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Mon, 26 Oct 2020
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Jamaica impacted by days of severe weather from Tropical Storm Zeta

The area of Papine to Bull Bay.
© National Works Agency
The area of Papine to Bull Bay.
Over the weekend, Jamaica was pounded by heavy rain associated with Tropical Storm Zeta which led to two fatalities, many roads destroyed, residents displaced and calls from locals urging the government to address the concerns over the island's poor infrastructure.

The severe weather began on Friday, October 23, when the Meteorological Service issued a flash flood warning for low-lying and flood-prone areas including St Andrew. The heavy rains resulted in two fatalities after a house was swept away in Shooters Hill, St Andrew. The bodies of the father/daughter duo, Romeo Leachman and his 15-year-old daughter Saneeka Leachman, were found under the remains of his house which was swept away in a landslide.

The conditions continued over the weekend but the bulk at the destruction was done on Sunday when a flash flood warning was issued for all parishes and almost an entire day of rain caused flooding across the island and forced many residents to evacuate their homes and find shelter.

Cloud Precipitation

Typhoon Molave leaves 13 missing, displaces thousands in the Philippines

Upright chair after typhoon

Upright chair after typhoon
A fast-moving typhoon blew away from the Philippines on Monday after leaving at least 13 people missing, forcing thousands of villagers to flee to safety and flooding rural villages, disaster-response officials said.

The 13 people missing from Typhoon Molave included a dozen fishermen who ventured out to sea over the weekend despite a no-sail restriction due to very rough seas. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

The typhoon was blowing west toward the South China Sea with sustained winds of 125 kilometers (77 miles) per hour and gusts of up to 150 kph (93 mph). It roared overnight through island provinces south of the capital, Manila, which was lashed by strong winds but escaped major damage.

At least 25,000 villagers were displaced, with about 20,000 taking shelter in schools and government buildings that were turned into evacuation centers, the Office of Civil Defense said, but officials added that some have returned home in regions where the weather has cleared.


8+ inches of snow reported in Vail, Colorado - falling at over an inch per hour

A view of Vail Village on Sunday evening. Snow was falling at rates of more than 1 inch per hour in places.
© John LaConte
A view of Vail Village on Sunday evening. Snow was falling at rates of more than 1 inch per hour in places.
Vail workers headed home to Eagle on Sunday evening reported drive times of more than an hour after snow blasted Interstate 70 in Eagle County throughout the afternoon.

By 9 p.m., nearly 9 inches of snow had fallen in Vail.

Snow was falling at rates of more than 1 inch per hour in parts of Eagle County, and the Colorado Department of Transportation on Sunday night asked motorists to limit or avoid travel if you don't need to be out, "particularly on the I-70 Mountain Corridor."


Washington scientists destroy first murder hornet nest discovered in US

murder hornets nest destroyed washington satate
© AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
Sven Spichiger, Washington State Department of Agriculture managing entomologist, displays a canister of Asian giant hornets vacuumed from a nest in a tree behind him Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020, in Blaine, Wash.
Finally, some good news this year.

Entomologists in Washington have destroyed the first nest of Asian giant hornets, or murder hornets, as they've become known in our collective nightmares, discovered in the U.S., the Associated Press reports.

Crews clad head-to-toe in thick protective gear, looking like they stepped straight out of HBO's Chernobyl, worked to vacuum the invasive species from the hollow of a tree into bulky canisters on Saturday. If it looks like overkill, remember that these hornets didn't earn such a terrifying nickname for nothing: Their stings have been described as "like having red-hot thumbtacks" stabbed into you, and the suits keep workers protected from their 6-millimeter-long stingers. The crew came equipped with face shields, too. Because did I mention these things have also been known to spit painful venom into people's eyes?

Comment: America's first murder hornet nest found in Washington State


Two October snowfall records broken as Marquette in Michigan records 8 inches of snow Sunday

Marquette snowfall
Marquette snowfall
Snow in October is not entirely surprising in Michigan's Upper Peninsula -- but this much snow is record breaking.

The National Weather Service reported two broken snowfall records at their Marquette office on Sunday.

"We recorded 8.3 inches yesterday, which breaks the old record of 3.1 inches set in 1976! This recent snowfall also established a new monthly snowfall record for the month of October at our office. Total snowfall recorded for the month stands at 19.2 inches! This breaks the old record of 18.6 inches set in 1979. Weather records for the National Weather Service office located in Negaunee Township date back to 1961."

We haven't seen any snow in the Metro Detroit region yet. The Traverse City region has seen some snowflakes already, but nothing noteworthy.

It's only a matter of time, of course, before we start seeing snow in the Detroit area. Temps are continuing to drop as we head into late fall. Lows are in the mid-30s this week.

Snowflake Cold

Parts of western Montana see October record cold temperatures, snow levels

Record cold temperatures
© NBC Montana
Record cold temperatures
Parts of western Montana saw record lows and record snow on Saturday and Sunday.

Multiple records were set in Missoula.

The National Weather Service in Missoula said the snowstorm on Saturday was the biggest October snowstorm in over 100 years with 13.8 inches recorded at the airport.

On Sunday, Missoula felt a low of negative 7 degrees. That number set multiple climate records.


Ebeko Volcano on Kuril Islands, Russia spews ash 3 miles Into sky

Ebeko Volcano

Ebeko volcano
The Ebeko volcano on the Paramushir island, located in the Russian Kuril Islands archipelago, emitted a column of ash about 5 kilometers (3 miles) high into the sky, the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT) said on Monday.

"The height of the volcanic cloud is 4,000 - 5,000 meters. A moderate eruptive activity of the volcano continues. Ash explosions at an altitude of 6-7 kilometers above sea level can occur at any moment. Current activities can affect low-flying aircraft," KVERT said, adding that the aviation alert-level was set to orange.

Ebeko woke up in 2016 and has repeatedly spewed ash since then.


Mt. Sinabung in Indonesia spews hot ash, surroundings evacuated

A woman walks as Mount Sinabung spews
© AFP/Muhammad Zulfan Dalimunthe
A woman walks as Mount Sinabung spews smoke into the air in Karo, North Sumatra, on Aug 23.
The Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Center (PVMBG) has warned the public to avoid Mount Sinabung in Karo regency, North Sumatra, and has evacuated nearby settlements as the volcano spews hot ash.

According to the PVMBG the volcano emitted a burst of hot ash at 12:51 p.m. on Sunday. The ash drifted some 1,500 meters southeast of the crater. It unleashed more ash, which drifted some 2,500 meters southeast, at 8:58 p.m. on the same day.

"We need to be cautious because the lava dome in Mt. Sinabung is growing every day. The condition can lead to a huge flow of hot ash," Mt. Sinabung observation team member Muhammad Nurul Asrori told The Jakarta Post on Monday.


Dumfries, Scotland hit by shallow earthquake as locals describe 'rumbling and shaking'

Dumfries was hit by the quake
© Dumfries and Galloway Standard
Dumfries was hit by the quake
Parts of Scotland were hit by an earthquake yesterday.

The 2.0-magnitude earthquake was felt in parts of the borders of the country.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) said people reported a 'low rumbling' in Dumfries at around 1pm.

A statement describing the quake from the group read: "Felt by a few people in Dumfries, Kirkpatrick Durham and Thornhill. Reports described, "a low rumbling" and "weak shaking"."

Initial data from the BGS suggested the quake's depth was six miles and its epicentre was around five miles west of the town.

Comment: Recently Perthshire, Scotland was struck by its ninth earthquake in just over a month.

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Residents of 6 homes near 30 feet deep sinkhole in Gainesville, Florida asked to evacuate

A sinkhole that opened last week in a north Florida neighborhood expanded on Thursday, leading officials to urge residents from six nearby homes to evacuate.

Johnnie Candiano, 22, his brother Beau Candiano, 20, and cousin Mason Morton had been looking at the sinkhole on Thursday afternoon when they heard a loud noise and saw a tree fall in, the Gainesville Sun reported.

By late afternoon, they hastily threw bags of their belongings into cars, ready to leave the home in Gainesville's West End Estates neighborhood.

The sinkhole appeared to be about 50 feet (15-meters) wide and about 30 feet (9 meters) deep, said JoAnne Rice, interim chief at Gainesville Fire Rescue.