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Fri, 27 Jan 2023
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Tibet avalanche: Death toll hits 28 after drivers buried alive in deep snow

The local government also deployed 229 vehicles, 2,951 items of rescue equipment and 256 professional rescue personnel
The local government also deployed 229 vehicles, 2,951 items of rescue equipment and 256 professional rescue personnel
The death toll from a tragic avalanche in Tibet has reached 28, as multiple vehicles were buried in deep snow and ice on a section of road connected to a tunnel.

Fifty-three people were rescued following the avalanche on a section of road between Pai village in Mainling county and the Doxong La tunnel in Medog county on January 17.

Chinese state media reported late on Friday that rescue workers had been digging by hand when they uncovered eight more bodies which bought the search to an end.

On Tuesday, the avalanche hit a road and highway tunnel, connecting the city of Nyingchi in Tibet's southwest with outlying Medog county, leaving people trapped in their vehicles as snow engulfed the exit of the tunnel.


Rare snowfall blankets the Taklimakan Desert in China

A rare snowfall blanketing the Taklimakan Desert of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has created stunning, picturesque winter scenery, wowing local residents and visitors.

The Taklamakan, located in southwestern Xinjiang, is the largest desert in China and the second-largest shifting-sand desert in the world.

Due to the latest cold snap, the rolling desert dunes turned into snow-capped mountains of a "frozen" winter wonderland, with snow covering the branches of sparse trees and enlivening the vast desert.

Blanketing the golden sand with a silver coat, the large-scale snowfall helped the desert present special colors across the area.

Cloud Precipitation

Barrage of storms in 2022 leads to Europe smashing all-time hail records (set just a year prior in 2021)

Hail reports from 2022
© European Severe weather database / FOX Weather
Hail reports from 2022
There were 18 reports of hail around the size of softballs or larger. France, Italy and Germany topped the list for most reports of hail.

When severe storm enthusiasts think of hailstorms, Oklahoma and Kansas come to mind, but in 2022, the United States tally was dwarfed by reports of frozen precipitation from across Europe, with the continent seeing record-breaking events.

The European Severe Storms Laboratory said there were 8,224 large hail reports in 2022, which overshot 2021's record-breaking year by nearly 2,800 reports.

Sightings stretched from the Atlantic coast through most of the continent, with France, Italy and Germany topping the list with the most sightings.

The ESSL said the two most impactful events were a hailstorm that injured 100 people in Casamassima, Italy, on August 19 and a severe weather outbreak that led to damaged windows and roofs, dozens of injuries and death in northeastern Spain on August 30.


Waterspout spotted in Hawaii

Check out this waterspout on the island of Maui in Hawaii. The person who caught this on video initially thought it was a tornado. If you look closely, there are a couple of hints that what we're seeing is a waterspout.


Powerful magnitude 6.8 earthquake hits north Argentina

A powerful magnitude 6.8 earthquake shook northern Argentina on Friday but there were no immediate reports of damages.

The quake struck at 8:09 p.m. local time with its epicenter about 15 miles (24 kilometers) southwest of the town of Campo Gallo in Santiago del Estero province. Its depth was 610 kilometers.

Authorities and local media reported no damages or deaths.

Source: AP

Cloud Precipitation

3 dead, 2 missing in floods and landslides in Santa Catarina, Brazil - 6.8 inches of rain in 12 hours

Landslide and flood damage in Rodeio, Santa Catarina, Brazil, January 2023.
© Government of Santa Catarina
Landslide and flood damage in Rodeio, Santa Catarina, Brazil, January 2023.
Stormy weather over the last 2 days has caused fatalities and material damages in the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.

The Civil Defense of the State maintains the alert for this Friday, 20, due to the indication of more rain for Santa Catarina.

So far the state government said 26 municipalities have reported losses due to the storms of recent days and the cities of Rio Negrinho and Ascurra have declared a state of emergency.

The municipality of Rio Negrinho reported that there are 80 people displaced due to heavy rains. Around 60 buildings and structures were damaged.


Heavy snow causes traffic disruptions in Spain


Northern Spain was hit by heavy snowfall and strong winds on Wednesday. The streets were covered in snow which caused difficulty for residents to commute to work.


6.2-magnitude earthquake hits off Guadeloupe - USGS

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 jolted 40 km WSW of Pointe-Noire, Guadeloupe at 1123 GMT on Friday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The epicenter, with a depth of 166.372 km, was initially determined to be at 16.131 degrees north latitude and 62.1564 degrees west longitude.


Week of winter storms drops more than 5 FEET of snow in Flagstaff, Arizona area

A collapsed hoop house at the U.S. Geological
© Jake Bacon, Arizona Daily Sun
A collapsed hoop house at the U.S. Geological Survey on Switzer Mesa collapsed under the weight of snow following a series of winter storms that dropped more than 3 feet of snow on Flagstaff. The three hoop houses are part of an experiment to test drought tolerance of native plants from the Colorado Plateau.
Winter storms in the past week dropped more than 5 feet of snow in parts of Flagstaff. And additional snowfall is expected with the latest weather system moving in Thursday night.

Angelina Grubb is with the Arizona Snowbowl. She said skiers and snowboarders will have plenty of fresh powder this weekend.

"It's been great to see that much snowfall so early in the season, and so we're really happy about it," Grubb said.

Comment: Record-breaking snowfall blankets northern Arizona

Cloud Precipitation

2 missing as heavy rainfall causes flooding in southwest Serbia

Emergency teams in Serbia Thursday were searching for two people swept away by a swollen river in a southwestern town as floods led to evacuations and emergency measures, state RTS television reported.

Heavy rainfall this week across the Balkans has caused rivers to rise dangerously in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro, flooding some areas and threatening flood defenses elsewhere.

Floods were also reported in Kosovo and Albania, where high waters soaked agricultural land, blocked roads and caused temporary power outages.

In northern Albania, the local power company had to open sluices and release water from bulging reservoirs, flooding nearby areas for a third time in as many months.

In northern Kosovo, authorities said parts of the town of Mitrovica have been flooded, forcing people to evacuate their homes.