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Wed, 29 Nov 2023
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New City-sized Iceberg Created Near Antarctica

A city-sized iceberg has broken off an island near Antarctica.

The iceberg is about 8 miles wide and 15 miles long. It broke free of the Fimbul Ice Shelf, a large glacial ice sheet along the northwestern section of Queen Maud Land, in the eastern Weddell Sea near Antarctica.


4.6 earthquake shakes Humboldt County (California)

PETROLIA, Calif. - An earthquake with a preliminary-magnitude of 4.6 struck just off the Humboldt County coast Saturday evening, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake, which struck at 5:56 p.m., occurred on the Mendocino fault and was centered about 6 miles southwest of Petrolia and 180 miles north of San Francisco, the USGS said.

The temblor struck an extremely rural part of the state and was felt as far as the town of Blue Lake, about 50 miles north of the epicenter.

The Humboldt County Sheriff's Department said that no injuries or property damage were immediately reported.


California fault line primed for big earthquake, experts predict

It could hit 2 million near Bay area with magnitude 6.7, more

New cracks appear in Elke DeMuynck's ceiling every few weeks, zigzagging across her living room. Month after month, year after year, she patches, paints and waits.

"It definitely lets you know your house is constantly shifting," DeMuynck said. So do the gate outside that swings uselessly 21/2 inches from its latch, the bulges in the street and the geology students who make pilgrimages to her cul-de-sac.


Strong earthquake shakes Fiji islands

SUVA, Fiji - A strong earthquake shook Fiji early Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. There were no immediate reports of damage or injury.

The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not issue a tsunami warning.

The magnitude-6 quake was centered 270 miles west-northwest of the Fiji capital, Suva, USGS said.


Strong quake hits south Iran

TEHRAN - An earthquake of magnitude 6.0 and a series of aftershocks struck the southern Iranian province of Hormuzgan on Saturday, causing minor damage, officials said.

There were no immediate reports of casualties.


Broken Comet On Its Way

In 1995, Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 did something unexpected: it fell apart.

For no apparent reason, the comet's nucleus split into at least three "mini-comets" flying single file through space. Astronomers watched with interest, but the view was blurry even through large telescopes. The comet was a hundred and fifty million miles away.

We're about to get a much closer look. In May 2006 the fragments are going to fly past Earth closer than any comet has come in almost eighty years.



Magnitude 5.1 (Moderate)# Date-Time Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 03:25:26 (UTC)= Coordinated Universal Time# Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 3:25:26 PM


Fewer birds spotted in UK gardens

The number of birds visiting British gardens is on the decline, according to a survey involving 470,000 people.


Clue to slow human bird flu jump

Scientists believe they may have discovered a reason why the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus cannot yet jump easily between humans.


Light quake strikes Quebec's Far North

MONTREAL (CP) - A light earthquake struck northern Quebec Wednesday afternoon.