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Thu, 26 May 2022
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National Weather Service: Rare tornado strikes in New Hampshire, knocks over 1,000 trees

Charlestown tornado

Charlestown tornado
A rare EF1 tornado with maximum wind speeds of 90 mph traveled between two New Hampshire towns bordering Vermont on Monday, National Weather Service meteorologists said.

Reaching 330 yards at its largest size, the weak tornado traveled 4.8 miles during the approximately six minutes it was on the ground, according to NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist Donald Dumont.

He said it moved from the 4,800-population town of North Charlestown to the neighboring city of Claremont between 6:22 p.m. and 6:28 p.m.

The NWS verified that a dash camera video taken by a man driving a vehicle in Claremont accurately depicted the tornado that passed through the area, Dumont told USA TODAY.


Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes off Macquarie Island

An island located 1,600km southeast of Tasmania has been struck by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported the earthquake near Macquarie Island in the Southern Pacific Ocean at 8:49pm on Thursday (AEDT).

The quake, which was revised from an initial magnitude of 7.4, had a depth of 10km, according to the United States Geological Survey (USCS).


New Mexico wildfire — one-quarter the size of Delaware — now largest in state's history

A wildfire in northern New Mexico
© ap
A wildfire in northern New Mexico has now burned through 405 square miles, an area bigger than Dallas, Texas. Overgrown mountainsides covered with Ponderosa pine and other trees sucked dry of moisture over decades are fueling the flames.
A monster blaze churning in northern New Mexico for more than a month has blackened enough acreage to earn a place in the state's record books.

Aside from being the largest wildfire currently burning in the U.S., the fire moving over the Sangre de Cristo mountain range is now the largest in the arid state's recorded history. It covers more than 465 square miles, or an area nearly one-quarter the size of Delaware.

More than 260 homes have burned and more evacuations were prompted over the weekend as the blaze moved through dry — and in some cases dead — stands of pine and fir trees. Huge columns of smoke could be seen from miles away, and fire officials and weather forecasts continue to refer to it as an unprecedented situation.


100km/h Cyclone Yakecan hits Uruguay & Brazil, sea foam covers coast

Subtropical cyclone Yakecan hit the coastlines of Brazil and Uraguay today, on May 17th 2022.

Wind speeds of over 100km/h were measured as the Cyclone approached the coast, including in Rio Grande do Sol.

As the Cyclone approached, high winds caused large volumes of sea foam in coastal areas.

Alerts are in place, with power outages reported and buildings damaged by the storm.


Video shows apparent tornado touch down in southern Saskatchewan, Canada

An apparent landspout tornado on the ground south of Keller, Sask. reported on May 17, 2022.
© Dusty Munsch
An apparent landspout tornado on the ground south of Keller, Sask. reported on May 17, 2022.
A landspout tornado appeared to touch down in south central Saskatchewan Tuesday night.

While not confirmed by Environment and Climate Change Canada as of 9 p.m. CST, the tornado was spotted by Rob Been near the village of Keeler around 7 p.m. CST.

Been told CBC News he was taking a post-supper nap when he was awakened by loud thunder. The next thing he knew, a tornado appeared to be forming.

"You're awestruck at just the sheer power and the volatility of it," said Been.

"The winds came up so quick, the hail came down in a hurry. That thing formed almost out of nowhere."


Tornado filmed in Czech Republic

The tornado was observed and recorded by Tomáš Launa.

Cloud Precipitation

'Looks like snow!' - Hailstorm catches Gauteng suburb by surprise in South Africa

The hailstorm hit Randfontein shortly after midday on 17/05/2022

The hailstorm hit Randfontein shortly after midday on 17/05/2022
Snow, floods, or record-breaking heatwaves - the weather is just getting weirder in this country. On Tuesday, a surprise hailstorm managed to catch residents of Randfontein off-guard, as the wild conditions created a rather wintery scene in this part of Gauteng.


Just after midday, the white stuff barraged the East Rand, blanketing busy commuter routes and suburban settings with a layer of ice and slush. The hailstorm was so powerful, droplets formed a white covering, looking something more like a blizzard.

Driving proved to be difficult for those negotiating their way through the icy blasts, and as seen in this footage here, conditions became hazardous for commuters who were travelling through Randfontein at the time.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills teen while swimming at Bustos Dam in the Philippines

A 17-year-old died when he was struck by lightning while swimming in the water of Bustos Dam in Barangay Tibagan, province of Bulacan on Sunday, May 15.

In a report to Col. Charlie A. Cabradilla, acting Bulacan police director, Maj. Leopoldo L. Estorque Jr., Bustos police chief, identified the victim as Reniel Villante Buela of Barangay Bintog, Plaridel, Bulacan.

Initial investigation conducted by the Bustos police showed that while the victim, together with his relatives, were swimming, heavy rain poured with occasional thunderstorms.


Heavy rains hit parts of south China, causing flooding

Heavy rains
Downpours battered parts of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and neighboring Guangdong Province, causing flooding, disrupting traffic and stranding residents on Thursday and Friday.

Agricultural lands were affected by the flood, resulting in economic losses. People in a low-lying place were trapped by surging floodwaters. Factories and schools in the affected areas were shut down to protect people's safety.

Cloud Precipitation

Train rescue after floods hit Assam, India

Haflong Hill Railway Station,

Assam floods: Haflong railway station inundated due to heavy downpour; passengers rescued
Floods hit Assam, India on May 16th 2022.

Tens of thousands of residents have been impacted as floods hit Assam, causing landslides.

Among the areas heavily impacted is Haflong, where floods derailed a train, requiring passengers to be rescued.

Homes and businesses have flooded, destroying produce and possessions. Shelters are in place to help those affected.

Roads have been closed, as floods and landslides make travel impossible. Authorities are monitoring the situation as it develops.

Comment: India - 5 fatalities after heavy rain, floods and landslides in Assam and Meghalaya - 2 feet of rain in 3 days