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Sat, 28 Mar 2020
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All-time record snowfall buries parts of Sweden - 3.25 M (10.7 ft) - Don't tell Greta...

Record snow Sweden

The first flakes of the season in Kiruna, Sweden fell back on Sept 30 and from then on have continued relentlessly, with accumulations now comfortably surpassing the region's all-time snowfall record.

On Thursday, March 19 heavy snow fell over Sweden's northern town of Kiruna further adding to the record-breaking 3.25m (10.7 ft) that has already accumulated this season-accumulations that busted the old snowfall record from 1997-98 (solar minimum of cycle 22).

Stefan Sydberg, vice chairman of the municipal council, is reportedly more excited than concerned.

"We have already set a record and we know that it can be another meter before the season is over," he said.


Roads swamped in Fiji after nearly 7 inches of rain in 24 hours - (UPDATE) 3 killed in landslide

floods fiji
Heavy rain of over 200mm in 24 hours has caused flooding in parts of Fiji.

Local media said that hundreds of residents in Nausori, Central Division, on the island of Viti Levu were isolated after flood waters cut roads access. Nausori recorded 222.9mm of rain in 24 hours to 19 March.

Some flooding was also reported in Navua, where buildings were inundated, and in the capital, Suva, where traffic was disrupted.

The Fiji Roads Authority said that a number of roads in the Central Western and Northern Divisions were closed due to flooding.

Flood warnings remain in place for parts of Viti Levu.

Comment: Update: RNZ reports on March 20th:
Three people have died in a landslide in Fiji's Namosi province.

A fourth person is injured.

Police have recovered the bodies where two trucks and a crushing machine were buried in the landslide at about 3pm on Friday afternoon.

Director of the National Disaster Management Office, Vasiti Soko, said the condition of the survivor was not clear.

"Four people were involved in the accident. Details of the incident are still sketchy as I'm still on my way to the site. But I can confirm that of the four people, one has survived while three are dead."

Bad weather in Fiji is likely to continue into the weekend, Ms Soko said

Meanwhile, a heavy rain and flash flood warning is in place for most of Fiji.

The National Disaster Management Office said flooding had closed roads in low lying parts of Viti Levu.

There was a danger of more landslides and the public should notify authorities before trying to clear any slips, it said.


Heavy rains bring floods to Jakarta and surrounding cities, Indonesia

Heavy rains bring floods to Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Cipanas amongst other areas of Java, Indonesia.


Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rainfall triggers flooding and mudslides in southern Peru

flood peru
Days of heavy rain triggered flooding and mudslides in Arequipa department in southern Peru.

The heavy rain began around 13 March, 2020, causing rivers and streams to break their banks, triggering mudslides and flooding.

Among the worst hit are areas in the north of the city of Arequipa, where streets were swamped in water, mud and debris.

Media report that at least 100 homes have been damaged and a bridge in the north of the city is in danger of collapse.

Residents in Sachaca district were asked to move away from a local stream that had broken its banks.

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding in northern Iraq stirs fears of landslides

The aftermatch after a pile of cars were swept away by flash floods in Duhok city, March 18, 2020.
© Kurdistan 24
The aftermatch after a pile of cars were swept away by flash floods in Duhok city, March 18, 2020.
Once again, heavy rain has brought flooding to Iraq. In the northern city of Mosul, during the most recent late winter, or early spring, thundery rain dropped 127mm (5 inches) of rain onto the streets.

This is twice the average rainfall for March in Mosul and equivalent to about one-third of the year's expected rainfall. The result was thigh-deep flooding and boat rescue.

Mosul sits on the Tigris River and no doubt this heavy rain, much of which fell on Tuesday night, brought fears of the destructive events of early spring of 2019. The river then left its banks and caused death and destruction after heavy rain upstream.

In the town of Rabia, on the border with Syria, 187mm (7.4 inches) of rain was recorded on Wednesday.


Hawaii summits hit by snowfall

The Winter Weather Advisory, issued by the National Weather Service on Tuesday night, remains in effect for Hawaiʻi summits until 6 p.m. today.

Snow can already be seen on the summits of Maunakea and Mauna Loa. Additional snow accumulations of up to 5 inches are expected, forecasters say.

The Mauna Kea Access Road is closed to the public at the Visitor Information Station at the 9,200 feet elevation, rangers say.

The Mauna Loa summit is also closed, the National Park Service says.

Cloud Lightning

Two killed, 8 hurt by lightning bolt in Kenya

Two women in Kwale County were on Wednesday struck dead by lightning while eight others sustained injuries.

The tragedy occurred in Kizimbani Village, Matuga Sub-County, on Wednesday afternoon.

Kwale County Commissioner Karuku Ngumo said the dead women were among 20 members of Mwangaza SILC Self-Help Group.

Mr Ngumo said the members had sheltered under a tree during the group's meeting when tragedy struck at around 3.30pm.


Land begins to rise again near volcano Thorbjorn, Iceland

© Golli
Land rise has begun again in the near surroundings of volcano Þorbjörn near Grindavík. As of yet, there are no imminent signs of volcanic unrest. This follows an earthquake that rattled the Reykjanes peninsula on March 12. Meteorologists have kept a keen eye on the area following initial land rise early in the year, which had slowed down in February. The land rise now is happening at a slower pace than the original land rise in January, but it is rising in the same area as the initial rise. The science council of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management will meet to discuss the matter next week.

Eruption not imminent

"Results from crust measurements have been clarified in the last couple of days. It's now clear that expansions that cause land rise has begun anew in the area surrounding Þorbjörn. This is confirmed both by GPS measurements in the area as well as satellite data. Scientists from the Icelandic Met Office, The Institute of Earth Sciences of the University Iceland as well from the Iceland GeoSurvey, met this morning to analyze the newest measurements and data.

Comment: Of note, the quake mentioned above was the strongest since 2013, and this also follows a recent warning of deadly gasses detected at Iceland's Eldvörp caves - one could say that, taken together, this kind of contradicts the statement that there are no "imminent signs of unrest".

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Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Fruit, vegetable, meat vanishes across the globe

Shipping containers
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
As the global finance and logistics declines so many containers were in route returning to China and few if any have left in the last two months that there is a container shortage across the planet. Refrigerated containers are scarce driving delivery costs to unseen heights for seafood and meats. Air cargo is reduced across the planet by 75% and 80% of all cargo is delivered by truck in the US. Farmers can grow the food, but there is a bottleneck in getting it delivered.

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Cloud Precipitation

Torrential downpour causes severe flooding in parts of Timor-Leste (East Timor)

flood mud
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) reports that over 9,000 people (1,664 households) have been affected by severe flooding in parts of Timor-Leste (also known as East Timor).

Flooding occurred after a torrential downpour lasting just a few hours during the afternoon of 13 March 2020. IFRC said the flooding caused rivers to break their banks, inundating homes and streets with flood water and mud.

Almost 200 homes were completely destroyed and media report many more have been damaged. Seven people were injured but there are no reports of fatalities. Vehicles and electricity lines were also damaged. Some reports suggested the newly built Bridge B.J. Habibie in Dili was also destroyed.