in Rose Bay, 159mm in Little Bay and 143mm in the city itself.


29 stranded hikers rescued from Germany's highest mountain Zugspitze, after over 6 feet of unexpected June snowfall

29 hikers had to be rescued after becoming stranded on the Zugspitze.
29 hikers had to be rescued after becoming stranded on the Zugspitze.
A rescue operation was launched on Saturday, June 1, to evacuate dozens of hikers who found themselves stranded on Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze, due to treacherous weather conditions.

According to the Bavarian Mountain Rescue Service, 29 hikers attempted to scale the 2,962-meter (9,718-foot) peak despite heavy snowfall and poor visibility. At around 2,500 meters (8,202 feet), the hikers could not continue their ascent due to the accumulation of fresh snow, which reached depths of up to 2 meters (6.6 feet) in some areas.

The Mountain Rescue Service, in collaboration with staff from the Zugspitze mountain railway company, mobilized to locate and extract the stranded hikers. The rescue efforts were further complicated by the freezing temperatures, which caused partial icing of the cable car equipment, rendering it inoperable at times.


Deep sea oarfish which 'predicts' natural disasters washes up on beach in Vietnam on May 17

Children were amazed to see the giant fish washed up
© Jam PressChildren were amazed to see the giant fish washed up
A deep sea oarfish, which is said to predict natural disasters, has appeared washed up on a beach.

Children were astonished to discover the creature and held up the giant fish. It was then stretched out on the sand on a straight piece of tree bark while local people captured images of it on their phones.

A group of local people are said to have eaten the large fish during a beach feast after the sea creature washed up near Huế City in Vietnam. The creature, however, is often called the 'harbinger of natural disasters'

One local said: "One of the best-known legends is that the sighting of an oarfish portends natural disasters, particularly earthquakes and tsunamis." Daniel said: "There will be a cataclysm then." And Gustavo wrote: "An earthquake is coming!"

Cloud Precipitation

Denver metro hit by largest hail in 35 years as baseball-sized stones pummel area

Large hailstones fall in Denver on May 30,2024.
© @Quidnunciac / XLarge hailstones fall in Denver on May 30,2024.
The Denver metropolitan area experienced an intense hailstorm Thursday, which led to the largest hailstones recorded in the county in the last 35 years, resulting in widespread damage.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a 'destructive' Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the Denver area late Thursday evening, emphasizing the life-threatening situation with baseball-sized hail and wind gusts up to 50 mph.

The largest hail report in Denver County measured 2.75 inches in Commerce City on Thursday. It's the largest hail report in the county since 1989, the FOX Forecast Center said.

"The hail was just pounding many of these areas for almost an hour," said Jim Hooley with FOX 31 Denver.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills man during thunderstorm near Moscow

Lightning struck a man with an umbrella in the town of Balashikha near Moscow. The incident happened as the man was walking to a shopping mall.

The man died on the spot.

The last day of spring became the hottest day in the last 17 years in Moscow. On May 31, 2007, temperatures hit +31.7°C. On May 31, 2024, afternoon heat of 29.8°C was replaced with strong thunderstorm in the evening.

The heat is to subside next week.


Indonesia's Mount Ibu erupts yet again with 5 km (3 mile) high ash cloud

A volcano in Indonesia's eastern island of Halmahera erupted on Saturday spewing a five-km (3-mile) high ash cloud, the country's volcanology agency (PVMBG) said, while its disaster agency warned of potential flash floods and cold lava flow.

The eruption of Mount Ibu at 11.03am (0203 GMT) follows a series of eruptions in May, after authorities noticed an uptick of volcanic activity starting in April, leading to the evacuation of seven nearby villages.

"The ash column is grey with thick intensity and leaning towards the southwest," the agency said, adding that residents and tourists should maintain a distance of at least 7 kilometres from the active crater.

Footage shared by the agency showed the volcano spewing ash that grew thicker and eventually dispersed.


At least 20 pilot whales stranded close to seashore in northeast Brazil on May 31

At least 20 pilot whales had been discovered stranded on a seashore in northeastern Brazil, prompting a particular rescue operation to be launched. The cetaceans, often known as "Globicephala melas," had been found close to Pititinga seashore within the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Disoriented and unable to return to the ocean, the whales had been carefully monitored by a group of biologists and veterinarians from the 'Cetáceos da Costa Branca' mission and the NGO Center for Environmental Studies and Monitoring.

One whale from the identical pod was discovered lifeless on Zumbi seashore, seven kilometers away. Locals and fishermen alerted authorities to the stranded animals, resulting in the deployment of the rescue operation. Biologist Vinícius Gabriel Santana defined that the whales had been unable to return to deeper waters and had been displaying indicators of spatial imaginative and prescient issues.


Indian capital swelters as temperature hits all-time high of 52.9 Celsius

A woman shields her child from the sun during a heat wave in New Delhi on Wednesday.
© Money Sharma/AFPA woman shields her child from the sun during a heat wave in New Delhi on Wednesday.
Delhi recorded an all-time high temperature of 52.9 degrees Celsius (127.22 Fahrenheit) on Wednesday as extreme heat conditions gripped the north and western parts of India, causing students to faint in schools and drinking water taps to dry up.

A heat wave alert has been in place for large parts of India since last week but on Wednesday the temperature in Mungeshpur, a densely packed corner of Delhi, crossed the 50 C mark, the weather office said.

The Indian capital has had temperatures of over 45 C in previous years but never gone as high as 52.9 C.

Streets in Mungeshpur in northwest Delhi were deserted and most shops were shut as people stayed indoors to avoid the searing heat, while residents handed out free cold drinks in Narela after temperatures went up to 49.9 C on Tuesday.

Comment: India's Met. Department has since admitted that there was an error at the measuring station. Link
It gets even better though, because that 52.9C (127.2F) doing the AGW rag rounds was from a faulty sensor. Temperatures in the area were actually around 47C (116.6F), according to the Indian Meteorological Department, some 6C lower than reported.

That near 53C posted in New Delhi suburbs, in Mungeshpur to be specific, was an error officially acknowledged by the IMD:

India Met Department's correction notice