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Thu, 23 Mar 2023
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

One dead, one missing in flooding in Indiana

One person died and another was missing as flooding inundated central Indiana, forcing evacuations and numerous boat rescues, a state official said.

"We have one confirmed casualty," John Erikson, spokesman for the midwestern state's Department of Homeland Security told AFP, saying he did not have more details about the victim.

He also said one person was missing as flood waters swamped areas south and west of Indianapolis on Saturday.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike at Connecticut park injures 5

MADISON - Five people are in the hospital after lightning struck a pavilion at a Connecticut state park.


Iowa City at risk for flooding

Officials warn that the Coralville Reservoir could top its spillway and flood Iowa City by Tuesday.

Levels for the Iowa River are predicted to be similar to those seen in the flood of 1993. Officials say that people whose property was affected in 1993 should assume that situation will repeat itself.

Cloud Lightning

India: Six killed, 2 injured by lightning

At least six women were killed and two injured due to lightning strikes at several villages in Dumri block on Saturday evening.

Among the casualties were three women and three girls. The incident took place around 4pm.

The two girls have been identified as Rinki (8) and Punam (6). They were collecting berries at Kasma-Kurma when the lightning struck.


Caribbean Monk Seal Gone Extinct From Human Causes, NOAA Confirms

After a five year review, NOAA's Fisheries Service has determined that the Caribbean monk seal, which has not been seen for more than 50 years, has gone extinct - the first type of seal to go extinct from human causes.

Caribbean Monk Seal
©U.S. National Museum
Scientific Sketch of a Caribbean Monk Seal.

Bizarro Earth

Aftershock rocks China lake, creates landslides

QINGLIAN - A magnitude 5.0 aftershock shook a brimming, earthquake-formed lake and sent landslides tumbling down surrounding mountains Sunday, underscoring the persistent threat of flooding to more than 1 million weary refugees downstream.

Hongshihe quake-formed lake
©AP Photo/Color China Photo
Workers widen a sluice channel at the Hongshihe quake-formed lake at Qingchuan County in southwest China's Sichuan province, Saturday, June 7, 2008. Soldiers blew up wooden houses and other debris Sunday in a lake formed by China's deadly earthquake to speed the flow of water into a diversion channel and ease the threat of flooding for more than 1 million people in the sprawling disaster zone.

No new evacuations were ordered and the lake's dam of unstable mud and rocks did not collapse, said Hu Peng, a media officer at the disaster relief headquarters of the lake. He had no additional details.

More than 250,000 people downstream have been evacuated in recent weeks.

Cloud Lightning

US: Authorities say 3 drowned in Midwest flooding

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana - A possible tornado toppled trees in Nebraska and record flooding chased people from their Indiana homes early Sunday as the Midwest braced for still more violent weather.

Cloud Lightning

Worst rainstorms in 50 years hit southeast China

The heaviest rainstorms in 50 years drenched parts of Guangdong province over the past two days, killing at least 1 student and causing widespread flooding, local media reported on Sunday.


Update: Greece Hit by Earthquake; Two People Dead

Greece was hit by an earthquake classified as "strong'' on the Richter magnitude scale around 3:25 p.m. local time, the U.S. Geological Survey and Greek scientists said.

The death toll stands at two, said a spokeswoman at the Interior Ministry in Athens, who commented on condition she not be identified by name in accordance with departmental policy.


Indonesia raises alert of volcano as it spews lava

People from a district in Minahasa look at columns of ash spewed from Mount Soputan, in Indonesia's North Sulawesi province June 6, 2008.

Indonesia has raised the alert level for a volcano on Sulawesi island to the highest after it began spewing hot lava and clouds of smoke, a vulcanology official said on Saturday.

Lava from Mount Soputan has been gliding down its slopes about 1.5 km (0.9 miles) from the crater since Friday but has not reached the foot of the mountain, said Saut Simatupang, head of Indonesia's Vulcanology Survey.