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Tue, 22 Jun 2021
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Floods prompt rescues and evacuations in south-central regions of Chile - up to 5 inches of rain in 20 hours

A landslide in Panguipulli Commune, Los Rios, Chile.
© Government of Los Rios Region
A landslide in Panguipulli Commune, Los Rios, Chile.
Dozens of people have evacuated their homes while others have been left isolated after heavy rain triggered landslides and flooding in Bio Bío, Araucania, Los Ríos and Los Lagos Regions of Chile. Around 15,000 people were left without power.

Chile's National Emergency Office ONEMI reported the development of the frontal system forecast for the section between the Ñuble and Los Lagos regions on 01 June 2021.

According to figures provided by ONEMI, in a 20 hour period on 01 June, Maquehue in Padre las Casas Commune of Araucania Region recorded 101.9 mm of rain, while Corral in Los Rios recorded 128.9 mm and Concepcion in Bio Bío recorded 77.8 mm.

Road Cone

Huge sinkhole appears in central Mexico

A sinkhole is threatening to swallow a house in the Mexican state of Puebla
A sinkhole is threatening to swallow a house in the Mexican state of Puebla
A giant sinkhole that was expanding by dozens of meters each day has alarmed residents in a rural area of central Mexico where it was threatening to swallow a house.

When the Sanchez family heard a loud crash on Saturday they first thought that it was a lightning strike.

But they soon discovered that the ground had collapsed just meters from their home in a field in Santa Maria Zacatepec in the state of Puebla.

The hole, which is full of water, was about 30 meters (nearly 100 feet) wide by Sunday.

It rapidly grew to 60 meters on Monday and around 80 meters on Tuesday, the authorities said, coming perilously close to the house of the Sanchez family, who fear they will be left homeless.


Rare 'Level 5 snow warning' in place for parts of South Africa

Snowy road
Brace yourselves, winter is... well, it's not just coming. It's actually here. A cold snap has embedded itself in the central interior of the country, but chillier conditions are yet to reach us here in South Africa. Through Wednesday 2 June, a lesser-spotted 'Level 5 snow warning' will be in place for several rural regions.

The SA Weather Service made the announcement on their social media pages earlier this afternoon. In total, four districts have been slapped with an 'orange alert', due to potentially disruptive snow showers. Mountain passes along the Drakensberg Range expected to be closed ahead of schedule, and drivers are asked to make alternative plans.

The Level 5 snow warning has been implemented across these locations in the Eastern Cape:
  • Senqu / Barkly East
  • Elundini and Maclear
  • Matatiele
  • Sakhisizwe / Elliot


Skywatchers witness breathtaking rainbow halo around the sun over southern India city

Sun halo in India
© Caters News
A stunning spectacle was witnessed in the sky over Bangalore on Monday when a rainbow formed a halo around the sun.

Local residents observed and photographed the striking atmospheric phenomenon surrounding the sun in the southern Indian city.

Dr. Gouri Sateesh, 24, who was one of the hundreds of residents who captured the spectacular sight on her camera, said she was awestruck after witnessing the natural marvel.

A rainbow is an optical phenomenon which occurs when light passes through tiny pixel-like droplets of water in the atmosphere and is refracted so that all the colors of the visible light spectrum are made visible.

Likewise, the phenomenon may occur when sunlight passes through clouds (water vapor), causing this similar halo rainbow effect when looking in the direction of the sun.


Small earthquake, loud boom rattles part of New York state

Earthquakes in New York? Yes, it does happen occasionally. If you have friends or relatives in Livingston County, then you might want to check to see if they felt the small tremor that occurred Thursday evening. The United State Geological Survey says the small 2.4 magnitude quake struck just north of the town of Tuscarora, NY, just east of Letchworth State Park. WBNG did not indicate whether or not there was any damage in the area.

But while the quake was small, it was also considered shallow (around 12,000 feet below the surface, according to WROC) The Daily News Online says that some residents described the tremor on social media as a "loud boom", while others said their porch floor shook "quickly and vigorously". Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty said over Twitter that his office received multiple calls from concerned residents.

Back in March, an area just north of the Hudson Valley felt an earthquake, somewhat like this most recent tremor The United States Geological Survey says a small quake occurred near Altamount, NY, in Albany County. News 10 is reporting that the quake measured a 2.0 on the Richter Scale. Yes, earthquakes do happen in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada. 2020 actually started off with three small earthquakes, on January 3, 7, and 13 respectively. The third was the strongest of the trio, measuring a magnitude 3.3, that hit several miles south of the town of Ormstown, Quebec. The Times Union says the quake was felt as far south as the town of Ticonderoga, NY.

Cloud Grey

2021 noctilucent clouds season starts earlier than expected

Noctilucent clouds
© Andy Stables/spaceweathergallery.com
Noctilucent clouds (NLCs) have been spotted over Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, and Scotland, among other countries, on May 25 and 26, marking an early start to the northern hemisphere's 2021 NLC season. The clouds are rapidly intensifying. In only four days since the clouds were first seen, their coverage of the Arctic has multiplied 10 times.

On May 26, 2021, photographer Andy Stables captured NLCs over Milovaig in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. "The NLCs got stronger and this was taken at 00:47 UTC (01:47 LT)," Stables said.

The electric-blue rippers "were clearly visible to the unaided eye," he added. "This is the earliest I have ever seen them here in Scotland."

Dr. Tony Phillips of spaceweather.com described the phenomenon as unusual, noting that the NLCs are already forming even though it is only May. Other witnesses are able to see the clouds from the ground.

"NLCs are Earth's highest clouds," said Dr. Phillips. "Seeded by meteoroids, they float at the edge of space about 83 km (52 miles) above the ground."
NLCs in Poland
© Tomasz Adam
Early NLCs captured in Krakow, Poland, on May 25.


Locust swarm of billions in Qassim, Saudi Arabia

Natural disaster 30 May 2021. Sun hid behind billions of locust swarms in Qassim, Saudi Arabia.


Adelaide in Australia shivers through coldest May morning in almost 100 years

For some reason, the adelaide.com headlined that it was the coldest May morning in Melbourne in 70 years. You have to read almost to the bottom of the article before finding that it was the coldest May morning in Adelaide since 1927.


From adelaiade.com

It was a frosty morning across southeast Australia, with many inland places plunging well below zero and Adelaide dipping to 3.5C — the equal coldest May morning since 1927.

Meanwhile, Melbourne shivered through its coldest May morning in more than 70 years, the Bureau of Meteorology said on Sunday.

Temperatures fell to 1.7C, which is the lowest for the city since mid last century.


Record cold across Northeast US dating back to the 1800s

Dozens - more likely hundreds - of cold records were broken or shattered on Saturday.

Many locations broke daily low temperature records, while others shattered lowest daily high temperature records.

Some of these records for lowest high temperature dated back to the 1800s.

For some reason unfathomable to me, AccuWeather forces you to muddle through several rambling unimportant paragraphs before you get to the heart of this story, which is:

Record cold across a huge expanse of the northern tier


Tropical Storm 'Choi-Wan' (Dante) triggers deadly flash floods and evacuations in the Philippines

Searching for a missing person after floods
© PDRRMO South Cotabato
Searching for a missing person after floods in South Cotabato, Philippines, May 2021.
Tropical Depression Choi-Wan (local name 'Dante') intensified into a tropical storm on 31 May, 2021 as it entered the Philippines Area of Responsibility (PAR).

As of 01 June the centre of the storm was estimated at 125 km east-southeast of Guiuan in Eastern Samar. According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), Choi-Wan is forecast to make initial landfall over Eastern Samar or Leyte late 01 June or early 02 June (local time). The storm is forecast to maintain its strength prior to landfall. Choi-Wan may weaken into a tropical depression on 04 June and to a Low Pressure Area on 05 June. PAGASA warned of heavy rain, rough seas, storm surge and strong winds.