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Mon, 17 Jan 2022
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Cloud Precipitation

Hailstorm blankets parts of northern Saudi Arabia

A picture shared by a social media users reportedly shows the snowfall in the city of Qurayyat, in Al Jawf Province.

A picture shared by a social media users reportedly shows the snowfall in the city of Qurayyat, in Al Jawf Province.
Parts of northern Saudi Arabia were covered in a fine layer of hail and snow on Sunday as temperatures plummeted to approximately 7C.

Images circulating on social media showed the a white landscape in the city of Qurayyat, in Al Jawf Province. The Saudi city is 30 kilometers away from the border with Jordan.

In one video hail can be seen falling from the sky.

A Saudi National Center for Meteorology report said thunderstorms accompanied by light winds and hail showers would fall across Al-Jawf, the northern borders and Tabuk, extending to the coastal areas of the Medina region.


Antarctic penguin waddles ashore in New Zealand, 2,000 miles from home

An Adélie penguin – native to Antarctica – has been found 3,000km from home on a New Zealand beach.
© Allanah Purdie/Department of Conservation
An Adélie penguin – native to Antarctica – has been found 3,000km from home on a New Zealand beach.
An Antarctic penguin's misadventure has seen it waddle ashore almost 2,000 miles from home.

The Adélie penguin, which is native to Antarctica, washed up on the coast of New Zealand on Wednesday.

The rare visitor was spotted by resident Harry Singh, just south of Christchurch in Birdlings Flat on the South Island. A video captured by Singh shows the penguin wandering around on the beach.

"I did not notice any physical injury, but it was tired and hungry," Singh told NBC News via Facebook Messenger on Friday.

The last sighting of an Adélie penguin was in 1993 and this is only the third time one of the birds has made it to New Zealand's shores, according to an online encyclopedia of New Zealand birds, which says that one was found dead in 1962 and a live Adélie penguin was reportedly found in 1993.

Comment: While in the northern hemisphere three snowy owls turned up in Asturias, Spain far south of normal winter range.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills 2 teenagers in Zimbabwe, while another strike injures 13 prison inmates

Thirteen inmates at Hwange Prison were hospitalised on Friday after they were struck by lightning while having lunch in the prison courtyard, officials said.

On the same day, police said two teenagers, both aged 15, were killed by lightning while walking home from school in Chitungwiza.

Police said one of the children died instantly, while a second was runover by a vehicle as she lay on the tarred road. The two were students at Seke 1 High School.

Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) spokesman Superintendent Peter Chaparanganda, meanwhile, said 13 inmates suffered varying degrees of burns after they were struck by lightning at around 11AM last Friday.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 2, injures 10 on football field in South Africa

Two young men were killed and ten others injured when they were struck by lightning on a football field in Sheepmoor, Mpumalanga on Saturday.

Paramedics and provincial emergency services found the two men lying beneath a tree, while ten others were scattered around the field.

"Medics assessed the patients and found that the two men beneath the tree, both believed to be 18-years-old, showed no signs of life," said ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring.

"Unfortunately, nothing could be done for them, and they were declared dead.

"The ten other men and women were assessed and found to have sustained injuries ranging from minor to serious.

"The patients were treated on the scene and thereafter transported to Ermelo Provincial Hospital for urgent treatment."

Ice Cube

Two icebreakers sent to rescue TWENTY ice-locked ships on Northern Sea Route in the Arctic


But some of the vessels will have to wait for at least one week before they are released from captivity in the remote Arctic sea-ice.

Comment: Although SOTT picked up this story when the drama began back on the 8th of November, unsurprisingly it has gone largely unreported by the mainstream, global-warming/climate-crisis propaganda press, and the first part of this update is actually from 10 days ago, with more recent developments below.

District authorities in the Russian Far East have decided to commission two icebreakers to aid the vessels currently ice-locked in the East Siberian Sea.

The nuclear-powered Yamal is due to arrive in the region by 20th of November, while the diesel-powered Novorossiisk will arrive by 15th of November, regional authorities in Chukotka inform.

Comment: Note the ships aren't relying on 'green' energy to get the job done.

In addition will be sent the rescue vessel Spasatel Zaborshchikov.

Comment: Fleetmon gave an update on the situation yesterday, 19th November:
Icebreaker VAYGACH is leading convoy of Far East bound 5 ships, including NORDIC NULUUJAAK, GOLDEN SUEK, NORDIC QINNGUA, GOLDEN PEAR, UHL FUSION. Have a look at convoy track, it's a broken curve, usual tactics in battling ice cover and floes. Icebreaker is leading ships, trying to use each and every ice-free patch/area her helicopter can find. All in all, everything is so far, absolutely normal, something to be expected from NSR late fall transit routine. Convoy is already in Chukcha sea, will reach Bering Strait in probably 2-3 days or maybe even earlier, Arctic is unpredictable in this sense, up until last minutes and meters of transit.
bering strait
© Fleetmon.com

Icebreaker VAYGACH in Arctic ice 2021
Sea Ice Extent

Sea Ice Extent 18th November 2021
West bound ships, including MV KUMPULA, are stuck in ice north of Kotelny island, bordering Laptev and East Siberian seas, waiting most probably, for icebreaker TAYMYR, presently positioned in Obskaya Gulf.

New FleetMon Vessel Safety Risk Reports Available: https://www.fleetmon.com/services/vessel-risk-rating/

Latest Arctic ice cover map, no signs yet of ice-free Arctic with palm trees to, soon, fringe its' coast

In some areas, ice edge already surpassed median 1981 - 2010 ice edge
Research indicates that ice ages can come on rather quickly, and there are numerous signs that our planet is now entering a period of significant cooling: Also check out SOTT radio's:


'We need people to keep their head': Grocers, suppliers struggle to refill empty shelves in flooded B.C.

Near-empty shelves line a grocery store in Kelowna this week, following catastrophic flooding in British Columbia.
Near-empty shelves line a grocery store in Kelowna this week, following catastrophic flooding in British Columbia.
Rosedale Grocery ran out of milk around 1 p.m. on Tuesday. The store in Rosedale, B.C., a little farming town about two hours east of Vancouver, didn't receive a shipment all day Tuesday. The produce truck didn't show, neither did the dairy truck or the truck carrying non-perishables, all due to floods that have choked off highway access for much of the province's lower mainland.

"When we ran out of milk, that was kind of the nervous point," Rosedale Grocery manager Caitlin Lajeunesse said. "We had to have someone set up at our front door, just to not let people in because you couldn't move in the store, there was so many people."

Provincial authorities and retail industry leaders have tried to talk down a wave of panic buying in B.C. stores since Tuesday, amid fears that washed-out roads and rail lines could result in temporary shortages, including dairy.


Florida tops 1,000 manatee deaths in grim single-year record

In this Dec. 28, 2010 file photo, manatees swim in a canal in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
© Lynne Sladky
In this Dec. 28, 2010 file photo, manatees swim in a canal in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
More than 1,000 manatees have died in Florida so far this year, eclipsing a previous annual record as the threatened marine mammals struggle with starvation due to pollution in the water.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported the updated total on Wednesday. The 1,003 manatee deaths so far in 2021 is many more than the 637 recorded last year and well above the previous mark of 830 set in 2013.

Slow-moving, bulky manatees have long struggled to coexist with humans. Boat strikes account for some deaths and many injuries. But state officials and environmental groups say polluted water runoff from agriculture, sewage and other man-made development has caused algae blooms in estuaries, choking off the seagrass upon which manatees rely. Climate change is worsening the problem.

Authorities expected another bad year for manatees, with more deaths to come as Florida enters the winter months when the animals congregate in warm-water areas where food supplies have dwindled. Seagrass beds on the state's eastern coast have been hit especially hard.


Signs and Portents: Turtle born with two heads and six legs at New England Wildlife Center

You don't see a creature like this every day: A turtle was born with two heads and six legs at the New England Wildlife Center!

An animal hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts recently took to Facebook to announce the birth of a rare turtle.

The two-headed and extra-legged creature was amusingly named Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, after the celebrity twins.

"It is a rare anomaly that can result from both genetic factors and environmental factors that affect the embryo during development," the wildlife center explained of the extra limbs and head.

Similar to conjoined human twins, these animals share some parts of their bodies, but not all of them.


Signs and Portents: Mutant calf born with two heads, six legs and two tails in Turkey

The calf which was born dead by caesarean section

The calf which was born dead by caesarean section
A mutant newborn calf with two heads, six legs and two tails has been born in Turkey.

The strange creature was stillborn in the rural neighbourhood of Bahcearasi in the district of Cine, during the early hours of November, 7.

Erdem Celik, 38, discovered the calf when he noticed that one of his cows was having difficulty giving birth.

The farmer called veterinarian Huseyin Aynur, who came to assist technician Selim Gokcen with the delivery.


Signs and Portents: Mutant two-headed calf born with pig-like body and double tongue baffles Russian farmer

A two-headed calf with a pig's body was born in
© Ninel Karacakova/Newsflash
A two-headed calf with a pig's body was born in Khakassia, Russia
A mutant calf with two heads and a pig-like body has baffled a farmer in Russia.

The freakish animal, which resembled two pigs more than a newborn cow, did not survive its birth which sadly also killed the mother.

Vets studied the calf in the village of Matkechik, Khakassia earlier this month after a farmer reported the bizarre abnormality.

A photo taken of the lifeless beast shows its hairless pink body laid on the ground with its hind legs splayed.

Looking at the two heads, both eyes appear sewn shut and not one but two tongues are pictured dangling on either side of its front hooves.