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Sat, 11 Jul 2020
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Cloud Precipitation

Singapore reels from widespread flash floods

Flash floods strike Singapore after intense downpour

Flash floods strike Singapore after intense downpour
Flash floods were reported in many areas of Singapore after heavy showers early today.

In a Facebook post, water agency PUB said the floods were reported at Jurong Town Hall Road, the junction of Bedok North Avenue 4 and Upper Changi Road, as well as New Upper Changi Road.

Opera Estate, an area with low-lying service roads within private residential estates, was also affected.

According to PUB, the first flash flood was reported at 8.30am and the agency's quick response team was immediately deployed to all sites. Flash floods at all locations had subsided by 9.20am and the cause of the flooding is under investigation.


Another person drowns in continuous flooding in Lagos, Nigeria

A 17-year-old girl, simply identified as Ayisat

A 17-year-old girl, simply identified as Ayisat was on Monday, reportedly swept away by strong flood at Alapafuja axis of the Surulere Low-Cost Housing Estate area of Lagos State following persistent rainfall.
The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), on Tuesday, said a 17-year-old girl, identified as Ayisat, drowned in a flood after Monday's downpour at Alapafuja Close, Surulere

Nosa Okunbor, the spokesperson of the agency, said a search and rescue operation for the teenager is ongoing and her body is yet to be found.

"Upon arrival at the scene of incident, it was discovered that the canal along Alapafuja close linking Bank Olemoh was submerged as a result of flooding and a teenage girl named Ayisat was swept away by the flood around 12:30p.m (Monday).

Cloud Lightning

Istanbul besieged by floods, hail storms & rare tornado during epic storms

The flooding in Istanbul's Esenyurt, June 23, 2020.
The flooding in Istanbul's Esenyurt, June 23, 2020.
Istanbul has been besieged by foul weather, with large parts of the city flooded, others lashed by ferocious winds or towering waves, sporadic hail storms forcing residents to take cover, and to top it all off, a fearsome tornado.

Despite warnings from Turkey's General Directorate of Meteorology, the roughly 16 million residents of Istanbul could not have imagined the onslaught of bad weather that awaited them Tuesday.

A rare tornado formed off the city's western districts, captured in all its terrifying glory by residents already fleeing the torrential rain and violent hail storms.

Cloud Precipitation

At least 3 dead and 10,000 displaced after more floods in Guizhou Province, China

Further heavy rain and flooding has struck in Guizhou Province, China.

Xinhua news agency reports at least 3 people have died and 10,000 have been displaced after flooding in the mountainous area of Tongzi County on 22 June.

Around 10 houses were destroyed and over 1,000 houses damaged, along with 715 hectares of crops. Power supply and telecommunications were interrupted.

Black Cat

Tiger leaps onto boat, snatches and kills man in West Bengal, India - 4th fatal attack in the Sunderbans in 2020

In this photograph taken on Dec. 21, 2014,
In this photograph taken on Dec. 21, 2014, a Royal Bengal Tiger pauses as it walks through a jungle clearing in Kaziranga National Park, some 280 kms east of Guwahati.
A Bengal tiger snatched a man off a fishing boat in eastern India, dragging him away into a mangrove swamp as his children looked on in horror, the man's son said June 19.

The attack happened June 18 as Sushil Manjhi and his son and daughter were crab fishing in a stream in the Sunderbans National Park. The tiger leaped aboard the boat and clamped its jaws on Manjhi's neck, said Sushil's son, Jyotish.

The tiger "quickly flung my father on his back and gave a giant leap before disappearing into the forest," Jyotish said by telephone from his village of Lahiripur in West Bengal state. He said he and his sister tried to beat the animal with sticks and a knife, but the thrashing had no effect. His father was dragged away and was presumed dead.


Bear attacks 2 hikers in northern Italy

© needpix
Two hikers - a 59-year-old man and his 28-year-old son - were attacked on Monday evening by a bear in the Dolomites, in northern Italy. The province of Trento announced this. Both men were taken to the hospital.

The pair were hiking on a footpath on the when the young man suddenly came face to face with the animal, falling in the process. The father attempted to help his son, and was injured in the process.

The father suffered fractures to one leg and deep wounds, but is not in mortal danger. The son has relatively superficial wounds.

The Trentino region has dozens of bears, which sometimes enter inhabited areas or attack animals on farms. In 1999, a project was started to bring the animals back into the area.

Arrow Down

Landslide kills 3 after further heavy rain in Nepal


The landslide that occurred near Sammobari of Ridi-Tansen road section.
Further heavy rain in Nepal has caused more landslides, this time in Palpa district.

Local media report that days of rainfall triggered a landslide along a section of road near Tansen in Palpa district, central Nepal, on 22 June, 2020. Four vehicles were swept away. The number of passengers in the vehicles swept by the landslide is unconfirmed. As of 22 June, police reported 3 fatalities.

A rescue team comprising personnel from Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police has been clearing the debris. Three other landslides in the district have left numerous roads blocked.

Comment: Footage of one of the other landslides mentioned above:


Widespread summer floods across Romania - 1 missing after heavy rain

Flood rescues and evacuations in Romania, June 2020.
Flood rescues and evacuations in Romania, June 2020.
Emergency authorities in Romania report that one person is missing after being swept away by flood waters in Dimitrie Cantemir, Vaslui County on 22 June.

The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) added that heavy downpours on 22 June caused flooding in 90 locations in 19 counties across the country.

The worst affected counties are Alba, Bihor, Caraș-Severin, Botoșani and Vaslui. Areas of Harghita, Mureș, Neamț and Suceava counties were also badly hit. Firefighters were called on to pump water from over 550 properties in total.

Ice Cube

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Saharan dust cloud & Greenland summer ice anomalies

Greenland record ice gains
Record gains of ice on Greenland which we should be celebrating but most media is silent from the enormous ice build this year into summer. Unusually large Saharan dust cloud Pulse One about to sweep through the Americas, followed by a larger concentration of dust later in July. Loss of 25,000 acres of fruit to hail in Spain.

Comment: See also:


Drought damages more than 58,000 hectares of rice in Vietnam's Mekong Delta

A pumping station in Tien Giang Province is dried up because of severe drought and saltwater intrusion in the dry season of 2019-2020
A pumping station in Tien Giang Province is dried up because of severe drought and saltwater intrusion in the dry season of 2019-2020.
Around 41,900 hectares of the winter-spring rice crop in provinces in the Mekong Delta were affected this year; of which, 26,000 hectares of rice ended in dead loss.

On June 20, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) cooperated with the People's Committee of Long An Province held a conference to summarize the results of the prevention of drought, water shortage, and saltwater intrusion in the dry season of 2019-2020 in the Mekong Delta and discuss solutions to develop sustainable agriculture.

The MARD said that saltwater intrusion in the dry season of 2019-2020 had some characteristics different from the rule of many years, such as it came three months earlier than the average of many years, and nearly one month earlier compared to that in the dry season of 2015-2016 - the worst saltwater intrusion in history; saltwater intrusion lasted 2-2.5 times longer than that in the dry season of 2015-2016; the salinity levels at Cua Tieu, Cua Dai, and Ham Luong estuaries had continuously maintained at the peak from February to May, they almost did not decline or declined insignificantly at low tides which is different from normal features of salinity, increasing at high tides and decreasing at low tides.

The reason for the increase in saline intrusion was a shortage of water from the upper Mekong River. In the dry season of 2019-2020, water to the Mekong Delta was much lower than that in recent years, thereby affecting ten out of 13 provinces in the region. The area affected by the salinity of 4 grams per liter was 1.68 million hectares, much higher than a total area of 50,376 hectares in 2016.