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Thu, 01 Oct 2020
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Nile river signals a massive global rainfall shift

Floods in Blue Nile State, Sudan, August 2020.
© Sudan Red Crescent
Floods in Blue Nile State, Sudan, August 2020.
The Blue and White Nile crest at the highest levels ever recorded, the strongest Medicane with highest wind speeds ever recorded and the USA wildfires release the most smoke and CO2 ever recorded all while the U.N begins what it calls "Planetary Monitoring."

Comment: At least 84 dead and 380,000 affected as floods worsen in Sudan - Blue Nile at record level


Southern California is rocked by a 4.5-magnitude earthquake - with tremors felt from Los Angeles to San Diego

California quake map
A 4.5-magnitude earthquake rocked Southern California, with tremors felt from Los Angeles down to San Diego.

The quake hit 10 miles west of L.A. at 11.39 pm local time on Friday, according to the US Geological Survey.

It occurred at a depth of nearly 11 miles, and lasted for 30 seconds. It was reported to be one of the biggest earthquakes to hit the L.A. area in years.

There have been no reports of injuries or damage to property, but authorities warned locals to prepare for aftershocks.

The Los Angeles Fire Department posted a tweet shortly after the quake, which read: 'If Inside When Shaking Starts: DROP, COVER, HOLD ON! Protect Your Head & Neck While Taking Cover Under Sturdy Furniture or Near a Sturdy Interior Wall, Away From Windows and Doorways Until Shaking Stops.

Cloud Precipitation

At least 4 killed in floods and landslides in Myanmar - 6.6 inches of rain in 24 hours - Tropical Cyclone Noul also slams Vietnam

Tropical Cyclone Noul
Tropical Cyclone Noul
At least 4 people died in flash flooding and landslides after heavy monsoon rainfall in Myanmar.

According to local media reports heavy rainfall early on 16 September caused flooding and landslides in Mandalay Region.

At least four people died in Mogok Township (also known as Moekok) in Pyin Oo Lwin district, after a creek broke its banks triggering landslides in the surrounding hillsides. Around 24 houses were damaged or destroyed and 56 people were evacuated.

Cloud Lightning

Burning rubber: Lightning strike kills couple on bike in Maharashtra, India

In a freak incident, a couple was electrocuted after being struck by lightning while returning to Paradgaon village on a bike from Bramhapuri on Friday evening.

The victims have been identified as Pintu Raut, 30, and his wife Gunjan, 26. The duo had gone to Bramhapuri for some work and was returning when lightning struck them near Bhagwati Rice Mill in Udapur village. The duo was thrown from the bike after the impact and died on the spot.

Pintu's body was found near the bike by the roadside, while his Gunjan's body was lying on road.

The police have registered a case and are investigating.

Comment: Also in India 2 woman were killed by a bolt in Tamil Nadu on Sept.17 while a total of 5 individuals were also fatally hit by strikes on the same day in Jharkhand.


Deadly storm Ionas washes away entire beach on Greek island of Kefalonia

greek beach washed away Ionas kefalonia
© Twitter / @ScottDuncanWX
Jerusalem Beach on the Greek island of Kefalonia
Storm Ianos made landfall in Greece on Friday and entirely washed away a beach on the island of Kefalonia. Videos posted by locals on social media showed massive destruction.

The Mediterranean hurricane ('Medicane') hit Kefalonia on Friday. Footage posted to Twitter shows the once-beautiful Jerusalem Beach being entirely washed away by the catastrophic flooding.

Comment: Unusual Mediterranean cyclone 'Ianos' hits Western Greece


Necropsy of massive dead whale under way on Jersey Shore beach

The necropsy of a whale that died at sea is under way Friday on a Brigantine beach.
© Marine Mammal Stranding Center
The necropsy of a whale that died at sea is under way Friday on a Brigantine beach.
A video shows a humpback whale that died at sea and ended up in a Jersey Shore inlet being towed to shore Thursday.

A necropsy of the 30-foot mammal was scheduled to begin on the beach at Seaside Road in Brigantine, Friday morning, according to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center.

The whale may have been entangled at some point and was tracked Wednesday to under the Brigantine Bridge, according to the organization's founder and director, Robert Schoelkopf.

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Large landslide filmed in Sichuan, China

Landslide occurred in Yanbian County, Sichuan - China, September 14, 2020.

Cloud Precipitation

50,000 affected by floods in Kankan, Guinea

Flooding has affected around 50,000 people in the city of Kankan and the surrounding Kankan region in eastern Guinea since early September 2020.

According to media reports heavy rainfall began on 03 September. Guinea Red Cross report that 26 out of the 27 districts of the urban municipality and the 12 sub-prefectures of Kankan experienced heavy rainfall causing major damage to people and their property.

Around 50,000 people from 10,000 households have been affected, with 657 houses damaged or destroyed and 1,363 people displaced. Local media reported 1 person missing.


6.9 magnitude earthquake hits Mid-Atlantic ridge

Mid Atlantic ridge quake
A magnitude 6.9 earthquake occurred Friday evening on the central Mid-Atlantic Ridge between the west Coast of Africa and South America at 6:43 PM EDT.

The epicenter is over 4,000 miles away from the state of Florida and poses no tsunami threat to the U.S. mainland.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Will wildfire smoke cause record cold this Autumn?

In this photo provided by Frederic Larson, the Golden Gate Bridge is seen at 11am Wednesday morning in San Francisco, amid a smoky, orange hue caused by the ongoing wildfires
© AP
In this photo provided by Frederic Larson, the Golden Gate Bridge is seen at 11am Wednesday morning in San Francisco, amid a smoky, orange hue caused by the ongoing wildfires
With record amounts of smoke from the U.S west coast wildfires now drifting past NYC, you have to ask if the sunlight blocking will cause unusual cold and snow this autumn. Chinese farmers hoarding wheat because higher prices are being paid by traders than the government mandated price, this is causing shortages in China's National Strategic Grain Reserves. Still no sunspots on our Sun as Solar Cycle 25 is a non-starter.

Comment: See also: