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Thu, 28 May 2020
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A once-in-a-decade dump of 80cm+ of snow in early May at Hotham, Australia - drifts over a metre deep (PHOTOS)

Let it snow!


It's continued snowing lightly all day and we now have over 80cm+ from this remarkable Autumn snowstorm.

Some of the windrifts are over a metre deep! The table-o-metre has nearly disappeared and checkout the breathtaking images in our gallery.

Let's take it all in from our lounge rooms as we remind you that 'stay at home' restrictions remain in place in Victoria until 11 May 2020.

Comment: Parts of Australia have coldest start to May EVER as icy front from Antarctica hits - bringing blizzards, heavy snow - up to 40 inches recorded


High microplastic concentration found on ocean floor

A lot of the fibres will come from clothing and other textiles

A lot of the fibres will come from clothing and other textiles
Scientists have identified the highest levels of microplastics ever recorded on the seafloor.

The contamination was found in sediments pulled from the bottom of the Mediterranean, near Italy.

The analysis, led by the University of Manchester, found up to 1.9 million plastic pieces per square metre.

These items likely included fibres from clothing and other synthetic textiles, and tiny fragments from larger objects that had broken down over time.

The researchers' investigations lead them to believe that microplastics (smaller than 1mm) are being concentrated in specific locations on the ocean floor by powerful bottom currents.


Dead gray whale washes ashore near Ventura, California

Dead gray whale

The dead gray whale
The remains of a large gray whale washed ashore on a stretch of beach between Emma Wood and Solimar in Ventura County.

Birds perched on top of the whale for much of the day.

The gray whale is large enough to see from the roadway.

Cloud Precipitation

Storms and flooding slam Oman

High winds and rain hit the region of Rustaq and Niswa in Oman. May 3rd-4th 2020

Comment: More footage:

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flood kills 4 persons in north Afghanistan

Four persons were killed and several houses destroyed as a flash flood swept parts of Tala-o-Barfak district in Afghanistan's northern Baghlan province on Saturday, district governor Abdul Ahmad Barfaki said Sunday.

Heavy rain followed by flash flood hit several villages in Tala-o-Barfak district late Saturday, besides killing four people also washing away several houses and badly damaging farmlands, the official said.

According to the official, rescue operation is underway to find the bodies of the killed persons.


Thousands hit by floods in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Floods in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, May 2020.
© BPBD Bandung
Floods in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, May 2020.
Disaster authorities in Indonesia have reported flooding in Bandung Regency, West Java, a region blighted by flooding over the last few months.

Recent heavy rainfall triggered flooding on 30 April, affecting the 5 sub-districts of Dayeuhkolot, Baleendah, Arjasari, Bojongsoang, and Banjaran.

Flood water was up to 2 metres deep in some areas. As of 02 May, 21,888 homes had been submerged, affecting 81,088 residents (24,898 families). Schools, places of worship and other public buildings have also been flooded.


Strong mag. 6.0 earthquake - Northwest of Ryukyu Islands, Japan

Strong mag. 6.0 earthquake - Northwest of Ryukyu Islands, Japan
Date & time: Sunday, 3 May 2020 11:54 UTC
Magnitude: 6.0
Depth: 10.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 31.33°N / 128.77°E (Japan)
Nearest volcano: Kuroshima (128 km)
Primary data source: GFZ
Estimated released energy: 6.3*10^13 J (17.5 GWh / 15080 tons of TNT / 0.9 atomic bombs equivalent) [learn more]

Cloud Precipitation

Six out of 7 bodies found after police officers killed by raging floodwaters in Kenya

Rescuers have found the bodies of six of the seven police officers who drowned in Kagir River, Baringo North, following flash floods on Thursday night.

One more body was found on Saturday, as the search entered day two, raising the total to six since Friday evening.

Twelve officers of the Anti-Stock Theft Unit were returning to their camp in Chemoe, from a security meeting in Kabarnet, when their truck was swept away by raging floodwaters.

Seven officers were swept downstream while five managed to jump to safety.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rain leaves 8 dead, homes destroyed by floods and landslides in Rwanda

Floods in Rwanda after heavy rainfall from 01 May 2020.
Floods in Rwanda after heavy rainfall from 01 May 2020.
The Ministry of Emergency Situations (MINEMA) in Rwanda reports that heavy rain fell across the country from 01 May causing severe damages.

As of 03 May 8 people had died, 5 were injured, more than 100 houses had collapsed and roads were closed.

According to Meteo Rwanda, more heavy rain is expected in Kigali city, Northern Province and Rubavu, Nyabihu, Rutsiro, Ngororero, Muhanga and Ruhango districts over the next 7 days, increasing the risk of further floods and landslides. MINEMA urged people to take necessary precautions.

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Cell towers collapse during storm in Pune, India

cell towers
Mobile tower falls down in Pune from top of a building in Mangalwar Peth. Heavy rains affects in Pune

Today wind speed was :- 16-20 Kmph