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Sat, 11 Jul 2020
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Earth Changes


Houses carried away by floodwater after dam bursts following heavy rain in Ruza, Russia

A dam wreckage in the Russian city of Ruza near Moscow resulted in not just a 'flood' - whole houses were carried away by the stream. After the rain, a dam broke and the river formed a new channel right through the city. The streets simply disappeared, its inhabitants barely managed to escape from the rushing stream.


Man walking to work mauled by severely bear in Kashmir, India

bear attack
This is the shocking moment a man was severely injured after a bear attack while walking to work in Kashmir, India.

Ghulam Qadir Sheikh, 55, was the subject of an unprovoked attack on Thursday in the Budgam district in northern India.

Video footage shows a passer-by trying to help the victim utilizing a stick to beat the bear, who had wrapped his paws around the man's arms and body.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 3, injures 7 others in West Bengal, India

Representational Image
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Representational Image
Three women, Sova Barman, 35, Champa Barman, 35, and Mandi Barman, 50, were killed and seven others injured when lightning struck them in Jagdishpur village under the Raiganj police station in North Dinajpur district this afternoon.

The injured are undergoing treatment in the Raiganj Medical College & Hospital, sources said. It is learnt that a team of around 30 workers were planting paddy in fields at around 4 pm, when rainfall, accompanied by thunder and lightning, lashed the area.

"All those working in the fields that time were seriously injured when lightning struck them and they were immediately taken to the Raiganj Medical College & Hospital, where three of them were declared dead," a police officer at the Raiganj police station said today.

Comment: Two days earlier lightning strikes killed 5 across northern Bangladesh.


Wildfires kill at least five in Ukraine's Luhansk region

Ukraine wildfires

Heavy smoke rises from a wildfire in the Novoaidar district of Luhansk Oblast in Ukraine. The fire started in a forest spread to the village of Smolyanynove, killing five people and destroying over 100 houses. The photograph was released by the State Emergency Service on July 7.
Forest fires have killed 5 people and destroyed over 100 houses in Luhansk Oblast, some 20 kilometers north of the front line of Russia's war against Ukraine.

The fire started around noon on July 6, quickly taking up over 50 hectares of the forest. By the morning of July 7, firefighters contained the fire to some 85 hectares. But due to hot weather and high winds, it has spread to the north and hit a village of Smolyanynove later that day.

As of the afternoon of June 8, the wildfires have destroyed 23 residential houses in Smolyanynove and 80 cottage houses in the Vovche Ozero housing community there, according to the State Emergency Service. Another 36 residential houses were damaged in Smolyanynove.

Currently, 25 people, including 16 children, are in the district hospital. Another seven are in the hospital in the nearby city of Severodonetsk, according to Pavlo Lysianskyi, representative of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts.

Rescuers have evacuated 30 people, including 13 children, from Smolyanynove, and resettled another 30, according to the State Emergency Service.


Storm Fay makes landfall on US east coast

Storm Fay is likely to bring flooding to New York City

Storm Fay is likely to bring flooding to New York City
Tropical Storm Fay is set to drench New York City, as it makes landfall on the US east coast.

The storm, which is expected to dump up to 10cm of rain across the region, has already forced President Donald Trump to postpone a campaign rally in New Hampshire, as it begins to batter the US.

Beaches in Delaware have been closed as a result of the winds, which have been reported at speeds of up to 50mph (85kph), while flooding in the east of the state has made roads impassable.

A tropical storm warning is in place across Fenwick Island, Delaware, up to Watch Hill in Rhode Island, and includes Long Island in New York, according to forecasters.

New York City experienced heavy downpours on Friday as the centre of Storm Fay approached the area, with videos showing part of the city's subway flooded as a result.

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding and downed trees reported across Toronto after severe summer storm


A severe thunderstorm has caused widespread power outages and flooding across the city of Toronto. Fire crews are responding to over a hundred calls including downed power lines and trees.


New record for snow in Norway: 10 meters (over 32 feet) remains in summer

snow norway
Never seen so much snow in July," reads the headline on the Norwegian website nrk/no.

We have not had such snowfall as this year, says Knut Kinne, watercourse technical manager at the energy company BKK.

With ten meters (more than 32 feet) of packed snow, it may not have melted in the summer and fall if we had not removed it, says communications adviser Jarle Hodne at BKK.


At least 24 pygmy killer whales found dead in S. Taiwan since April

At least 24 pygmy killer whales have been found dead along the coasts of southern Taiwan since April.

Formally known as Feresa attenuate, most of the dead whales had serious infections in their livers, lungs, and spleens, and elsewhere, according to post-mortem examinations, said Huang Hsiang-wen (黃向文), minister of the Ocean Conservation Administration. Experts also identified Klebsiella, a type of bacteria that can cause various infections, in the bodies of the whales, said Huang.

The infections are believed to have made the whales unable to withstand strong currents, thus getting stranded, reported the Public Television Service on Thursday (July 9). A total of 26 pygmy killer whales have been found stranded on southern Taiwanese coasts since April.

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More deadly floods, landslides in Nepal - 7 killed and 20 missing in the last 2 days - Nearly 10 inches of rain in 24 hours

Rainfall-triggered flood damages a bridge at Raghuganga River in Myagdi district.
Rainfall-triggered flood damages a bridge at Raghuganga River in Myagdi district.
Further deadly flooding and landslides have struck again in Nepal, where disaster authorities have reported 7 fatalities and 20 missing in the last 2 days.

Authorities reported flooding and landslides in 2 locations of Barhabise municipality of Sindhupalchowk district (also Sindhupalchok) of Bagmati Pradesh Province on 09 July. As of 10 July, at least 2 people have died, 20 are still missing and 5 people injured. Sixteen homes have been completely destroyed.

According to media reports, the floods and landslides have also damaged the Araniko Highway in several locations. The highway is an important road connecting the country to a border point with China.

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Volcanic island in Pacific Ocean having 'vigorous growth spurt'

Image of Nishinoshima taken by the Japan Coast Guard on June 29.
A volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean appears to be experiencing a "vigorous growth spurt," with images from space showing it expanding in size since the middle of June.

The island, Nishinoshima, is located about 600 miles south of Tokyo, Japan. While it first emerged from the sea in the 1970s, it started growing in 2013 following an eruption of an underwater volcano. Initially, another volcanic island was formed around 1,600 feet from Nishinoshima, but in 2014 satellite images showed the two had joined together to form one landmass.

Scientists thought the second island would disintegrate with time. However, the island continued to grow and in the last month, more volcanic eruptions have led it to increase in size even further.

Images from a NASA satellite taken on July 4 showed heat signatures from erupting lava. Aerial photographs from Japan's Coast Guard also show how volcanic activity appears to have started up in May, with more ash and lava being produced than had been over previous months.

Comment: Japanese volcanic island grows 12 times in size since forming in 2013