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Geoscientist Receives Grant To Study Effects Of Volcanoes On Climate Change In Arctic

Raymond S. Bradley, director of the Climate System Research Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, has received a three-year, $416,550 award from the National Science Foundation for his project, titled "Volcanoes in the Arctic System: Geochronology and Climate Impacts." The award will help Bradley and his colleagues to better understand the impacts that natural factors, such as explosive volcanic eruptions, can have on the Arctic system and on global climate fluctuations.

Volcanic ash cloud.

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Tiny Pacific islands say climate change threatens survival

Some of the world's most vulnerable island nations appealed Monday for action to halt climate change that could cause them to disappear beneath the Pacific Ocean.


Comment: Unfortunately for the people of the Pacific Islands, along with the rest of us, climate change is not so easily stopped by just having humans slow down their use of CO2 causing devices. Especially since this is a very minor contributor to climate change in the first place. It is a much more complicated issue as is noted here.

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Calif. Sandstorm Causes Pileup, Kills 2

LANCASTER, Calif. - A blinding sandstorm that caught drivers by surprise caused a 12-car pileup Tuesday on a highway in the high desert north of Los Angeles, killing at least two people and injuring 16, authorities said.


What Was Behind the Honey Bee Wipeout?

©Anna_Greece foto
Everyone has a theory why the honeybees started dying off. Try malnutrition.

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South Africa: Beware more weird weather

Storms in South Africa are going to become more severe, an analyst at the South African Weather Service has warned. And while residents in Mamelodi, Soweto, were mopping up water and clearing up the damage to their houses this week, weather man Mnikeli Ndabambi warned that people in low-lying areas could expect more flooding.


Canada: Possibility of volcanic activity near Quesnel excites scientists

Scientists are headed tomorrow to an area 75 kilometres west of Quesnel to install seismological equipment aimed at determining whether a "swarm" of small earthquakes are evidence of a forthcoming burst of molten lava -- potentially the first volcanic activity in the province in two centuries.


Alert on Indonesian volcano raised to maximum

Indonesia raised on Tuesday the alert level for Mount Kelud volcano to the highest level, as residents started fleeing amid signs an eruption could be imminent, officials and a witness said.

©REUTERS/Dimas Aro
Villagers living near the Mount Kelud volcano arrive at a temporary shelter in Wates village, October 16, 2007, after fleeing from their homes.

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Seven die in Bangladesh storms

Seven people died and an eighth was missing after monsoon storms swept through southern Bangladesh, demolishing shanty homes and leaving many injured, officials said.

©Adi Shah/AFP
Bangladeshi flood victims. Seven people died and an eighth was missing after monsoon storms swept through southern Bangladesh.

Bizarro Earth

Magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes northwest of Los Angeles

No damage or injuries are being reported after a magnitude 4.2 earthquake hit San Bernardino County, northwest of Los Angeles, early today.

The U-S Geological Survey says the quake occurred just before 2 a-m local time and was centred about five kilometres north of Wrightwood, a remote community about 130 kilometres from L-A.



Thousands of earthworms in Taiwan vineyard trigger quake fears

Hundreds of thousands of earthworms appeared in a Taiwan vineyard, prompting the owner to consult an expert out of fear that a strong earthquake might be coming soon, a newspaper said on Monday.

According to the China Times, the worms crawled out of the earth and covered the surface of Wu Ching-chuan's vineyard in Changhwa County, west Taiwan, Sunday morning.

Wu, who bought the vineyard 40 years ago, said he has never seen so many earthworms in his vineyard before and estimated there were 200 to 300 kilograms of them.