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Tue, 22 Jun 2021
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Earth Changes


2 separate earthquakes strike China - one of magnitude 7.3 - three dead, dozens hurt

In this photo released by China's Xinhua News
© Hu Chao/Xinhua
In this photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, medical workers treat a woman after an earthquake in Yangbi Yi Autonomous County in southwestern China's Yunnan Province, early Saturday, May 22, 2021. A pair of strong earthquakes struck two provinces in China overnight on Saturday.
A strong, shallow quake shook southwestern China near the border with Myanmar, killing at least three people and injuring more than two dozen, while a separate 7.3-magnitute quake early Saturday collapsed a bridge and caused other damage in central China.

The second quake hit the southern part of Qinghai province, about 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) north of the first quake in Yunnan province.

U.S. Geological Survey geophysicist Jonathan Tytell said the two quakes were not related.

The Qinghai temblor was followed by 453 aftershocks throughout the early morning into midday, according to the official People's Daily newspaper. At least eight people were injured.

While no deaths have been reported so far in Qinghai province, the quakes tore up roads and bridges, with one collapsing completely, broken into segments.


Residents of Cleveland, Ohio capture breathtaking photos of 'fire rainbows'

Some News 5 viewers captured a rare weather phenomenon that produced rainbow-like clouds in the sky on Wednesday.
circumhorizontal arc in OH
© Gary Gardner
Iridescent clouds, also known as "fire rainbows" or "circumhorizontal arcs," occur when the sunlight diffracts off hexagonal ice crystals in cirrus clouds.
circumhorizontal arc in OH
© Gary Gardner


Late May Sierra snowstorm catches visitors, some locals off guard

Jennifer Baker submitted this photo of snow in Coleville, Calif.
© Jennifer Baker
May snow in Coleville, Calif.
Tonya Daugherty was visiting the region from North Carolina and wasn't expecting snow during her trip to the Sierra.

"Nobody back home is going to believe this," she said.

The late spring Sierra storm even caught locals off guard. They heard about the winter storm advisory but didn't expect to see a winter wonderland this late in May.

"I'm used to the snow but I'm not used to the snow when it should be almost summer," said Mike Lake.

"Usually the weather is really nice during this time of year but I guess it just decided to up and dump on us randomly," Talia Moore said.

But not everyone was surprised. Scott Lee says he's seen snowfall in the Sierra well into summer.


Alaska man survives attack by brown bear that bit his head

An Alaska man was able to bind up his wounds and call 911 after being mauled by a brown bear that bit him multiple times on the head.

Allen Minish, 61, was conducting a land survey near Gulkana when "he unknowingly walked up on an adult brown bear," according to a dispatch from Alaska State Troopers Department of Public Safety.

Minish was alone and about half mile from the road when the bear charged him, the report said.

"All of the sudden, I looked up, and about 30 feet away, there was this nice-sized brown bear," Minish told CNN affiliate KTUU. "And it looked at me, and it came at me. And I thought, 'Great.'"

Minish tried to take shelter behind some shrubs, but they didn't provide any protection, he told KTUU. He fell backwards as the bear approached him and grabbed it's lower jaw to try to keep it from biting him.

Cloud Precipitation

Delhi records highest-ever 24-hour rainfall in May, double of previous record

Waterlogging at Prahladpur after a heavy rain spell, in New Delh
© Amal KS/HT Photo
Waterlogging at Prahladpur after a heavy rain spell, in New Delhi on May 20, 2021.
A record 119.3 mm of rainfall pounded Delhi under the impact of cyclonic storm Tauktae and a western disturbance in 24 hours ending 8:30 am on Thursday, breaking all the previous records for May, the IMD said on Thursday.

The city had also recorded a maximum temperature of 23.8 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, 16 notches below normal and the lowest in the month of May since 1951, it said.

"A record 119.3 mm rain fell in Delhi between 8:30 am on Wednesday and 8:30 am on Thursday, which is a new record for May. The capital had recorded 60 mm rainfall in a 24-hour period on May 24 in 1976," an Kuldeep Srivastava, the head of India Meteorological Department's regional forecasting Centre said.

The rainfall in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, northern Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand on Wednesday was a result of interaction between the remnant of cyclonic storm Tauktae and a western disturbance, the IMD said.

Rainfall recorded below 15 mm is considered light, between 15 and 64.5 mm is moderate, between 64.5 mm and 115.5 mm is heavy, between 115.6 and 204.4 is very heavy. Anything above 204.4 mm is considered extremely heavy rainfall.

Comment: Ash from volcanic eruptions, together with particulates from meteor 'smoke' and wildfire smoke, all jointly contribute to the increased dust load in the atmosphere. This changes its electric charge rebalancing mechanisms, producing more intense storms and precipitation in the form of record rainfall, hail, lightning strikes, planetary cooling, atmospheric 'anomalies' etc.

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Heavy snow falls in Western Montana on May 20

A storm brought gusting wind and snow to much of central and western Montana on May 20, causing power outages, the National Weather Service said.

"Wet, heavy snow on freshly leafed-out trees is causing plenty of broken limbs and weighing on power lines, resulting in a bunch of smaller outages, per the [NorthWestern Energy] outage map," the NWS reported.

The NWS issued winter weather warnings and advisories for most of central Montana, advising that some areas in higher elevations could get up to 18 inches of snow by Saturday, May 22.


Global cooling underway: Record-breaking cold blasts Australia and Canada

Arctic air continues to descend unusually-far south, while Antarctic air continues to ride anomalously-far north. The culprit is low solar activity, namely its weakening of the jet streams, and the upshot is COOLING across the lower-latitudes (where us humans reside).


Swathes of Australia are shivering through a record-breaking cold snap, with the frosty mornings set to continue across eastern parts through the weekend.

The mercury in Sydney dropped to 8.6C (47.5F) at 7am early Thursday, marking the fifth-straight day of mornings below 9C (48.2F).

Not since the year 1967 has Sydney experienced a colder streak in May.

Back then, the temperature fell below 9C (48.2F) for six nights in a row.

Comment: Crazy weather in Edmonton, Alberta - Heavy snowfall on May 18

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 7 in Madhya Pradesh, India

A cyclonic circulation, which originated along the western coast of India, and is now travelling in the northeast direction, caused the rains that lashed parts of Hyderabad and rest of the state on Friday. (DC file photo)

A cyclonic circulation, which originated along the western coast of India, and is now travelling in the northeast direction, caused the rains that lashed parts of Hyderabad and rest of the state on Friday. (DC file photo)
Seven people were killed in lightning strike in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday.

Four persons were killed in Dharmpura village while two others were killed in Kailaspur village and one in Harrai road. Badera police station incharge, Rajendra Pathak told TOI that, "Around 3 pm lightning hit near a temple in Dharmpura village where people had taken shelter from rain.

Three people were killed on the spot, while one died during treatment. The deceased includes a minor," he said.

Deceased have been identified as Abhilash Kol,18, Surendra Sahu, 24, Jitendra Kol, 23, and Bharat Kol, 16. Bharat died during treatment while the other three died on the spot.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes in Bangladesh kill 16 people


Media outlets in Bangladesh reported that at least 16 people were killed in the country overnight due to lightning.
In the wake of occurrence of lightning strike in Bangladesh on Wed., at least 16 Bangladeshi citizens, including a woman and four miners, were killed, Sputnik news agency reported.

According to the report, lightning struck continuously in the last 24 hours in different parts of Bangladesh including Faridpur, Manikganj, Kishoreganj District, which, in addition to casualties, has caused a lot of financial losses in this country.

It should be noted that lightning is one of the natural phenomena in Bangladesh which occurs between April and June, which causes significant human and financial losses to the people of this country every year.

In recent days, Bangladeshi government has repeatedly warned of the danger of lightning in various parts of the country. However, it is said that lack of awareness of some citizens, especially in rural areas, as well as warming of sea level and rivers, has led to an increase in the number of lightning strikes in this Asian country.


Dead sperm whale washed off Antarvedi coast in Andhra Pradesh, India

A dead sperm whale washes ashore near Antarvedi coast in East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh.

A dead sperm whale washes ashore near Antarvedi coast in East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh.
A giant dead sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) was sighted by local fisherfolk off Antarvedi coast near the confluence point of river Godavari into Bay of Bengal in East Godavari district.

On being learnt about the marine species, a group of locals ventured into sea on a boat for nearly a few meters from the shore and sighted the dead sperm whale, bringing the sighting to the attention of officials and local communities on Tuesday. However, the exact reason its death is yet to be ascertained scientifically. It is believed that it might have washed ashore dead a few days ago.

Since 2010, many dead sperm whales have been recorded off the Andhra Pradesh coast.