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Wed, 01 Feb 2023
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Earth Changes


Indian space agency satellite observation reports Himalayan town rapidly sinking

Joshimath India land subsidence sinking
© Associated Press
The town of Joshimath, India, January 11, 2023.
An endangered Himalayan settlement has dropped 5.4cm in days

The Indian town of Joshimath, known as a gateway to the Himalayas, sank by 5.4cm, sometime between late December and early January, the Indian space agency has reported. The popular tourist destination, at an altitude of over 6,000 ft (1800 meters), is prone to subsidence, partially due to infrastructure development.

A report by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) released on Wednesday detailed changes detected by satellite observation of Joshimath, revealing that a rapid subsidence event had taken place sometime between December 27, 2022 and January 8, 2023.

The region's chief minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami, ordered a mass evacuation after a 603 buildings in the town were found to have deep cracks.


State, federal scientists begin examining dead Fin whale found in Pass Christian, Mississippi

A 'Very rare' whale found dead, stranded near Mississippi Gulf Coast
© The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies Gulf Port Mississippi
A 'Very rare' whale found dead, stranded near Mississippi Gulf Coast
Scientists from different agencies are conducting research on a dead fin whale found dead just offshore in Pass Christian.

The endangered species is now being examined by several scientists from federal and state agencies, including the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, Mote Marine Laboratory, FWC Marine Mammal Research and Rescue, and many more.

Crews arrived early to start collecting samples that will determine the cause of death.

"We are doing an external review of the animal, but we will also be looking internally at all the organs and collecting samples to send them off for testing," IMMS stranding coordinator Theresa Madrigal said.


Earthquakes increase from 60 to 600 per week in just 5 years in Pahala, Hawaii

pahala hawaii
© Public Domain.
The location of permanent and temporary seismic instruments deployed across the southeast part of the Island of Hawai‘i. Shaded white areas show dense regions of earthquakes interpreted as the Pāhala sill complex. Dashed white box outlines a region of sparsely spaced volcano-tectonic earthquakes that lie between the Kīlauea summit and Pāhala.
Pāhala, a town located in the southeast part of the Island of Hawai'i, lies above the state's most seismically active area. In the last 5 years, the average weekly number of earthquakes has increased from about 60 to 600 earthquakes per week.

These frequent earthquakes occur deep beneath the Pāhala region at approximately 20 to 40 km (12 to 25 miles) depth. Larger events are regularly felt by residents living both within Pāhala and across the island.

In a 2015 study, scientists at USGS located and classified earthquakes in this region into two main groups.

A more continuous seismic tremor, a type of signal often used to trace the movement of magma within a volcanic system, was identified at approximately 40 km (25 miles) depth, both on- and off-shore of the Pāhala region. This activity was interpreted as the migration of magma from the deep Hawaiian hot spot to more shallow depths.

Comment: Meanwhile in Europe: Surprise magma chamber growing under Mediterranean submarine volcano Kolumbo


At least 8 dead after tornadoes sweep southeast US

Devastation in the aftermath of severe weather in Greensboro, Alabama.
© AP
Devastation in the aftermath of severe weather in Greensboro, Alabama.
At least eight people are dead — including a 5-year-old boy — after tornadoes ripped through parts of the southeast US on Thursday.

The 5-year-old boy was killed when a tree fell on a vehicle in Butts County, central Georgia, FOX5 Atlanta's Eric Perry reported Thursday night. The adult in the car was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

The child is thus far the only confirmed victim of the violent storm system in Georgia, where a freight train also appeared to have been knocked off its tracks by the winds.

The remaining seven fatalities occurred in Autauga County in central Alabama.

On Friday morning, the National Weather Service was sending teams to assess damage in at least 14 counties, AL.com reported.


7th dead whale in just over a month washes up on the New York-New Jersey coastline

Lori Goldsmid, of Brigantine, takes pictures of an approximately 20-foot long humpback that washed ashore in the North end Brigantine Friday, Jan. 13, 2022.
© Tim Hawk
Lori Goldsmid, of Brigantine, takes pictures of an approximately 20-foot long humpback that washed ashore in the North end Brigantine Friday, Jan. 13, 2022.
The seventh dead whale in just over a month has washed up on the New York-New Jersey coastline, a local photographer and a climate group told NJ Advance Media on Friday.

The humpback whale, the resident said, washed up at a beach in Brigantine.

"This was at the far north end of Brigantine," said Connie Pyatt, who noted that the whale was dead.

The dead whale washed up just miles from where another whale was found in Atlantic City on Saturday — which itself washed up blocks away from where another humpback whale was found in December.

Comment: Another humpback whale washes onto beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey - 4th within 5 weeks

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy flooding turns 60ft waterfall into lake in Yorkshire, UK

Hull Pot
© Eve Melia / SWNS
Hull Pot
Stunning footage shows a 60ft deep waterfall transformed into a lake after heavy flooding.

Hull Pot, one of England's largest natural holes, was swamped with surging water as storms rolled through the Yorkshire dales on Tuesday (10 January).

Runner Brian Stallwood, who filmed the clip, said he was shocked to find the cascade had disappeared, quipping: "Lake' Hull Pot this evening - who nicked the waterfall?"

Hull Pot, which measures 300ft (91m) long by 60ft (18m) wide, sits on the western side of Pen-y-ghent, one of the mountains that feature in the famed 'three peaks' challenge.

Cloud Precipitation

Egypt: Streets of Alexandria flooded as fresh heavy rain hit city

Egyptian motorists drove through flooded streets on Thursday (Jan. 12), as heavy rain hit areas of Alexandria city early in the morning.

The city's sewage company deployed pumping vehicles; and workers were opening drains across the city in an attempt to lower the water levels.

More rain is expected in the coming days, with the weather due to clear up by next Tuesday.

Residents have complained about the disruption the weather has caused which included school closures. Indeed, the northern African nation was lashed by a rainstorm last week.

Every year, the port city of Alexandria sinks by three millimetres, partly weakened by the Nile dams upstream that prevent soil consolidation.


Woman killed in dog attack in Caterham, Surrey, UK

dog attack
A second woman was taken to hospital for treatment

Police believe a 28-year-old woman who died after a dog attack was walking a number of dogs at the time.

Surrey Police detained eight dogs in Caterham, Surrey on Thursday afternoon and they remain in custody. Officers have identified their owners, but no arrests have been made.

The force previously reported seven dogs had been detained.

A second woman was taken to hospital for treatment for dog bites and has now been discharged.

Inspector Lyndsey Whatley, borough commander for Tandridge, said: "This is a tragic incident where a young woman has sadly lost her life and our thoughts are with her family and friends.


Apocalyptic video captures the startling moment giant "landspout" tornado towers over desert in Saudi Arabia

This is the startling sight of a massive "landspout" tornado towering over the Saudi Arabian desert.

The terrifying tornado began as a thin funnel, but as it grew stronger, it quickly transformed into an hourglass-shaped tornado.

A light drizzle was falling in the area in the city of Duba as the landspout was captured on ominous video sucking up dust and shooting it toward the sky.

It's the first time I've seen a tornado this big in Saudi Arabia, according to worker Angelito Luna.

"It was rotating so rapidly."


Rare waterspout captured on video off Sonoma Coast State Park, California

A waterspout forms off the Sonoma Coast near Jenner, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023.
© Omar Rogers
A waterspout forms off the Sonoma Coast near Jenner, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023.
Two hikers from Santa Rosa captured on video a rare waterspout off the Sonoma Coast this week.

Santa Rosa residents Annie Roche and Omar Rogers took the video Tuesday afternoon in the Ocean Cove area north of Jenner.

"To be honest I felt nothing but pure awe and amazement," wrote Rogers in an email about the sighting. "We just sat and wondered about the raw power and unimaginable force we were witnessing. Nature unfolding like this brings to mind thoughts of eternity."

According to the National Weather Service, waterspouts like the one in the video are called tornadic waterspouts, and are essentially tornadoes that form over water during storms like the recent atmospheric rivers that pounded Northern California, though they are rare for the region.