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Tue, 26 Mar 2019
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Historic blizzard blasts 100mph winds across central US

A person works on clearing snow during a winter storm Wednesday morning, March 13, 2019 in Casper, Wyo.
© Josh Galemore/The Casper Star-Tribune via AP
A person works on clearing snow during a winter storm Wednesday morning, March 13, 2019 in Casper, Wyo.
A monster winter storm that slammed the Rockies into the Central Plains contributed to the death of a Colorado State Patrol corporal on Wednesday, officials report.

The 'bomb cyclone' packed blizzard conditions, tropical storm-force winds, and hazardous travel.

The storm turned deadly when a Colorado State Patrol corporal was struck and killed by a vehicle while he was outside helping a car that slid off of Interstate 76 in Weld County, Colo.

A Volvo lost control and ran into Corporal Daniel Groves, 52. Corporal Groves was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The National Weather Service deemed the storm a "cyclone of historic proportions."

As the blizzard developed, heavy snow lashed northern Colorado, including Denver, western Nebraska, eastern Wyoming, central South Dakota, and southeastern North Dakota.


Storm Gareth causes travel disruption in UK with 80mph winds and heavy rain

Waves crash onto the harbour in Dover, UK
© Sky News
Waves crash onto the harbour in Dover, UK
Storm Gareth has been causing widespread disruption to road and rail links as gales and heavy rain sweep across the country.

The Met Office has issued two yellow warnings for high winds covering Northern Ireland, Wales, most of England and the west coast of Scotland.

Dozens of flood alerts have been issued by the Environment Agency in England, including two warnings for the River Ouse at York.

Gusts of up to 80mph are being felt in western Scotland, Northern Ireland and the northwest of the Republic of Ireland.

Winds of over 60mph swept widely across western parts of the UK in the early hours of Wednesday, after gusts of up to 75mph were felt in Scotland on Tuesday night.


Mozambique issues red alert over approaching tropical cyclone Idai

Tropical Cyclone
Tropical Cyclone "Idai" on March 12, 2019.
Mozambican government on Tuesday issued a red alert over the tropical cyclone Idai expected to make landfall on Friday, which is likely to hit the country's central region with devastating storms and flooding rains.

"The main reason (for the alert) is the approaching of the tropical cyclone Idai, an intense cyclone that requires monitoring measures and caution, because as predicted, strong winds and thunderstorms represent a high risk for people and properties," said government spokesperson Ana Comoana.

The cyclone's intensity is equal to that of a Category Three hurricane in the Atlantic or eastern Pacific oceans, and the winds can cause devastating damage, including to well-built framed homes, in the vicinity of landfall, reported AccuWeather.

As Idai moves inland, flooding downpours will spread throughout the interior of central Mozambique and into eastern Zimbabwe from Friday into this weekend, said AccuWeather.

Comment: Malawi and Mozambique - Death toll rises after widespread flooding, 37 reported so far


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: The world we live in

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Cosmic rays increase, charts matching low solar activity and dropping Earth temperatures, different data sets contrary to NOAA epic global heating and now code words for global cooling or glaciation in the corporate media.

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'Historic-sized' avalanche hits Conundrum Valley southwest of Aspen, Colorado

Conundrum valley avalanche aspen colorado
© Telluride Helitrax
This photo posted on the Colorado Avalanche Information Center's website shows how the avalanche ripped down K Chutes, left, and Fiver Fingers, traveled up the east side of Conundrum Valley and threatened the house in the lower center.
An avalanche off Highlands Ridge over the weekend deposited tons of snow in Conundrum Creek Valley, snapped hundreds of mature trees and threatened a house.

"This is as big of an avalanche as this terrain can produce," said Brian Lazar, deputy director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. "This is a landscape-changing event."

The avalanche broke over a mile wide and ran more than 3,000 vertical feet downhill, CAIC estimated from aerial observations. Lazar said it started just outside the boundary of Aspen Highlands ski area.

The slide went down two popular backcountry ski routes off Highlands Ridge - K Chutes and Five Fingers. It likely slid across the vast area all at once, Lazar said. Officials believe it was a natural releasing avalanche that occurred sometime late Friday or early Saturday.

Comment: Avalanches bury part of Interstate 70 in Summit County, Colorado

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3 climbers killed due to avalanche on Ben Nevis in Scotland

ben nevis
Three climbers have been killed in an avalanche on Ben Nevis today, following hazardous warnings not to try and ascend the mountain.

The incident, which injured one other person, occurred at 11.50am yesterday in gully number five located on the mountain's north-eastern aspect.

At 6pm on Tuesday evening, the Scottish Avalanche Information Service released a hazardous forecast for the north-eastern aspect of Ben Nevis, classing the avalanche risk as "high".

The warning said that "freezing" temperatures, heavy snowfall and strong winds linked to Storm Gareth will result in "high instability" on the mountain.

Donald Paterson, deputy team leader of Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team, said the four men - believed to be Swiss nationals - had been hit by a "massive" avalanche that fell 1500ft on top of them.


Near-perfect snow devil touches down in Quebec

snow devil
It's rare, but they do happen.

Charlene Capassissit was on the way to the airport in Oujé-Bougoumou, Quebec Tuesday when she saw something that made her pull over.

The video she captured -- featured a near-perfect snow devil -- has since gone viral.

Cloud Precipitation

Brazil - Heavy rainfall in São Paulo causes deadly floods and landslides

Flood rescues in Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 2019.
© Governo do Estado de São Paulo
Flood rescues in Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 2019.
Authorities in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, have reported heavy rain, flooding and landslides affected the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo State from Sunday 10 March, 2019.

São Paulo's Fire Department said that at least 12 people have died and 6 have been injured. Flood water was reported in several neighbourhoods of the city, blocking major roads and causing severe disruption to public transport.

The worst hit areas are south and east of São Paulo city, the municipality of São Bernardo do Campo and nearby cities of Ribeirão Pires and Suzano. The heavy rain caused the Tamanduateí River, which runs through south eastern parts of the city, to overflow, affecting areas around São Caetano do Sul in particular.


Cloud Precipitation

Malawi and Mozambique - Death toll rises after widespread flooding, 37 reported so far

Flooding of the Shire River
© Government of Malawi
Flooding of the Shire River in Southern Region of Malawi
The number of people killed in heavy rains and flooding in southern Malawi has risen to 30, while the number of people affected is now approaching 500,000 with an estimated 30,000 of them displaced.

Meanwhile the same weather system has also caused flooding in regions of Mozambique, where over 30,000 people have been affected and 7 deaths reported. Mozambique is now facing the impact of Tropical Cyclone Idai which formed over the Northern Mozambique Channel on 09 March, 2019.


Popocatepetl Volcano erupts and lights up night sky in Mexico

Popocatepetl Volcano
Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano, near Mexico City, erupted close to midnight on March 9, lighting up the night sky.Nicola Rustichelli, from Webcams de Mexico, recorded the explosion from a vista in the town of San Nicolas de los Ranchos.

The explosion sent incandescent molten rock and a column of ash about a mile into the air before the volcano returned to its previous level of activity.

Officials warned local residents to stay clear of the volcano, in particular the crater, saying that falling fragments could still pose a threat to anyone who gets too close.