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Thu, 29 Oct 2020
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Earth Changes


Major hurricane season brewing in the Atlantic

FREDERICTON -- In what could signal a frightening new fact of life in the age of global warming, Canadian and U.S. forecasters are warning that another major hurricane season is brewing in the Atlantic Ocean.

The 2006 hurricane season officially opens on June 1, and already scientists are telling people living in eastern North America that numerous storms are predicted, with as many as five major hurricanes packing winds of 180 km/h or greater.

"It's kind of comparable to what we were looking at last year at this time," says Bob Robichaud, a meteorologist with the Canadian Hurricane Centre in Dartmouth, N.S.


Florida Issues State of Emergency Over Fires

New Smyrna Beach - Gov. Jeb Bush declared a state of emergency Monday as brush fires burned more than 8,000 acres, destroyed homes and forced authorities to shut down highways.

Officials are tracking about 50 active wildfires throughout the water-parched state, and Bush said lightning was probably not to blame in most cases.

"The likelihood is most of these fires have been created by either negligence or people doing harm," he said.

Cow Skull

Crocs ply flood waters as killer Kenyan storms fry pelicans

NAIROBI - Dozens of man-eating crocodiles plied flood waters along Kenya's Indian Ocean coast after heavy thunderstorms that killed at six people and fried nearly 50 pelicans.

About 30 of the carnivorous reptiles were spotted swimming near children's playgrounds and municipal parks in Kilifi, frightening parents in the coastal town where floods have claimed at least six lives in the past week, officials said Saturday.


Dead Starfish Are Discovered in B.C.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Hundreds of starfish have been found dead on a beach on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, and a scientist says a nonnative parasite is likely to blame.


Spring Snow Brought Up to 5 Feet to Plains

LEAD, S.D. - Residents of the northwestern Plains on Thursday started to dig out from this week's spring blizzard, which dumped up to 5 feet of snow, cut power and threatened to flood low-lying areas.

The heaviest snow was reported in the city of Lead in western South Dakota, near the Wyoming line, where the weather service reported 59.4 inches.

Crews struggling with the weight and volume of snow also had to find a place to put it after scooping it up, said Pat Milos, Lead's city administrator.


Southern Louisiana in a Severe Drought

NEW ORLEANS - Mother Nature has outdone herself with this cruel joke: Southern Louisiana, much of which was underwater not so long ago, is in the throes of a severe to extreme drought.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita accounted for most of the rain the region has seen in more than a year, weather experts say. Southeastern Louisiana is on pace for its driest January-though-April ever.

According to the Lincoln, Neb.-based National Drought Mitigation Center, southern Louisiana is under conditions of either severe or extreme drought - with the extreme conditions closer to the coast.


More Recent Earthquakes

06/04/20 12:20:42 4.3 NORTH OF ANGUILLA, LEEWARD ISL.
06/04/20 17:50:43 5.5 NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
06/04/20 23:25:05 7.7 KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/20 23:38:49 5.4 KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 00:06:13 5.1 NEAR E COAST OF KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 00:32:36 5.1 NEAR E COAST OF KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 00:39:45 4.5 KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 00:42:00 4.5 KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 00:51:12 5.2 KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 01:12:08 4.6 NEAR E COAST OF KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 01:30:05 4.9 NEAR E COAST OF KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 01:44:12 5.1 NEAR E COAST OF KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 04:32:45 6.1 NEAR E COAST OF KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 07:32:28 4.7 KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 07:40:05 5.0 NEAR E COAST OF KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 08:57:37 4.6 NEAR E COAST OF KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 09:46:15 4.8 EASTERN XIZANG
06/04/21 11:14:20 5.7 KORYAKIA, RUSSIA
06/04/21 11:19:50 5.2 KORYAKIA, RUSSIA


Flash floods, landslide kill at least 23 in Indonesia

JAKARTA - Flash floods and landslides triggered by monsoon rains in Indonesia's East Java have killed at least 23 people, the state Antara news agency said as mopping up operations got underway.

The disaster is the latest to strike on the island of Java, one of the most densely-populated in the world, where scores of people have been killed this year in rain-related catastrophes.


Massive earthquake rocks Russia's Kamchatka peninsula, no fatalities

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (AFX) - A massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake rocked Russia's northeastern Kamchatka peninsula on the Bering Sea, the local emergency situations ministry officials said.

Comment: Comment: The area of this quake is directly across the beiring straits from Alaska and on the same "ring of fire" that connect to California's fault lines. As such, California's 21st century "big one" can't be far behind.


Precursor to a Weird Summer? What's up with the birds in North Dakota?

In the last two weeks, birders have seen, and in some cases, photographed, eight different species of birds not seen in the states for years or decades or, as it turns out, ever.

These include sightings of a mountain plover (not seen in North Dakota since the 1930s), a Eurasian wigeon, two great black-backed gulls, an anhinga, a mountain chickadee, a gray jay, a red-shouldered hawk and an eastern meadowlark.

Eight accidentals in two weeks is remarkable. "Typically, maybe one or two a month over a year. To see eight in two weeks is pretty unusual," Corey Ellingson, president of the Bismarck-Mandan Bird Club and the reporter for the North Dakota Birding Society, said to the local media.