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Sun, 24 Sep 2023
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Young footballer killed in freak lightning strike in Managua, Nicaragua

A young footballer has died after being caught in a freak lightning strike.

Owen Isaías Cuadra León, 20, was tragically killed when lightning hit in Managua, Nicaragua, earlier this week (27 August).

The young sportsman and his football coach, Juan Arana Martínez, 49, were waiting under a tree for the rain to stop in Plaza la Biblia at the time of the incident.

While they were quickly transferred to the Alejandro Dávila Bolaños Military Hospital to receive medical attention, Owen sadly succumbed to his injuries.

Cloud Precipitation

State of Emergency after floods in West Virginia - 4 inches of rain in 6 hours

Extensive flooding reported in eastern Kanawha County.
Extensive flooding reported in eastern Kanawha County.
Governor Jim Justice declared a State of Emergency for several counties in West Virginia, USA, following heavy rainfall and flash flooding.

In a statement of 28 August 2023, the governor said, due to excessive rainfall he had declared a State of Emergency for Kanawha, Braxton, Calhoun, Clay and Roane counties. "The rain is causing significant flooding, damaging homes, bridges, and roads throughout the counties," the governor said.

According to figures from the National Weather Service office in Charleston, 4.17 inches/ 105.92 mm of rain fell in Kanawha in 6 hours on 28 August. In Boone, 3.7 inches / 93.98 mm fell during the same period. Slaughters Creek in Kanawha County has seen 6.25 inches / 158.75 mm of rain in 72 hours to early 29 August.

Cloud Precipitation

Torrential summer rain and flooding hits Austria for the 2nd time in August

Flooded: The new route of the Pinzgaubahn near Niedernsill was supposed to be flood-proof.
© Anton Kaindl
Flooded: The new route of the Pinzgaubahn near Niedernsill was supposed to be flood-proof.
Just a few weeks after heavy rain caused devastating floods in the southern Austrian provinces of Carinthia and Styria, extreme weather is causing major problems once again.

Experts at Geosphere Austria (formerly the ZAMG) issued a rain and thunderstorm warning for several regions across the country on Monday.

In a tweet they said "large amounts of rain" was forecast in the west and south until Tuesday, and warned that "more mudslides and floods" are to be expected.

The regions of Vorarlberg and Tyrol were most affected.

In Tyrol, the districts of Imst, and the Ötztal valley, as well as the district of Innsbruck-Land were mainly affected around Monday lunchtime due to flooding. According to Geosphere, the situation on the main ridge of the Alps remained precarious in the afternoon, and possible thunderstorms could exacerbate the situation.

Comment: In early August: Days of torrential rains and floods in Austria have left 1 person dead, officials say


Two children killed as flood ravages Anambra, Nigeria

Two children have been reported dead after a recent flood incident in Nkwele-Awka, Anambra State.

The children, ages four and seven, lost their lives at two separate locations in the area.

Politics Nigeria learnt that one of them was swept away while disposing refuse along the flood plain, while the other died in an attempt to pick his slippers from running flood water.

"She was pouring the waste inside the drainage when her leg suddenly slipped and she fell inside the drainage and was carried away by the heavy flood," said Ify, a resident of the area.

Cloud Precipitation

Landslides and floods wash away roads overlooking Lake Como in northern Italy

A river of muddy water running towards a road in Blevio. Heavy rain and landslides have caused damage in the area

A river of muddy water running towards a road in Blevio. Heavy rain and landslides have caused damage in the area
Landslides and floods have washed away roads overlooking Lake Como in northern Italy where it is feared that severe storms could cause 'disaster'.

The Poppea cyclone struck from Northern Europe on the Ligurian Sea and is set to tear across all of the country's northern regions.

Powerful winds and heavy rain over the weekend caused widespread flooding and devastation in Italy and Spain.

The maelstrom hit northern Italy, first in Lombardy on Saturday, when heavy storms uprooted trees and damaged roofs, before moving to Liguria on Sunday.

Heavy rain on Monday caused a landslide in Blevio, in the province of Como in northern Italy, with video showing a river of debris and muddy water cascading down the hillside towards the flooded street.


Snow falls in August as northern Italy hit by storms

lle dell'Agnello Alpine pass between Italy and France on Monday as the area was hit by unexpected summer snowfall.
© Vigili del Fuoco
lle dell'Agnello Alpine pass between Italy and France on Monday as the area was hit by unexpected summer snowfall.
A town in the Italian Alps woke up to unusual summer snowfall on Monday, as storms, flooding, and even tornadoes hit the north of the country.

Snow has come exceptionally early to one part of the Alps this year after temperatures in the area reportedly plunged by around 20 degrees within just 48 hours.

A cold air front moving in from northern Europe brought the heatwave to an abrupt end in northern Italy over the weekend, and authorities issued weather warnings as the sudden change in temperature brought with it heavy rainfall, storms, flash floods, and even mini tornadoes.

In the Alpine resort town of Sestriere, residents and holidaymakers woke up to several centimetres of snow on Monday morning - just days after the area had recorded normal summer temperatures.


Hurricane-force winds and tornado hit Croatia and Slovenia

Winds, tornadoes and egg-sized hail lashed the Istrian regions of Croatia and Slovenia. This was reported by the local TV station EN1, quoted by Meteo Balkans.

Hurricane-force winds swept across the Istrian regions of both countries, causing road flooding and a tornado was even spotted near the town of Rovinj.

The storm is expected to move west and affect the interior of the country, according to the Croatian State Hydrometeorological Institute, which has issued an orange weather code for the whole of Croatia.

Cloud Precipitation

Tropical storm Idalia brings strong winds, flooding to Cuba

Tropical storm Idalia brought strong winds and rain to Cuba forcing residents to evacuate. The storm is expected to strengthen into a hurricane.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods and landslides leave 13 dead in Tajikistan

Flood damage in Tajikistan, August 2023.
© Emergency Situations Committee in Tajikistan
Flood damage in Tajikistan, August 2023.
Heavy rainfall on 27 August 2023 caused severe flooding and landslides across wide areas of Tajikistan, the country's emergency authorities reported.

The Emergency Situations Committee in Tajikistan said flooding, landslides and mudslides occurred in the districts of Dushanbe, Vahdat, Hisor, Rudaki, Varzob, Devashtich, Rasht, Sangvor and Tajikabad. Numerous roads have been blocked and residential buildings damaged across affected areas.

Eleven people lost their lives in Vahdat, where around 15 vehicles were buried under a mudslide and flood debris. Two people survived and were rescued. Flooding has affected several rural communities in the district and at least 100 farmsteads have been evacuated, the Emergency Situations Committee said. Roads and 5 bridges were also damaged, hindering access to affected communities.


Magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes near Indonesia's Bali

A strong magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck near the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Monday.

Data from the US Geological Survey shows the earthquake hitting about 182 kilometers (113 miles) northeast of the island Gili Air.

No tsunami warning was issued following the earthquake.

In November, a 5.6-magnitude earthquake in Indonesia's West Java province resulted in the tragic loss of over 300 lives and left thousands injured.