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Sun, 27 Nov 2022
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rain, hailstorm witnessed in several areas of United Arab Emirates

Vehicles pass by a road during heavy rain.

Vehicles pass by a road during heavy rain.
Heavy rain was witnessed on separate areas across the UAE on Monday, while dust-stirring winds blew at 40 km/h.

Light rain started falling at 11:49am on Dibba in Fujairah, turning to heavy on Alhala, Al Bidya, Masafi-Dibba Road, Kadra, Asafni and other areas in Ras Al Khaimah.

While heavy rain and hail fell on Wahlah in Fujairah, medium to heavy rain fell on the Khatm Al Melaha in Sharjah, Hatta in Dubai and separate areas in Ajman.


Pack of dogs maul, kill 6-year-old pupil in Uganda

dog attack
Police in Sembabule is searching for the owner of a pack of dogs that mauled to death, Dan Matovu, a 6-year-old boy in Kayunga B village in Sembabule district.

The incident is said to have happened on November 2, 2022 as Matovu headed to the garden where his mother was digging.

"The victim returned from Kyebongotoko school at around 4:30pm, and followed his mother to the garden. It was very unfortunate that while on his way to the garden, he came across a pack of dangerous dogs which attacked and inflicted fatal injuries on him," police spokesperson Fred Enanga said.

According to Enanga, during the attack, the victim made an alarm which attracted his mother's response.

Unfortunately, upon the her arrival at the scene, the dogs had shredded all the clothes of the victim and killed him. His body was reportedly covered with bite marks.


Toddler dies after dog attack at motel in New South Wales, Australia

dog attack
A two-year-old boy has died after he was attacked by two dogs at a motel in central-west NSW on Tuesday morning.

Emergency services responded to a report the toddler had suffered serious injuries to his face and neck when he was mauled by the dogs at the Country Gardens Motor Inn on Grenfell Road in Cowra shortly after 10am.

A member of the public had already taken the child to Cowra Hospital when police arrived.

The boy was airlifted to Westmead Hospital in a critical condition but he died on Tuesday afternoon.


Terrifying moment pod of 7 orcas SINK a sailing yacht off Portugal

As the attack continued, the boat eventually began to crack because of the force of the orca's jaws and the ruthless killer whales ripped a hole in the hull of the 40-foot boat

As the attack continued, the boat eventually began to crack because of the force of the orca's jaws and the ruthless killer whales ripped a hole in the hull of the 40-foot boat
This is the astonishing moment seven orcas destroyed a sailing yacht and sank it in 45 minutes, with the terrified crew fleeing for their lives on a life raft near Portugal.

Footage from November 1 shows the orcas circling and bumping the vessel, called Smousse while crew members Elliott, Augustin, Roman and Corentin were on board.

Augustin said that when they heard the boat shaking and a loud noise at the back of the yacht, they realised they were surrounded by orcas.

As the attack continued, the boat eventually began to crack because of the force of the orca's jaws and the killer whales ripped a hole in the hull of the 40ft boat.

Augustin went to the back of the boat and realised it was fast filling with water and the men had to flee.

Comment: For more details concerning other attacks, see:

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills father, daughter in Zambia

A man and his daughter have died in Kitwe's Chantete Ward while his wife and two other children escaped with minor burns after they were struck by lightning.

The incident is reported to have happened after the family sought refuge in their home when it started raining.

The three survivors have since been discharged after being examined at the Kitwe Teaching hospital.

Kitwe Teaching Hospital Public Relations Officer Phoebe Chileya and Chantete ward Councilor David Phiri confirmed that the incident occurred on November 4, 2022.

Chileya disclosed that the two died on the spot. "I can confirm that two people were reported to have died on the spot while three who were admitted after sustaining minor burns as a result.


One killed, two injured in wild boar attack in Malaysia

IPOH: A man was killed after being attacked by a wild boar near Jalan Kampung Paya Ara in Pantai Remis, about 90km from here.

A Perak Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said the victim, identified as Syaiful Anuar Abdul Wahab, 46, died on the spot following the incident on Sunday (Nov 6) evening.

"We received a call about the incident around 7.05pm.

"The man was on his way to his farm prior to the incident," he said in a statement.

Bizarro Earth

Unexpected solar flare caused radio blackouts in Australia and New Zealand

The flare was accompanied by a coronal mass ejection that missed Earth.
Solar Flare
© NASA Goddard
A past solar flare seen erupting from the sun on June 20, 2013
A surprise solar flare has burst from an area of dense magnetism on the sun's surface, causing a temporary radio blackout in parts of Australia and all of New Zealand.

The M5-class, medium-strength solar flare was recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory as it erupted from the sunspot AR3141 at 7:11 p.m. ET on Sunday (Nov. 6). The flare created a rush of radiation that ionized Earth's atmosphere, according to spaceweather.com.

Sunspots are dark regions on the sun's surface where powerful magnetic fields, created by the flow of electrical charges, knot into kinks before suddenly snapping. The resulting release of energy launches bursts of radiation called solar flares and explosive jets of solar material called coronal mass ejections (CMEs). A CME did accompany this flare, but it was not aimed at Earth.

The solar flare erupted unexpectedly and took scientists by surprise. "Our apologies there was no alert for this event. The flare was impulsive," the solar activity tracking website SpaceWeatherLive wrote on Twitter.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) classifies solar flares in five categories — A, B, C M and X — based on the intensity of the X-rays they release, with each level having 10 times the intensity of the last. TK

Snowflake Cold

Alberta clipper leaves Saskatchewan residents digging themselves out of the snow - 8 feet high snowdrifts reported

Tisdale resident Doug Tkachuk digs his cars out of the snow after the area received about 25cm of snow overnight on Saturday.

Tisdale resident Doug Tkachuk digs his cars out of the snow after the area received about 25cm of snow overnight on Saturday.
This weekend's snowstorm caused quite the ruckus in Central Saskatchewan communities, affecting businesses, sporting events and city streets.

According to online weather reports, North Battleford saw white-out like conditions where visibility was next to zero with 12-16 centimeters of snow and winds gusting up to 65 kilometers per hour. Elsewhere like La Ronge saw 19 cm with 54 km/h winds, while the west central part of the province experienced 16-20 cm with winds exceeding 60 km/h.

Melfort and surround areas saw nearly 25 cm of snow where winds gusted up to 60 km/h. In Tisdale, the wind and snow left people like Doug Tkachuk digging out eight-feet high snow drifts. His wife, Val said he has been working non-stop clearing snow since Saturday afternoon.

"There was probably two feet of snow on top of his vehicle," she said. "He went out a couple of times last night and when he came back in, he said, 'I'm going to wait til morning and I'll go out again' and when we woke up this morning we couldn't believe it. The snow was up to my waist."

Cloud Lightning

Greece battered by heavy rainfall,18,000 lightning strikes during Storm "Eva"

The first winter storms of the season have been battering Greece since Saturday, causing streets to flood on Sunday as a result of the heavy rainfall.

The National Meteorological Service of Greece (EMY) renewed its emergency notice issued on Thursday as a severe weather system called "Eva" is causing hazardous weather conditions across most of Greece.

The severe weather is expected to last until Monday morning.

Until then, Civil Protection strongly recommends that citizens avoid unnecessary travel, and advises against attempting to cross any torrents, streams, or flooded roads, either on foot or in a vehicle.


Flood crisis grows across Australia

Residents of Forbes are facing a monster

Residents of Forbes are facing a monster clean-up bill after the town was devastated by its worst floods in 70 years, as the body of a man swept away in the Central West last week was found.
Dozens of towns across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia are facing the threat of inundation as flood peaks move downstream.

The flood crisis is expected to worsen in some areas and flooding along the Murray River could last until at least the new year.