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Mon, 08 Mar 2021
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Earth Changes


Street dogs attack and kill boy in Kashmir

dog attack
A minor was killed after attacked by street dogs on Saturday in south Kashmir district of Pulwama, official sources said.

They said a group of streets dogs attacked and seriously injured an eight-year-old boy Azhar Manzoor at Pingalana in Pulwama. However, other elders present in the area immediately rushed to rescue Azhar who had received injuries in the head and neck.

He was immediately rushed to District Hospital, Pulwama where he was declared brought dead.

People protested against the authorities, particularly Municipality for failing to control the stray dog population.


Shallow earthquake of magnitude of 6.3 hits off Gisborne, New Zealand - 2nd strong quake there in 2 days

© Associated Press
An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 jolted 182 km NE of Gisborne, New Zealand, at 0016 GMT on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.

The epicenter, with a depth of 11.57 km, was initially determined to be at 37.6016 degrees south latitude and 179.5995 degrees east longitude.

Comment: Details of the first quake here.

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Restless Mount Etna spews more clouds of ash over Sicily's skies

Mount Etna ash clouds
© YouTube/RT (screen capture)
Sicily's Mount Etna continued its moment of restlessness during the early hours of Thursday morning.


Burst-like swarm of earthquakes under dormant Oregon volcano triggers fears of 'uptick' in activity

Mt. Hood oregon
© Creative Commons
Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA
A succession of minor earthquakes were registered at 12:13 p.m. on 1 March about three to four miles beneath the summit of Mount Hood, Oregon, which is currently a dormant volcano. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network measured eight quakes with a maximum magnitude of 1.3.

A 'swarm' of minor earthquakes occurred beneath the summit of Oregon's Mount Hood this week, with some speculating whether this might be a warning signal of bigger things to come.

The minor quakes - all were too small to be felt at the surface - began at 12:13 p.m. on 1 March, about three to four miles beneath the summit of the dormant volcano, lasting for about 45 minutes.

Comment: Seismologists have been keeping their eye on the Cascadia Mountain Range for a while now, as it interacts with the northern end of the San Andreas fault system:

Cloud Precipitation

Thousands cut off by floods in Piura Region, Peru

Heavy rainfall over the last few days has caused flooding in parts of Piura Region in norther Peru.

The country's National Institute of Civil Defence (INDECI) reported on 02 March 2021 that as a result of intense rainfall, there was damage to roads, homes and public buildings in the districts of Tambogrande, Las Loma, Chulucanas and Canchaque. In a report of 04 March INDECI said parts of Máncora and San Miguel de El Faique districts were also affected. Media reported that areas of the city of Piura were also flooded.

In total 182 homes have been damaged and 5 destroyed, according to INDECI figures. Three health facility buildings have also been damaged.

The worst hit areas are in Tambogrande district where as many as 14,000 people have been cut off after roads were flooded in areas around Malingas, according to media reports.


Croatia sees gaping sinkholes emerge in area ravaged by December 2020 earthquake

sinkhole croatia earthquakes
© AP Photo/Darko Bandic
This aerial photo shows a sinkhole in the village of Mececani, central Croatia, Thursday, March 4, 2021.
After the deadly earthquake came the sinkholes.

A central Croatian region about 40 kilometers (25 miles) southwest of the capital, Zagreb, is pocked with round holes of all sizes, which appeared after December's 6.4-magnitude quake that killed seven people and caused widespread destruction.

Scientists have been flocking to Mecencani and other villages in the sparsely-inhabited region for observation and study.

Comment: Strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits central Croatia - Second quake in 2 days - UPDATE: At least seven killed


6.2-magnitude quake hits Kermadec Islands region: USGS

© Associated Press
An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 jolted Kermadec Islands region at 14:24:49 GMT on Friday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The epicenter, with a depth of 10.0 km, was initially determined to be at 29.0883 degrees south latitude and 176.3109 degrees west longitude.

Source: Xinhua

Snowflake Cold

Severe blizzard hits Chukotka, Russia


Classes in schools have been canceled, buses do not run, the airport is closed. Chukotka was hit by a hurricane with heavy snowfall. Wind pores reach 42 meters per second.


Brazilian man dies after having his face ripped off by SEVEN pitbulls while out for his morning walk

Pereira's family have hit out at the owner and accused him of not housing his pets properly
© Unomidias
Pereira's family have hit out at the owner and accused him of not housing his pets properly
A BRAZILIAN man mercilessly attacked by seven pitbulls that ripped his face off has died in hospital.

Aglacir de Macedo Pereira, 46, was ambushed by the deadly dogs in Lageado Feio, a rural area of southern Brazil on February 2.

Pereira was enjoying his regular morning walk when the seven savage pitbulls escaped from a farm underneath a gate and let rip.

Brave passersby rescued him from the gruesome attack and called an ambulance. They then helped the victim down the road to meet the emergency vehicle.

Pereira was rushed to the Santa Cruz Hospital in central Pinhao, over 20 miles away from the rural area where the incident took place.

The pit bulls had completely bitten off all of the skin on his face, leaving his skull completely exposed.

Snowflake Cold

20 inches of snow buries Atlantic Canada, whiteout conditions hit Maine, New York, Vermont and beyond + 'the cold blob'

the cold blob

Temperatures are tumbling, snowpack is building, ocean currents are stalling,
volcanoes are stirring, magnetic poles are shifting, and the Sun is entering a multidecadal slumber — welcome, all, to the next true climate catastrophe: prepare.


The tail end of winter is hitting Atlantic Canada hard this week, particularly the province of Newfoundland which on Tuesday reported heavy snow, howling winds and blizzard conditions, according to theweathernetwork.com.

Conditions quickly began to deteriorate Monday night, and by Wednesday the snowstorm had delivered 30+cm (12 inches) to some parts. Heavy snow and wind chills of -20C (-4F) are persisting in northern sections and across Labrador where 20+cm (8 inches) of extra pow-pow is forecast before the close of Thursday, March 4.