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Wed, 22 Mar 2023
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Earth Changes


At least 60, oil-covered penguins on Uruguayan beaches

At least 60 dead penguins washed up on Uruguay's coast Sunday in an incident that an environmentalist linked to a fuel spill following a boat crash near Montevideo's port days ago.

Another 34 penguins, covered in oil but alive, also appeared on the beaches of this South American nation's southern coast, Richard Tessore of the Fauna Marina environmental group told local online news outlet Observa.


China Offers Reverse Sterilization to Mothers Who Lost Children in Quake

China is sending a medical team to its earthquake ravaged southwest to offer reverse sterilization surgery for women who lost their only children in the May 12th quake.

China's "one-child" policy limits most families to a single child in most cases and many mothers opt for sterilization surgery after giving birth.

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Moderate earthquake hits central Philippines

A magnitude-5.3 earthquake hit Mindoro Occidental province in Southern Luzon, the Philippines, before dawn Sunday, without causing damage or casualties, said the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs).

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Moderate earthquake hits Peru

An earthquake measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale occurred Saturday in the Pacific Ocean waters near the Peruvian capital Lima. No casualties or property losses have been reported so far.

The epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean waters, some 49 km southeast of the city of Callao, near Lima, a report released by the Peruvian Geophysics Institute said

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Severe weather kills 8; water rises in Indiana

Wicked weekend storms pounded the country from the Midwest to the East Coast, forcing hundreds of people to flee flooded communities, spawning tornadoes that tore up houses and killing at least eight people.

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Earthquake swarm picks up again in northern Nevada

A months-long swarm of earthquakes picked up again Sunday as a string of minor temblors rattled Reno, causing downtown high-rises to sway and knocking items off walls and shelves.

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Colorado, US: Firefighters say fire near NORAD likely sparked by lightning

Firefighters say a wildfire that broke out in grass and scrub oak near Cheyenne Mountain may have been started by lightning.

Colorado Springs Fire Lt. Brian Keys says the five-acre fire Friday likely was sparked by a lighting strike Thursday that smoldered.

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US: Tornado watch issued for northern Illinois

The weekend storms have left thousands of Chicago area residents dealing with power outages, property damage and traffic snarls -- and more dangerous weather is on the way.

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for northern Illinois -- including Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Kankakee, Lake, McHenry and Will counties -- that will remain in effect until 1 a.m. Monday.

Additionally, approaching storms have prompted a lakeshore flood warning that will remain in effect until 9 p.m. because a two-foot drop in Lake Michigan water near Chicago indicates a seiche is in progress across the southern parts of the lake, causing water levels to fluctuate rapidly.

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Landslide kills two in Hong Kong

Two people were killed in Hong Kong on Saturday when their hut was crushed in a landslide triggered by the some of the worst rain here since records began, a report said.

The landslide sent a 20-tonne wall crashing onto the hut that the pair, a man and a woman, were sleeping in, local broadcaster RTHK reported on its web site.

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Hong Kong town cut off after severe floods

An isolated town in Hong Kong remained cut off Sunday, a report said, a day after torrential rain lashed the territory, killing two people.

All roads to the fishing town of Tai O, well-known for its houses propped up on stilts above the water, were blocked following landslides caused by the downpour, local broadcaster RTHK said.

The town's telephone links were cut off and there was no access to fresh water, the report said. Authorities have dispatched a tanker filled with fresh water to supply the town, which is on the outlying island of Lantau.