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Sun, 25 Oct 2020
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Earth Changes


Snowfall in Hungary, including low-lying areas

© Péter Komka/MTI
In Budapest and the countryside it has been raining constantly since the weekend, causing disruptions in public transport, but according to the weather forecasts the first snow of the season has arrived in the North Hungarian Mountains.

According to the National Meteorological Service, it is completely natural during this period that the first snowfall hits the country, especially in the higher-lying, mountainous areas, but they also noted that it had already occurred in flat areas this early in the season.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Is the frequency of our planet changing

Sprite-Halo with Feet
© Frankie Lucena
Sprite-Halo with Feet and a Red Sprite on September 28, 2020 @ Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
So many electric changes are now manifesting visibly in Earth's skies that from this point forward human and animal life will be affected electromagnetically. Red sprites now forming feet, intense red aurora deep into the crack in our magnet field, birds by the thousands smashing into buildings from Philadelphia to NYC. Mars suddenly has clouds, which is only possible if electrical changes are happening in its crust. Signs in the skies.

Comment: Indeed. It seems the electrical nature of our weather, changing atmosphere and weakening magnetosphere is becoming ever more apparent: It looks like we are beginning to observe what the ancients recorded at times of global upheaval/climate shift. See: Symbols of Transition: Shifting sands unveil 'stick man' petroglyphs on Hawaii beach

petroglyphs plasma
© thunderbolts.info

Cloud Precipitation

Australia's Northern Territory hit with highest daily rainfall in 79 years

Seventeen times more rain has fallen in Darwin than the same time last year

Seventeen times more rain has fallen in Darwin than the same time last year
Darwin has recorded its highest daily rainfall for October in 79 years as more than a metre of rain pelted down on the city.

It's given the Northern Territory a flying start to the wet season, with 17 times more rain falling in Darwin than the same time last year, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

"The heavens opened in Darwin," senior meteorologist Sally Cutter said.

"It's been a dramatic contrast to the past two wet seasons, which were much drier."

To 9am on Thursday, 177mm of rain was recorded at Marrara in north Darwin and 136.8 was recorded at Royal Darwin Hospital.

Darwin airport received 113mm of rain.

The previous highest daily rainfall for October was recorded in 1969 with 95.5mm.

Before modern record-keeping began in 1941, a 116.6mm of daily October rain was recorded in 1880 at the Darwin Post Office, an observation past longer used.

Comment: Earlier this year Melbourne, Australia recorded the highest March rainfall since 1929.


Alberta woke up to full on winter this morning & it's going to keep piling up

© Twitter Courtesy Of Toni Beckman
It's beginning to look at a lot like Christmas! 🎶

Hey everybody, it's officially winter in Alberta. You heard it here first.

People across the province woke up to some serious snow this morning and naturally, the internet is now filled with photos and videos of the way-too-familiar sight.

As of now, there aren't any weather alerts posted on the Environment Canada website for the area, so we can just enjoy the pretty (but chilly) scenes.


Apex Mountain Resort in British Columbia sees almost 10 inches of early snowfall in 48 hours

Apex Mountain Resort’s live webcam
© Apex Mountain Resort
Apex Mountain Resort’s live webcam shows the mountain has received its first snow of the 2020-21 ski season.
The first snow of the season has fallen on Apex Mountain Resort.

The resort's website is reporting 25 cm of fresh snow in the last 48 hours and 16 cm in the last 24 hours.

The dusting of snow can be seen on the resort's live webcam.


First snowfall this year observed in Ukraine's Carpathians

Snow in Carpathians, October 2020
© Chornohora Mountain Search and Rescue Post
Snow in Carpathians, October 2020
Snow fell in the Carpathians on October 14. That's the first case this season. Chornohorsky mountain search and rescue post reported that on Wednesday.

Low visibility, down to 50 meters, was observed at Pip Ivan mountain, due to the thick snow clouds.

The temperature fell to -4 degrees by Celsius. The speed of the western wind made 19-20 meters per second.


Early snowfall hits Poland

snowfall in Zakopane, Poland.

Snowfall in Zakopane, Poland.
People move on a snow covered street after the first autumn snowfall in Zakopane, Poland.

In the capital of the Tatra Mountains there are already several centimeters of snow and it is still snowing.


Rare derecho confirmed in Southern New England, only the third one in 25 years

Trees downed in Schaghticoke, N.Y., during last week's derecho
© NWS Albany
Trees downed in Schaghticoke, N.Y., during last week's derecho.
The wind damage and severe thunderstorms on Oct. 7 were part of a rare weather event here in Southern New England: a derecho, and it caused widespread wind damage throughout the area.

It was a Weather Alert Day, and for good reason. A derecho is a prolonged, widespread wind damage event over 250 miles and with wind gusts 58 mph or stronger.

Events like this are rather rare, not only in Southern New England, but the northeast as a whole.

Lines of strong thunderstorms happen consistently in the summer, but most struggle to hold together and cause consistent damage over 250 miles. In October, derechos are even rarer.

In the past 25 years, derechos have only entered Southern New England three times.

Comment: In August this year a powerful derecho storm wreaked havoc across the US Midwest leaving 1.1 million without power.

Car Black

Cars swept away, 9 dead as heavy rain hits Hyderabad, India - 7.5 inches in 24 hours, highest in Oct since 1903

Vehicles lie partially submerged in floodwater following heavy rains, at Falaknuma, in Hyderabad.
Vehicles lie partially submerged in floodwater following heavy rains, at Falaknuma, in Hyderabad.
In the city's Barkas area, a man was washed away by the turbulent floodwater.

Heavy rain disrupted life in Hyderabad on Wednesday, causing severe waterlogging in several areas and submerging low-lying places. Traffic was also disrupted in several parts of the city.

At least nine people, including children, were killed in Hyderabad late on Tuesday after a wall collapsed due to the rain. The city has been receiving incessant downpour over the last three days. Hyderabad recorded 191.8 millimetres of rain in 24 hours till 8:30 am on Wednesday, according to The Indian Express. This is the highest rainfall that the city has received in month of October since 1903.


2 children killed by pack of stray dogs in Pakistan

dog attack
Two children died after they were attacked by a pack of stray dogs in Rahim Yar Khan on Tuesday.

According to residents, the incident took place near the Aabe Hayat police station. "The children were playing on the streets when the dogs suddenly attacked them," a neighbour said.

He added that the boys had sustained severe injuries and died on the spot.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has taken notice of the incident and summoned a report from the city commissioner immediately.