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Wed, 22 Mar 2023
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding in far north Queensland, Australia cuts roads as some areas receive a foot of rain

Cedar Road at Palm Cove, north of Cairns,  was in full flood on Monday morning.
© Queensland Police Service
Cedar Road at Palm Cove, north of Cairns, was in full flood on Monday morning.
The wet season deluge continues in Far North Queensland where landslides have closed major roads, with drivers stuck in floodwaters and a flood watch alert in place for hundreds of kilometres of river systems.

Cairns has received more than 200 millimetres of rain since 9am yesterday, while Kuranda, to the west of the city, has received more than 300mm.

Several major far-north roads have been closed due to landslides and fallen trees.

A 60-year-old driver became stuck in floodwaters in the Cairns suburb of Clifton Beach just before 7am, but was able to escape the car before help arrived, according to the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

Emergency Management Queensland regional director Wayne Coutts said there had been several jobs this morning, mainly leaking roofs.

Cloud Precipitation

Brazil - Hundreds displaced by floods in Northern Paraná after 6 inches of rain in short period

Floods in Bandeirantes, Parana, Brazil, March
© Prefeitura de Bandeirantes
Floods in Bandeirantes, Parana, Brazil, March 2023.
Dozens of houses were damaged and hundreds of people were displaced after severe flooding swept through the municipality of Bandeirantes in the north of the state of Paraná, Brazil.

Flooding struck in the early house of 05 March 2023 following torrential rainfall. The municipal government reported over 150 mm of rain in a short period. The volume and intensity of the rain caused rivers to break their banks, flooding wide areas of Bandeirantes. Around 250 homes were damaged and over 700 people were displaced. Roads are impassable and schools have been closed. Full damage assessments are yet to be completed.

"We still haven't been able to assess the damage, since we have several damaged bridges which we need to rebuild, and people are isolated," Jaelson Matta, mayor of Bandeirantes said.

Many of those displaced are being housed in local schools and other public buildings. Local authorities are providing food and other relief supplies. The Municipality of Bandeirantes declared a state of emergency late on 05 March.

Snowflake Cold

New scientific evidence suggests temperatures have been stable in Greenland for 60 years, save for a sudden 1°C jump in 1994

Fascinating new scientific evidence has emerged showing stable temperatures in Greenland for at least 60 years, with just a sudden 1°C jump around 1994.

The recent findings from a group of environmental meteorologists will cast further doubt on the unproven hypothesis that humans have caused recent changes in the Arctic climate. In a highly detailed paper, the scientists show that the climate changes can be attributed to natural variation caused by two significant air currents.

The scientists report a significant jump in Greenland's near-surface air temperatures (T2m) around 1994, with relatively stable temperature in the periods before (1958-93) and after (1994-2020). In a crucial finding, the scientists state: "Large scale atmospheric circulation variability can effectively explain this interdecadal variability of Greenland T2m." These are caused by the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and the Greenland Blocking Index (GBI). The NAO is caused by latitudinal differences in air pressure, while the GBI is a ridge of northern high pressure that leads to troughing in the jet stream. The correlations of temperatures with movements in the NAO and GBI were found to be "highly significant". Against the background to the sudden 1994 rapid warming, the observed shift in both NAO and GBI was noted to be "critical to the sudden warming in Greenland since the mid-1990s".

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3 German skiers die in avalanche in British Columbia mountains

A group of 9 skiers and a guide were caught in an avalanche near Invermere, B.C. Wednesday. Three people died and four others were injured.

A group of 9 skiers and a guide were caught in an avalanche near Invermere, B.C. Wednesday. Three people died and four others were injured.
Three German tourists from Bavaria are dead, the victims of one of the most dangerous avalanche seasons of recent memory in British Columbia.

The trio were part of a nine-person heli-ski group that took off early Wednesday to explore an area near Panorama Mountain Resort near Invermere, B.C.

The skiers triggered the slide, according to avalanche experts, and despite having avalanche training and a guide on hand, three were unable to get out of it.

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Avalanche at Black Crater, Oregon claims life of backcountry skier

Rescue teams on the scene at Black Crater,
© Central Oregon Avalanche Center
Rescue teams on the scene at Black Crater, Oregon, where a backcountry skier was killed on Thursday.
On March 2, 2023, The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue unit was dispatched to a report of an avalanche at Black Crater, Oregon. Black Crater is a steep-sided shield volcano in the Cascade Range, located north of the Three Sisters and east of McKenzie Pass.

The reporting party (skier#2) advised Deschutes County 911 he and a friend were skiing in the caldera at Black Crater when an avalanche was triggered. Skier #1 was caught up in the avalanche and no longer visible and possibly injured.

Both skiers were equipped with proper backcountry safety items including avalanche beacons, shovels, helmets, and avalanche probes. The reporting party attempted to locate his friend by utilizing his avalanche beacon and ultimately was successful. Life-saving measures were conducted, however, skier #1 succumbed to his injuries.


Large 'HELP US!!' message spotted in SoCal snow as some residents grow desperate - up to 12.5 FEET of snow in 7 days

Residents in the Southern California are pleading for more help as some remain in an increasingly desperate situation after a massive snowstorm overwhelmed the area.

AIR7 HD, from our sister station, ABC7 Los Angeles, flew over the Lake Gregory area of Crestline Friday afternoon and captured a large message written out in the snow that read "HELP US!!"

Despite facing treacherous roads, aerial footage showed dozens of residents lined up at a food distribution outside a Crestline grocery store where the roof had collapsed earlier in the week.

Cloud Lightning

"Thundersnow" winter storm slams Toronto-area

It hasn't even been a full week since the last snowstorm, but now another major system lashed the Greater Toronto Area on Friday night, bringing with it a fresh coating of snow that clearing crews continue to battle.

But, snow was not the only thing flashing throughout the sky — there was also "thundersnow."

Global's Ahmar Khan reports from Toronto in the middle of this frigid scene.


At least 13 people are dead as severe storms bring tornadoes and flooding to southern US, now sweeps across northeast

The roof of the La Azteca grocery store in Little
© Tom Fox/AP
The roof of the La Azteca grocery store in Little Elm, Texas, peeled off and landed on a half dozen vehicles parked outside on March 2, 2023
At least 13 people have died in multiple states due to severe weather across the country as a powerful storm system that brought golf ball-sized hail and tornadoes to the South continues to march Saturday across the Northeast.

The storm spurred wind gusts strong enough to topple tractor-trailer trucks, leaving more than 1 million people without power and threatening to bring more torrential rain, tornadoes and heavy snow.

The storm system is the same that dumped feet of snow across parts of California, leaving some trapped in their homes with snow piled as high as second-story windows and prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency in 13 counties. Many of those affected are now bracing for another round of snow and rain on Saturday from a new system.

At least five Kentuckians have died in connection with the severe weather that hit the area Friday, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said during a news briefing on Saturday.

Cloud Precipitation

2 feet of rain in under 48 hours triggers floods in Johor, Malaysia - 4 dead, 40,000 flee homes (UPDATE)

Floods in Johor, Malaysia, March 2023
© Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia Negeri Johor
Floods in Johor, Malaysia, March 2023.
Rivers are above the danger mark in at least 16 locations in the state of Johor, Malaysia, where thousands of people have evacuated their homes. Around 630 mm of rain fell in under 48 hours in some locations of Johor. Meanwhile, flooding has also affected areas of Sarawak and Sabah States.

Over 40 evacuation centres were set up in the districts of Johor Bahru, Kluang, Kota Tinggi, Kulai, Pontian and Segamat late on 28 February.

Malaysia's disaster management agency said over 5,000 people from 1,542 households had moved to the centres as of 01 March.

Heavy rain began on 28 February. According to figures from the Ministry Of Natural Resources, Environment And Climate Change, the Air Panas weather station in the Segamat district recorded 627 mm of rain from 28 to late 01 March.

Comment: Update March 5

CNN reports:
Rescue efforts are underway in parts of Malaysia after seasonal floods killed at least four people and displaced more than 40,000.

Among the deaths confirmed Saturday by state authorities in Johor was a man who became trapped in a car that was swept away by rising floodwaters.

Footage taken by rescue workers and volunteers in towns across the southern state showed groups of people stranded on rooftops as their houses disappeared underwater.

Images shared by the National Flood Disaster Agency showed rescuers wading chest-deep in some areas to save people trapped in their homes. One rescue worker was seen carrying a baby in a bucket to safety.

Other images showed flooded roads and forests and vehicles submerged in muddy water.

An aerial view shows the extent of flooding in the town of Yong Peng, located in Malaysia's southern Johor state on 4 March, 2023.
© Mohd Rasfan
An aerial view shows the extent of flooding in the town of Yong Peng, located in Malaysia's southern Johor state on 4 March, 2023.


Latest winter storm breaks snow records in northern Arizona - 31 inches in a day in Flagstaff

Northern Arizonans could revel in a much-anticipated break Friday from winter storms that were nothing short of record-breaking.

During the past few weeks, Arizona's high country experienced storms from a 'memorable' wind event to surpassing the month of March's average snowfall on its first calendar day, here are some notable highlights.

Flagstaff sets second-highest snowfall total through March 1

From July 1 through March 1, the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport received just over 140 inches of snow, the second-highest total recorded through the time period since it began collecting data 101 years ago.

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