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Mon, 21 Sep 2020
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Earth Changes

Snowflake Cold

Don't let anyone tell you North America's historic shift to September snow is due to 'global warming'

US summer heat and snow
Parts of the U.S. have gone from balmy summer heat to historic cold and snow in less than 24 hours. Below is a rebuttal to the mainstream position that CO2-induced 'Arctic Amplification' is to blame.

Alarmists claim that the Arctic is warming faster than everywhere else, and that this phenomenon is weakening the jet stream. They say the difference in temperature between the Arctic and the mid-latitudes fuels the jet stream, and that a disproportionately warming Arctic is reducing that temperature difference, weakening the winds to favor a wavier flow:

Comment: Temperatures plunge by 60 degrees in under 24 hours, bringing snow to Colorado, Montana and Wyoming

Some recent articles relating to Grand Solar Minimum include:


Man mauled to death by his own dog in Perth, Australia

Father and former broadcast operator Dave Whitney

Father and former broadcast operator Dave Whitney (pictured), 59, was mauled to death by his own Rottweiler
Neighbours have described horrific scenes after a man from Perth was brutally mauled to death by his own dog.

Neighbours have described horrific scenes after a father from Perth was brutally mauled to death by his own dog.

Police were called to a property on Halvorson Rd in Morley just after 8pm on Monday where they found Dave Whitney, 59, with life-threatening injuries.

Mr Whitney died at the scene despite efforts from responding officers.

It's understood he had been in an argument with his roommate, 36-year-old Brody Gardner in the moments before the dog attack.

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly flash floods hit Northern Provinces of Algeria

At least one person died and hundreds of homes damaged after flash flooding in northern Algeria.

The flooding came after stormy weather from 07 to 08 September brought heavy rainfall. Baraki in Algiers Province recorded 63.0 mm of rain in 24 hours to 08 September.

Algeria Civil Protection reported that one person, believed to be a child, died after being swept away by flood waters in the city of Mila.

Elsewhere, 3 people were rescued from a vehicle trapped in a flooded tunnel in the city of Oum El Bouaghi. Civil Protection were also called on to rescue people from several vehicles trapped in flood waters in the city of Batna. Around 800 homes were flooded in Boumerdès and 40 homes in Khenchela.

Flooding also affected the capital, Algiers, and surrounding areas. Roads were inundated, causing severe traffic disruption in at least 5 municipalities, including Sidi Mhamed where 2 buildings partially collapsed.


Wildfires prompt evacuations across Oregon and SW Washington - over 2.5 million acres burnt in former

Cody Perkins shared photos Tuesday of wildfire smoke over Roseburg

Cody Perkins shared photos Tuesday of wildfire smoke over Roseburg
Strong wind and hot, dry conditions are making for critical fire conditions across the Pacific Northwest.

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management says there are more than 480 active fires across the state, adding that more than 2.5 million acres have been burned. Governor Kate Brown invoked the Emergency Conflagration Act Tuesday afternoon.

Several fast-moving fires prompted evacuation orders in communities across Oregon and Southwest Washington overnight Monday and into Tuesday.


Weirdly shaped waterspout filmed during calm weather off Flagler Beach, Florida

At the time of the waterspout no thunderstorms or warnings were in place

A waterspout was located off of Flagler Beach on Tuesday, News 6 viewer Bob Barrows took a photo and video of the funnel.

News 6 Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells said no warnings or watches were in place at the time of the waterspout.

Cloud Precipitation

Sudan floods: Nile water level threatens ancient pyramids as three-month state of emergency declared

Sudan pyramids
The pyramids at the site are more than 2,300 years old
The authorities in Sudan are trying to protect the country's ancient pyramids from flooding as heavy rains have caused the nearby River Nile to reach record-breaking levels.

They have built sandbag walls and are pumping out water, archaeologist Marc Maillot is quoted by the AFP news agency as saying.

The site is home to a host of ruins more than 2,300 years old.

Countrywide, floods have killed nearly 100 people and made thousands homeless.

The Nile regularly bursts its banks and farmers rely on the floodwaters to create fertile land, but the extent of this year's flooding is very unusual.

"The floods had never affected the site before," Mr Maillot is quoted as saying.

"The situation is currently under control, but if the level of the Nile continues to rise, the measures taken may not be sufficient."

Comment: South Sudan - 600,000 displaced by floods since July, says UN

Cloud Lightning

Gigantic Jet lightning and sprite halo recorded over Puerto Rico

Gigantic Jet Lightning Events
© Frankie Lucena
Gigantic Jet lightning event on September 5, 2020 @ Cabo Rojo,Puerto Rico
Tropical waves may not be the biggest storms in the Caribbean, but they produce some of the biggest lightning. On Sept. 5th, Frankie Lucena pointed his video camera at a tropical wave passing just south of Puerto Rico, and this is what he saw.

"I recorded some very impressive Gigantic Jet lightning events and clusters of sprites," he says. "They were huge."

For years, Lucena has been watching sprites and Gigantic Jets leap up from passing storms. Interestingly, he says, weaker systems often produce the strongest upward-directed lightning. "Based on my observations so far, I would say that intensifying tropical waves have the most sprites. Often these systems go on to become hurricanes."

Comment: Last month a rare Type II Gigantic Jet event was recorded over Tropical Storm Laura.


Temperatures plunge by 60 degrees in under 24 hours, bringing snow to Colorado, Montana and Wyoming

Summer came to an abrupt halt in parts of the Rocky Mountains on Tuesday as temperatures reaching into the 90s plunged by around 60 degrees in less than 24 hours, with a powerful surge of cold air from Canada unleashing snow and damaging winds in several states.

The roller coaster weather ripped up trees by their roots, piled up snow that shut down parts of the scenic road through Glacier National Park and knocked out power to tens of thousands. But the temperature drop gave some relief to crews fighting wildfires in Colorado and Montana that had ballooned in hot, windy weather and forced people to flee their homes.

Heat and strong winds also hit California and parts of the Pacific Northwest over the holiday weekend, triggering destructive wildfires.

Snow fell in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming, where portions of Interstate 80 closed and forecasters predicted up to a foot in the mountains and temperatures in the teens overnight.

Comment: View videos for Montana: Powerful early snow storm hits parts of Montana on Labor Day

Heavy snowfall has also struck the Black Hills in South Dakota:


Powerful early snow storm hits parts of Montana on Labor Day

Labor Day has come and gone, and summer is over. At least, that's how it felt in Montana, when a powerful snow storm left its impact on higher elevations.

The storm forced officials to close Beartooth Pass on Monday, due to extreme conditions. Several inches of snow fell in the area, making some roads impassable.

Heavy snow also accumulated in other areas, including in the city of Red Lodge.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill at least 12 people across Jharkhand, India

Lightning strikes in Jharkhand have killed at least 12 people in eight districts of the state on Monday while torrential rain left many places waterlogged, officials said on Tuesday.

The state disaster management department officials said they were verifying the total death reports so that compensation could be paid to the next of kin of those killed. The Jharkhand government gives Rs 4 lakh to the family of a person killed by lightning.

Three persons were killed after being struck by lightning in Giridih district on Monday afternoon. Giridih police said a 60-year-old woman, who went to bring water from a well in Devri area, died due to lightning strike while a 25-year-old youth and 16-year-old boy were killed in Saria and Birni in the district.

Comment: On the same day a strike killed a young boy in the state of Jharkhand while a day earlier strikes killed 2 farmers and injured 6 others in Maharashtra, a bolt killed two old men in Jharkhand and another bolt caused the death of 2 boys in Andhra Pradesh. Elsewhere, lightning fatally hit 6 people in separate incidents across Sindh, Pakistan on Sept. 5 and an immigrant worker died after being hit in Saudi Arabia on Sept. 3.