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Sahara dust covers Greece

Sahara dust that covered the entire country over the past few days is starting to recede, while the National Weather Service (EMY) has predicted rains and northerly winds on Monday, which are expected to clear the skies from the whitish haze.

sahara dust covers greece
Sahara dust covers Greece


Big News!: Agencies predict massive earthquake will rock California in next 30 years

Stepping precariously out on a limb, predicts that California will suffer a severe earthquake! Panic is recommended.

Comment: Notice who is heading up this organization. The former director of FEMA and a former deputy secretary of Homeland Security. And, true to form for those organizations, the best they can come up with is this. Just how much did they get paid to produce this report?

Only counting the earthquakes that have caused loss of life in California since the 1800's, one can be expected on average about every 16.5 years. Given that the Northridge quake happened in 1994, another might be expected somewhere in California by 2010.

This is the sort of report that is produced for no other reason that to keep people on edge. Be very, very afraid! That is the message.


UK Homes hit by plague of mice

UK - A plague of mice is infesting part of Preston, residents say.

Homeowners in parts of Frenchwood say they are under siege from the disease carrying rodents.

Residents in at least five streets in the area have reported sightings of mice in their homes.

Last week the Evening Post told of the concerns of some residents of Manchester Road, Frenchwood, who claimed to have spotted mice scurrying through their kitchens, living rooms and even their bedrooms every day.


Disappeared glacial lake in southern Chile gradually recovering

Uruguay - Lake Cachet 2 next to a glacier in the south of Chile, which last week swelled and then suddenly emptied is gradually recovering according to Chilean authorities from the Natural Waters System Office, DGA.

Apparently the water bored an 8.5 kilometer tunnel through the glacier and finally emptied into the Baker River causing a mini "tsunami" along its course. Fortunately no one was injured.

Evil Rays

Five Orphaned Bears Get A New Life In Russia - Satellite Tracking Will Monitor Survival

Bubonitsy, Russia - In the forest of the Tver region of Russia, researchers from IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare) and veterinarians from the Moscow Zoo have returned five orphaned bear cubs to the wild. Prior to the release, the team performed veterinary checks and tagged the bears for monitoring.

One of these bears will be monitored using a satellite collar, a step forward in evaluating post-release behavior and survival of the bear cubs orphaned by the cruel winter den hunt in Russia.

brown bears

The satellite technology transmits regular signals from the bears collar allowing researchers to follow them remotely and download information about their movements and whereabouts via internet updates three times a week. The collar is programmed to record information about the animals location every 90 minutes and to automatically drop-off after a period of 18 months.


Survey: Beekeepers Lost 35% of Bees This Winter

Bumblebees Also Hurting ... And Where's That Government Aid?


Thousands Flee Colombia Volcano Eruption

Colombia's Nevado del Huila volcano erupted in a shower of hot ash, prompting thousands of people to leave their homes on Tuesday.

The remote volcano, 150 miles southwest of Bogota, erupted shortly before midnight Monday and appeared less active at daybreak.

Cloud Lightning

Papua New Guinea highlands battle landslide aftermath

The PNG Government has sent a team to assess to extent of damage in the highlands.

Thousands of people are battling the aftermath of landslides and flooding which hit PNG's highlands during the weekend.

The landslides crushed houses and farms, leaving more than 2,000 people displaced.

Cloud Lightning

Belleville, Ontario, declares state of emergency as flood water swamps homes

Spring brings floods to Ontario, heat to West

The eastern Ontario city of Belleville has declared a state of emergency as water from the Moira River swamps homes and shuts roadways in the worst flooding since 1981.


Oregon, US: Collapse of chinook season devastates salmon trollers

In Charleston, on the Oregon coast, a way of life seems endangered.

In Charleston, on the Oregon coast, salmon trolling is a way of life. But now, with the chinook season collapsed, it's A life on rocky shoals.

Matt Hakki sits quietly at the plywood table overlooking Charleston's fishing port while the older men talk about predators, regulators, Chilean fish farms, seas that can turn a 50-foot salmon troller into a pinball.

Last year, banking on a favorable fishing forecast, he took out a loan and paid $80,000 for a boat built 68 years ago, ready after a decade as a deckhand to chase a legendary fish that can command $100 a head.

But for the most part, the fish didn't show up. This year, he found out there will be no salmon fishing at all.

"I'm scared," he says, and the older men fall silent. "I kind of took the leap of faith to do something to better myself and my family. Now I have to look at my wife and my two young boys.

"I ask myself everyday, did I make the right decision?"

Last week, following a stunning drop in the numbers of fall chinook projected to return from the ocean to the Sacramento River, the Pacific Fishery Management Council opted for the largest salmon fishing closure ever off the Oregon and California coasts.