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Sun, 27 Sep 2020
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Earth Changes


Typhoon Maysak causes heavy flood damage in North Korea


Torrential rains due to typhoon Maysak caused heavy flood damage in parts of North Korea on Thursday, and also prompted residents near Mount Kumgang to evacuate, state-media reported.

The Korean Central Television Broadcasting Station has been running breaking news in real time and updates on the ninth tropical storm of the season nearly every hour since 6 p.m. Wednesday, reports Yonhap News Agency.

Source: IANS

Cloud Precipitation

At least 14 dead, 41 missing in flood and landslide triggered heavy rainfall by in Baglung, Nepal

The disaster occurred in Dhorpatan Municipality on Wednesday midnight when Bhuji river blocked by landslide debris flooded the settlements along the river banks.

Nim Bahadur BK, a resident of Lankuribot in Dhorpatan Municipality Ward No. 9, Baglung district, woke up to find his house shaking on Wednesday midnight. The 45-year-old woke his wife and three children up and rushed outside just before the floodwaters from Bhuji River swept his house away.

"We spent the night under the open sky in the pouring rain," said BK.

Fourteen people died while at least 41 others went missing in Wednesday night's flood and landslide in Dhorpatan Municipality.

"Three individuals have been injured in the disaster and are currently receiving treatment at Burtibang Health Post," said Inspector Prakash Singh Bhandari of the Area Police Office in Burtibang.

Apple Red

Apple production drops by 50 percent, farmers at verge of bankruptcy in Jammu and Kashmir

Forty-two-year-old travel agent Mumtaz Ahmad had invested his savings in the horticulture sector hoping to make up for the losses suffered in the tourism business for the last one year.

Despite buying costly pesticides and employing highly skilled laborers to upkeep his apple orchards, he is struggling to reach a breakeven point as the inclement weather and disease coupled have hit the horticulture sector badly

"This year, the scab has hit the apple crop. Even the production, which was expected to reach an all-time high has halved now. This is going to be the worst year for apple growers," he said.

For the second year in a row, farmers are staring at huge losses given the disease and drop in production due to substandard pesticides.

Cloud Precipitation

Hurricane Nana causes flooding in Bay Islands, Honduras

Tropical Storm Nana approaching Belize, 02 September 2020
Tropical Storm Nana approaching Belize, 02 September 2020
Hurricane Nana made landfall in Belize on 03 September 2020 after causing flooding in the Bay Islands Department of Honduras.

The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) said Hurricane Nana made landfall on the coast of Belize between Dangriga and Placencia with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph (120 km/h). A station on Carrie Bow Cay reported a wind speed of 61 mph (98 km/h) as Nana's center passed just to the south.

The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in Belize said more than 4,000 people were moved to shelters, including in Toledo (2,079), Dangriga in Stann Creek (980), the capital of Belmopan (355) and Belize City (319). Initial reports suggest that areas of Stann Creek District and Toledo have suffered damages.

Bizarro Earth

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Jerusalem magnetic anomaly repeating in 2024?

Destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
With the South Atlantic Anomaly going to split into two cells, a grand solar minimum intensifying and the biggest polar excursion seen ever, this matches up with the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. So we should be asking with so many match ups geologically at in 2024 as 586 B.C is there a way to protect ourselves from instant destruction?

Comment: See also:


Rare 'corona' auroras captured over Finland

'Corona' auroras taken on September 4, 2020 @ Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland
© Rayann Elzein
'Corona' auroras taken on September 4, 2020 @ Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland
Last night, a special type of aurora appeared over Finland. It was a "corona"--a form of Northern Lights that rains down from directly overhead. Rayann Elzein happened to be looking straight up when the outbreak occurred.

"This corona 'exploded' overhead and continued blinking and displaying fast needles for several minutes!" says Elzein. "What a fantastic and unexpected night up here in Utsjoki!"

The display coincided with a sudden negative dip in BsubZ. In other words, a crack opened in Earth's polar magnetic field. Solar wind poured in to fuel the display.


Dead whale washes up on beach in South Shields, UK

The whale washed up on a South Shields beach.
© Steven Lomas
The whale washed up on a South Shields beach.
A dead whale has washed up on a South Shields beach, with the coastguard urging members of the public not to approach it.

The marine mammal, which is believed to be a minke whale, washed up on Sandhaven Beach, close to the pier, at around 4.30pm on Tuesday, September 1.

It is believed the whale was dead before it washed up on the beach and an expert opinion is pending to see whether an autopsy will be carried out.

Comment: On the same day another whale washed up on the coast of Liberia. Additionally, in Alaska last week one was discovered on the shore of Nelson Island in the Bering Sea.

Dead whale on Grandcess Beach, Liberia

Dead whale on Grandcess Beach, Liberia
This whale was found on a beach on Nelson Island.
© Jimmie Lincoln
This whale was found on a beach on Nelson Island, Alaska


Typhoon Maysak pummels South Korea with flooding, damaging winds

This Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020, satellite image released by NASA Worldview,
This Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020, satellite image released by NASA Worldview, Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) shows Typhoon Maysak over South Korea, hidden behind the white circle at upper left, as another tropical storm, Haishen, lower center right, sweeps northward and is projected to slam Japan's southern main islands of Kyushu and Shikoku, as well as the southwestern tip of Honshu by this weekend.
A powerful typhoon ripped through South Korea's southern and eastern coasts with tree-snapping winds and flooding rains Thursday, knocking out power to thousands of homes and leaving at least one person dead.

Packing winds with maximum speed of 140 kilometers (87 miles) per hour, Typhoon Maysak was offshore east of the city of Gangneung on Thursday morning and heading toward North Korea, South Korea's weather agency said.

North Korea's state TV showed widespread flooding in the eastern coastal cities of Wonsan and Tanchon, but the country didn't immediately report any casualties.

More than 2,200 South Koreans evacuated their homes due to the storm that toppled scores of trees, utility poles and lampposts, ripped off signboards, and damaged or flooded dozens of homes and vehicles. A woman in the southern city of Busan died after being injured by shattered window glass.

Comment: Livestock carrier with 43 crew feared lost in Typhoon Maysak off Japan

Black Cat

10-year-old boy survives cougar attack near Lillooet, British Columbia

A 10-year-old boy has survived a cougar attack northwest of Lillooet, B.C. on Monday.

A 10-year-old boy has survived a cougar attack northwest of Lillooet, B.C. on Monday.
A 10-year-old boy is lucky to have escaped serious injury after a cougar attack northwest of Lillooet, B.C.

The Conservation Officer Service Predator Attack Team remains at the site of the attack, which took place Monday afternoon outside a remote family cabin near Marshall Lake.

Two women and four children, ranging in age from 10 to 13, were walking along a trail when the boy ran ahead.

A cougar suddenly dropped out of a tree and swiped at the boy, who was knocked down.

The cougar pursued the boy on the ground, scratching his back and chest.


Guatemala volcano spews 4,700m ash cloud in major explosion

Fuego volcano in Guatemala
The Fuego volcano in Guatemala has recently undergone a major explosion, sending a cloud of ash up to 4,700 metres into the sky.

The Fuego volcano is an active volcano in Guatemala, Central America. The volcano is located on the Ring of Fire, a 40,000km horseshoe in the Pacific Ocean known for high volcanic and seismic activity. According to recent reports, volcanologists have observed an increase in activity at the Fuego volcano in recent days.

Volcan de Fuego, Spanish for "Volcano of Fire", is located in Guatemala on the Central America Volcanic Arc.

Fuego is a stratovolcano or composite volcano, and it has a conical shape.