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Heavy snow threatens the livelihood of animals in Argentine Patagonia

ganado argentina
© X @Ejercito_Arg
Breeders in Argentine Patagonia went wild on social media after heavy snowfalls completely covered their animals placing around 1 million of them in danger of starving to death as the region goes through one of its coldest winters in the last decades. A video that went viral on social media shows the shooter walking through thick snow in the province of Chubut, with sheep fully under the snow except for their heads.

Under the present conditions, pastures were rendered unattainable, thus endangering cattle livelihood. The Argentine Rural Confederation (CRA) described the situation facing the sector as "dramatic."

"The situation in Santa Cruz is very complex, the snowfall extends from north to south and from the central strip towards the west affecting 50% of the cattle and sheep 'stock', about 40,000 cattle and 1 million sheep," said Enrique Jamieson, president of the Federation of Agricultural Institutions Santa Cruz and of the Rio Gallegos Rural Society.

Cloud Precipitation

Croatia's tourist hotspots hit by storms with hail the size of 'tennis balls'

Red warnings were issued in Zagreb and on the eastern border with Serbia after hail pelted Croatia
© Ivo JugovicRed warnings were issued in Zagreb and on the eastern border with Serbia after hail pelted Croatia
Hail the size of "tennis balls" has fallen on the Croatian capital of Zagreb as a dangerous thunderstorm swept through the country.

Red warnings were issued in the capital and Osijek, near the country's eastern border with Serbia, meaning the storm could cause "possible danger to life".

Orange thunderstorm alerts warning of the risk of lightning and heavy damage were issued for Rijeka in the north of the country and parts of Slovenia.

Dramatic footage showed buildings with their roofs destroyed after a shower of hail pelted houses across Croatia.


Waterspout off Bonita Springs, Florida on June 30

A waterspout was spotted off the coast of Bonita Springs, Florida, on Sunday, June 30, footage posted by X user @BonitaDad shows.

The National Weather Service said that waterspouts were possible for the area. Credit: @BonitaDad via Storyful


Woman dead after dog attack in Bolivar, Tennessee

© Bolivar Police Department
A woman is dead after police say she was attacked by two dogs in Bolivar early Monday morning.

According to reports, around 1:30 a.m. Bolivar Police responded to a distress call in the area of Sycamore and Mitchell Streets regarding a woman who was found bleeding on the road.

The woman was later identified as Theresa Rhodes. She was found to be in critical condition with "extensive injuries" from a dog attack.

Police say two dogs were in the area at the time of the incident.

In order to administer first aid to Rhodes, an officer shot at the dogs, injuring one of them. Both of the dogs then fled the scene and have not been located.

Rhodes was transported to Bolivar General Hospital for medical treatment but later died from her injuries.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy summer rains cause flooding in eastern Czech republic on June 30

Members of the Czech emergency services walk through a flooded street following heavy rains in the Czech Republic's east.
© Glück Dalibor/CTK/dpaMembers of the Czech emergency services walk through a flooded street following heavy rains in the Czech Republic's east.
Heavy rains have caused flooding in the east of the Czech Republic, the emergency services reported on Monday.

There were more than 300 callouts in Zlín, an industrial city some 250 kilometres south-east of Prague near the border with Slovakia, with pumps being used to drain cellars and ground floors and fallen trees cleared from roads, they said.

In the village of Sazovice to the west of Zlín, the water rose to up to 1 metre on the streets. A dozen people had to be taken to safety from their homes.

In Racková, a village to the north of Zlín, more than 40 buildings were flooded, including the municipal offices and the school.

Streams in the areas turned into rivers. Damage was put at millions of euros.

Cloud Precipitation

Death toll from mudslide rises to 13 in Kyrgyzstan on June 30

The death toll from a mudslide in southern Kyrgyzstan has increased to 13, the press service of the country's Ministry of Emergency Situations reported.

Heavy rainfall in the Nookat region of Osh Oblast on Friday triggered mudflows, damaging two bridges, and electric poles, and flooding 15 courtyards of private houses. A state of emergency has been declared in the area, Xinhua news agency reported on Monday.

Meanwhile, in one recreation area, a flow of mud carried away a group of people relaxing on the river bank.

At the moment, the number of deceased has increased to nine.


Hurricane Beryl: At least 6 dead in Caribbean as record-earliest Atlantic storm upgraded to Category 5

Hurricane Beryl on July 1, 2024.
© NOAAHurricane Beryl on July 1, 2024.
Hurricane Beryl is heading towards Jamaica after at least six people were killed when the storm tore through the Caribbean islands on Monday.

The storm was upgraded to Category 5 overnight - the highest level of hurricane warning after winds were recorded at 165mph.

After making landfall on the Grenadines, the storm left behind a path of "immense destruction, pain (and) suffering", said Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

Three people were reported to have died in Grenada and Carriacou and another in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, officials said.

Two other deaths were reported in northern Venezuela, where five people are missing.

One of those killed in Grenada died after a tree fell on a house, according to Kerryne James, minister of climate resilience, environment, and renewable energy.

Beryl is expected to hit Jamaica early on Wednesday, bringing life-threatening winds and a storm surge that could be almost two and a half metres above typical tide levels.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 19-year-old man in Florida park on June 30

A 19-year-old man has died after being struck by lightning in Vista View Park in Davie, police said.

The incident occurred Sunday morning when Davie police officers responded to a 911 call reporting a person down, potentially due to a lightning strike.

Upon arrival, officers discovered the victim, identified as Ethan Lawrence from Broward County, dead at the park. Police got the call around 10:24 a.m.

That was right in the middle of a burst of more than 800 lightning strikes reported in Broward County in under 30 minutes, according to WSVN News.

The Broward County Medical Examiner's Office is assisting with the ongoing investigation.

Source: Miami Herald

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills 36 goats in Punjab, Pakistan

As many as 36 goats died after a lightning strike during rain at village Khairaywala near Chowk Sarwar Shaheed.

The goats, valued at over Rs 1.8 million, belonged to Muhammad Sharif, a cattle farmer from district Layyah. The local community expressed deep sorrow over the significant loss.

Muhammad Sharif has appealed to the Punjab government for financial assistance, as this disaster has caused severe hardship for him.

In 2013, China gifted Pakistan meteorological detectors to provide early warnings of lightning, aiming to protect people and property in Tharparkar. According to Mehr Sahibzad Khan, the Director General of the Meteorological Department, China donated 25 weather detectors worth US$1 million to Pakistan. These detectors are capable of predicting lightning events in advance.

Mehr Sahibzad Khan also mentioned that weather detectors are being installed nationwide, and a radar with a range of 14,000 km is being acquired from China. This new equipment will help in timely identification of natural disasters related to climate change.


Signs & portents: Tribes honor the birth of a rare white buffalo calf in Yellowstone on June 4 and reveal its name: Wakan Gli

© Erin Braaten / Dancing Aspens PhotographyA rare white buffalo calf, reportedly born in Yellowstone National Park's Lamar Valley in Wyoming, on June 4.
In a gathering near a picturesque lake outside Yellowstone National Park, hundreds of people cheered Wednesday as a Native American leader spoke the name revealed on a painted hide for a rare white buffalo that was born in the park earlier this month: Wakan Gli, which means "Return Sacred" in Lakota.

The moment marked the highlight of a Native American religious ceremony to commemorate the calf's birth that also featured dancing, drumming, singing and the retelling of how a mysterious woman brought a message of reassurance during hard times.

Earlier this month, the white buffalo calf was born in Yellowstone National Park's vast and lush Lamar Valley, where huge, lumbering bison graze by the hundreds in scenes reminiscent of the old American West.

To the several tribes who revere American bison — they call them "buffalo" — the calf's appearance was both the fulfilment of sacred prophesy and a message to take better care of the Earth.