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Sat, 19 Oct 2019
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills over 150 sheep in Andhra Pradesh, India

dead sheep
As many as 150 sheep perished when lightning struck on them at Vedullapalle village in Bapatla mandal in the wee hours on Wednesday.

Officials said that Veeraiah and Seshaiah were rearing the sheep. Lightning struck on sheep herd killing them on the spot. Rain occurred accompanied by thunders and heavy gales in the wee hours in the area.

The sheep rears told media that the lost over 150 sheep worth about Rs 7 lakh and appealed the government to extend them financial assistance.


Over 500 people rescued from snow-struck Rohtang Pass in India

Himachal: Rohtang pass receives six inches snowfall,

Rohtang pass receives nearly 10 inches snowfall
More than 500 people, including tourists, were rescued from Rohtang Pass Monday morning after being stranded there for a night because of heavy snowfall.

Around 150 buses, tourist taxis, private cars and military vehicles going towards Manali from the Lahaul side on Sunday had got stuck near the pass after the area received over 25cm of snow, Manali sub-divisional magistrate Raman Gharsangi said. "A fleet of four-wheel drive vehicles was deployed to bring back the stranded. All are safe now," he said.


Winter is coming, or is it here? Up to 10 inches of snow at Stevens Pass, Washington

Snow falls along Stevens Pass on Oct. 8, 2019
© Benjamin Jurkovich
Snow falls along Stevens Pass on Oct. 8, 2019
It was a dark and stormy....day?

Scattered showers moved into the Puget Sound region Tuesday as a potent Puget Sound Convergence Zone slowly moved through the region. Some of these showers brought small hail and a few bolts of lightning.

A small hail storm coated the ground on the Eastside, with photos from the area showing rather wintry scenes.

Hail reports came in from Bellevue, Renton and the Issaquah Highlands.

In Seattle, the rains brought January-like temperatures to those caught outside. The thermometer at Sea-Tac Airport registered 44 degrees at 1 p.m. -- a 10 degree drop in 33 minutes. At that moment, Seattle was 7 degrees warmer than Reykjavik, Iceland despite it being late evening in Iceland.

Meanwhile, it was all snow up in the mountains where 7-10 inches have already fallen at Stevens Pass.


Mount Olympus receives first heavy snowfall for 2019 season in Greece

The first heavy snow for the 2019 season fell yesterday morning on Mount Olympus!

Even though in some parts of Greece people are still swimming, up north the temperature dropped to minus four degrees Celsius and the slopes and peaks of Mount Olympus were filled with snow.

A few days ago, the first snowflakes had fallen onto the highest mountain in Greece but yesterday there was a great amount that turned the entire area white!


How NASA creates fake sea level rise

In this video, I show how NASA/CSIRO create their fake sea level graphs.

Snowflake Cold

Ice Age Farmer Report: "Frost Apocalypse" - NoHarvest19 - When Will Feed Shortage 2020 Start? - Grand Solar Minimum

A Foot of Snow Is Forecast to Bury Crops in Great Plains, Canada

A foot of snow is forecast to bury crops in Great Plains, Canada
Say a prayer for the farmers, as a winter storm for the record books is arriving this week, marking the likely end of a very soggy autumn. For many, the worst planting on record (#NoPlant19) has devolved into the worst season in history (#NoHarvest19). Some counties are launching emergency contingency plans for animal feed shortages expected by July 2020. Christian asks: when do you see them beginning? Start growing your own food now.



Green Killing Machines: The impact of renewable energy on wildlife and nature


Comment: For the full PDF report mentioned in the video click here.

Also relevant: Wind company PacifiCorp Energy convicted in the deaths of eagles and other birds


Man dies after being attacked by 2 pit bull terriers in Modesto, California

Police say a man has died after he was attacked by two pit bulls in Modesto.

The incident happened Monday morning along Village Road.

Modesto police say officers responded to help with a medical call after a man was found in a home bleeding and not breathing. The 21-year-old man was soon pronounced dead by medics at the scene.


Three Gray's beaked whales wash up at Cape Point, South Africa

dead whales
Three Gray's beaked whales were stranded at Cape Point over the weekend with SANParks, NSRI and a number of relevant organisations responding to the scene to assist.

Upon arrival at the scene, two adult whales were found along with a calf. Both adults were dead on arrival and the calf died at the scene after a few hours.

Gray's beaked whales are rarely seen as they are deep water specialists, spending most of their time away from the view of the public. This particular species (Mesoplodon grayi) is one of the more common whale species along the SA coast. According to Sea Search Research & Conservation they are one of the few whales with "normal" teeth instead of more tusk-like teeth used in male on male competition.

Cloud Lightning

Rare double Gigantic Jet lightning captured over Puerto Rico

Gigantic jet over Puerto Rico
Since sprites were discovered in the late 1980s, researchers have photographed thousands of the strange upward-reaching lightning bolts. Their oversized cousins, Gigantic Jets, are far more rare. Only dozens have been photographed. It is no wonder, then, that observers are still seeing new behaviors in this type of powerful "super sprite." On Oct. 2nd, photographer Frankie Lucena may have recorded the first example of a "double Gigantic Jet."

"In the past, I've captured Gigantic Jet events that split into two, but this is the first time I've seen a Gigantic Jet that fired a second time just as the first jet was beginning to fade out," explains Lucena. "They shared the same channel of ionization, so it is considered to be a single event."

Comment: On 30th August: Gigantic jet photographed piercing the sky in China