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Sat, 19 Sep 2020
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Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Theft of animals for food as global famine begins

U.N warns of 80% increase in malnutrition in 2021, insects creating havoc across the planet, lists of non-available foods grows and new facial recognition of farm animals to track down stolen cows.

A timeline to 2025 for Southern Magnetic Anomaly to split into two cells.



Rare, deep water bottlenose whales seen in the river Clyde, Scotland linked to mystery rise in strandings and sightings

Northern bottlenose whales were spotted in the Clyde yesterday

Northern bottlenose whales were spotted in the Clyde yesterday
A pod of whales spotted swimming in the river Clyde has been connected to a mysterious spike in sightings of the rare deep-water animals across Northern Europe.

Marine wildlife experts from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue were called out to Victoria Harbour in Greenock over the weekend after the group of northern bottlenose whales was seen in the estuary.

The pod was captured on film by Scott Cromar, who shared this video yesterday:


Canary Islands wildfire forces evacuation of 300 residents

Wildfire Burns On La Palma Island, Canary Islands, Spain

Wildfire burns on La Palma Island, Canary Islands, Spain
The fire that since Friday affects the municipality of Garafia in La Palma, has forced the evacuation of 300 residents of the area.

Footage released by the Military Emergencies Unit shows the work to extinguish the fire on Saturday night.

The operation on Sunday involved around 400 ground troops supported by 11 airborne resources, including helicopters and large tanker planes.

Snowflake Cold

Summer will not return to Yakutia, Russia this year - temperature falls to -8 C

The frosts started in Russia - Meteonovosti

Summer is ending and it is not surprising that the lowest temperature in Russia today is in the coldest Republic of Russia - Yakutia. In the village of Eyik, Oleneksky district of Yakutia, the temperature dropped to -8°C, the lowest temperature in Russia. The temperature dropped below freezing in the southern half of the Republic as well. Negative values ​​were also noted in Yakutsk.

The fall season arrived in the Republic earlier this year.

Comment: Temperature drops below freezing in Russia during summer


Lightning strike kills around 500 sheep in Jumla, Nepal

Around 500 sheep died due to lightning in the alpine meadows of Patarasi Rural Municipality in Jumla district. The sheep belonging to local farmers Bishnu Budha, Jay Bahadur Bohora, among others, were killed when lightning struck them at Dhanakharka Masimsera under Bagjalem community forest on Monday evening.

Chairperson of Patarasi-4, Kali Bahadur Rawat, said that the farmers were headed toward the incident site. The details of the loss are awaited. Chief Administrative Officer Tek Bahadur Budhthapa said that the lightning hit the sheep on grazing land. Sheep rearing is the main income source for most of the locals of Patarasi area.

Budhthapa said, "Farmers will face problems in their livelihoods as lightning has killed all their sheep." Around 700 sheep had also died from continuous hailstone, rainfall and wind in 2070 BS in the district.


Torrential downpour causes severe flooding in Douala, Cameroon

A torrential downpour on 21 August 2020 caused flooding in the city of Douala and surrounding areas of Littoral region in the south west of Cameroon.

In Douala, the country's economic capital, flooding swamped the city's roads and damaged bridges, causing widespread traffic disruption. The districts pf Makèpe Missokè, Bepanda and Mabanda were among the worst affected, according to media reports.

Flooding also caused widespread material damages, including to hundreds of homes. Samuel Ivaha Diboua, governor of the Littoral region, told reporters that almost 900 families have been displaced due to the flooding.

The United Nations recently reported that heavy rainfall at the end of July caused rivers to overflow in Cameroon's Far North (Extrême-Nord) region, affecting over 5,000 people.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods hit 8 northern provinces of Thailand - 9.4 inches of rain in 24 hours

Chicken crosses the road with assistance

Chicken crosses the road with assistance
One person has died after heavy rainfall and flooding which has affected wide areas of northern Thailand since 20 August.

Thai Meteorological Department reports that Phrae, capital of Phrae Province, recorded almost 240mm of rain in 24 hours to 22 August 2020. The Yom river overflowed flooding areas of Muang and Sung Men districts in the province, while the Nan river broke its banks in Nan Province, where 1 person died.

Disaster authorities in Thailand report that flooding has affected 382 villages in 25 districts in the eight provinces of Nan, Phrae, Chiang Mai, Lampang, Phayao, Uttaradit, Lamphun and Mae Hong Son.

Cloud Lightning

Rare Type II Gigantic Jet event recorded over Tropical Storm Laura

The red arrow points from Lucena's camera to the Gigantic Jets
© Frankie Lucena
The red arrow points from Lucena's camera to the Gigantic Jets
On Aug. 22nd, Tropical Storm Laura passed by Puerto Rico. Just as it was bearing down on the island, the intensifying storm fired off two Gigantic Jets. Frankie Lucena video recorded the tree-shaped bolts using a low-light camera in the coastal town Cabo Rojo.

Gigantic Jets are related to sprites, only much bigger. They fly out of the tops of some thunderstorms and can reach all the way to the edge of space. That's why some people call them "space lightning." They are a sign of intense electrical activity in the storm below.

"This appears to be a rare Type II Gigantic Jet event," says Lucena. Gigantic Jets come in three types. Type II events start out as Blue Jets, then transform into Gigantic Jets. The metamorphosis is not well understood. "Out of the more than 40 Gigantic Jets I've captured over the years in the Caribbean, only three of them might be Type IIs"--so very rare indeed.

Comment: ELVEs captured above Tropical Storm Laura


6.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Costa Rica

Costa Rica earthquake map
A moderately strong earthquake shook Costa Rica this Monday, August 24 at 3:50 pm.

According to the National Seismologic Network (RSN)the earthquake had a magnitude of 6.2 and the epicenter was located 12 kilometers southwest of Jaco, Garabito, Puntarenas as a result of the subduction of Cocos plate.


Ice Age Farmer Report: Food warfare - More states to test/close farms - Wildfires & weather warfare

Our food supply is under all out attack. WA and MI have followed CA in mandating COVID-19 testing for farmworkers, which--as we have seen in Ontario--presages their shutting down farms where workers test positive. Depriving farms of harvest labor is unthinkable. More California wildfires expected. Two hurricanes inbound to gulf, rice-producing areas. You must start growing your own food now.