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Tue, 15 Jun 2021
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Sinkhole swallows cars on Rome street


Nobody injured in incident in Rome's Torpignattara suburb.

Two cars ended up inside a large chasm after part of a street collapsed in the Torpignattara suburb of Rome.

There was nobody injured in the incident which took place at around 10.30 on 25 May, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

The street affected is Via Zenodossio, between Via Dulceri and Via Casilina, involving an area of road and pavement measuring about 20 metres long and four metres wide.

Ice Cube

Greenland just gained a record-smashing amount of snow and ice

Greenland ice gain

According to data provided by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), Greenland is currently GAINING snow and ice at a level never before seen this late into the season.

Using the daily output from a weather forecasting model combined with a model that calculates the melt of snow and ice, the DMI calculate the "surface mass budget" (SMB) of the ice sheet.

Crucial to the survival of a glacier is its SMB, which is the difference between accumulation and ablation (sublimation and melting).

The budget takes into account the balance between snow that is added to the ice sheet vs melting snow and glacier ice that runs off into the ocean.

The budget is totaled over the course of a season, from September 1 to August 31.

Last season's SMB totaled 349bn tonnes, which was "normal," according to the DMI.

Changes in this mass-balance control a glacier's long-term behavior, and are its most sensitive climate indicators.


Alaska's Great Sitkin volcano erupts: US Geological Survey issues 'red warning' for aviation

Great Sitkin volcano erupts

Great Sitkin volcano erupts
The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) and the US Geological Survey (USGS) have issued a 'red warning' to aviation as the Great Sitkin volcano erupts, spewing an ash plume to 15,000ft (4,600m).

In a statement on Wednesday morning, the USGS said volcanic activity on Great Sitkin Island had been confirmed by geophysical data. The volcano started erupting at 21:04 on Tuesday, with an explosion that lasted a couple of minutes, and was continuing to erupt at the time of its latest update.

It had issued a joint 'red warning' to aviation with the AVO after observations suggested the ash plume was as high as 15,000ft (4,600m).

"Since that explosion, seismicity has decreased, and satellite images show that the ash cloud has detached from the vent and is moving towards the east," the AVO said in a recent update.


Western Australia shark attack survivor says animal 'grabbed his arm like a dog grips a bone'

He’s spoken about his ordeal.
He’s spoken about his ordeal.
A fisherman has spoken out about surviving a terrifying shark attack as he went diving with friends in Western Australia's Kimberley region.

Brett Highlands told 7NEWS a shark grabbed his arm like a dog grips a bone - before he used his spear to escape the jaws of a killer.

For a split second, Brett thought he was about to die in the sea off Broome, but he survived to tell the tale.

He was spear-fishing with mates in remote waters - 50 kilometres north of Broome on Friday for his 48th birthday.

"Really dark blue, eerie, there was a lot of unusual fish in the water," he said.

Suddenly, Brett became the bait.

Cloud Precipitation

Jammu and Kashmir suffer heavy losses to orchards due to hailstorms

Northern Jammu and Kashmir were lashed by a devastating hailstorm, causing heavy damage to standing crops and fruit trees. Fruit growers in the valley have expressed concern over the damage caused to apple blossoms, walnuts, pears and other standing crops due to heavy hail storm yesterday. It struck several areas of northern Kashmir, especially the upper belt of Rafiabad block Rohama.

A Representative of the affected farmers called for comprehensive compensation to the orchardists and farmers who suffered heavy losses due to heavy rains followed by a heavy hailstorm on Friday evening. According to urdupoint.com, he alleged that whenever natural calamities cause damage to the fruit and other crops, the worse affected people had always been assured compensation and even surveys were being conducted.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods affect 60,000 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Flooding has affected almost 60,000 residents of Bandung Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. Thousands of homes have been inundated.

According to the the regional disaster management agency, light to heavy rainfall from 24 May caused the Citarum River and tributaries to overflow, flooding areas of Dayeuhkolot, Baleendah, Bojongsoang, and Margarahayu sub-districts of Bandung Regency. Flood waters were up to 2.5 metres deep in some places. Many affected areas were previously flooded in January and again in March this year.


Nyiragongo volcano erupts in DR Congo triggering evacuation in Goma - Death toll reaches 32 - UPDATE

volcanic eruption of Mount Nyiragongo
© REUTERS/Olivia Acland
A general view shows smoke and flames at the volcanic eruption of Mount Nyiragongo near Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo May 22, 2021
Mount Nyiragongo near the Congolese city of Goma has erupted, sending flames into the sky and spreading a strong smell of sulfur in the vicinity. The government has activated an evacuation plan for the city.

The volcano began erupting around 7:00 pm local time on Saturday. Footage shared online shows Nyiragongo spitting smoke and fire into the air, turning the night skies red.

The Mount is located some 10 km (6 miles) north of Goma, a city of some 670,000 people, which in turn is only 1 km (0.6 mi) away from the Rwandan border.


Update: Aerial images show the destruction to the region in east Democratic Republic of Congo after the nighttime eruption of Mount Nyiragongo sent thousands of terrified residents fleeing in panic.

More footage of the lava flows:

Update 2: AP reports on May 24:
Death toll from Congo volcano eruption rises to at least 32

Officials say the death toll from the volcanic eruption in eastern Congo two days ago has risen to at least 32 people, while residents search for missing loved ones amid destroyed homes on the outskirts of the eastern city of Goma where aftershocks were detected. The head of Civil Protection for the North Kivu province gave the updated death toll, saying it is likely to keep rising. Joseph Makundi says some people were killed by the lava, some from resulting car accidents and others from inhaling toxic gas released from the cooling lava. Mount Nyiragongo turned the sky fiery red Saturday night and spewed torrents of lava into villages, killing people and destroying more than 500 homes.


China braces for summer floods as 71 rivers exceed warning levels

China is bracing for a heavy flood season with 71 rivers already exceeding warning levels, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday, as meteorological authorities warned that global warming is fuelling more extreme weather.

Rain in some parts of central and southern China has hit record highs in recent weeks even though overall precipitation is about 10% lower this year compared with last year, according to the Ministry of Water Resources.

Water levels on the Yangtze and its tributaries were expected to rise further over the next week, the ministry said, and it warned of major floods throughout the country from June to August.

Some monitoring stations are issuing alerts, with the Wuhan city section of the Yangtze river in central China more than two metres higher than the normal at this time of the year as a result of heavy rain upstream.

Cloud Lightning

Deadly Cyclone Yaas hits India's eastern coast - at least 3 killed

A man wades through a waterlogged road after rains ahead of Cyclone Yaas at Digha in Purba Medinipur district in the eastern state of West Bengal
© Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters
A man wades through a waterlogged road after rains ahead of Cyclone Yaas at Digha in Purba Medinipur district in the eastern state of West Bengal
Heavy rains and howling winds are lashing eastern India as the COVID-stricken country's second cyclone in as many weeks makes landfall, killing at least three people in Odisha state and forcing more than 1.2 million people to seek shelter.

Cyclone Yaas, packing gusts of up to 140kmph (87mph), made landfall at about 9am local time (03:30 GMT) on Wednesday, destroying tens of thousands of houses, forcing the closure of the busiest regional airport in the city of Kolkata, and bringing storm surges to coastal areas.

In Odisha, one person died in Keonjhar district's Panchapalli village and another in Balasore district after trees fell on them, local officials told Al Jazeera. In the state's Mayurbhanj district, the dead body of a 15-year-old boy was found in a pond at Jagannath Khunta village by a National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team.

Comment: Victims of cyclone Yaas have been posting updates:

Cloud Lightning

42 cows killed by lightning bolt that also hit farmer in China

A farmer in southern China lost 42 cows when he and his cattle herd were struck by lightning during a thunderstorm on Monday.

Officials in the town of Sanjia, which is in Dongfang in the Chinese province of Hainan, said the victim was knocked unconscious by the bolt of electricity, but he was not in any life-threatening condition.

Footage circulating on Chinese social media sites showed villagers and local government officials surveying the farm following the freak weather incident. The lifeless brown cattle can be seen scattered across the field while survivors remain cooped up nearby.